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Patrick's/Luluu Yoda Application


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Steam Name: Lulu/Patricia 

RP Name: Shaak Ti

RP Rank: Master 

Steam ID: 76561198021615150

Why should you become Grand Master?: 

A long time ago, in my previous Yoda application, I said that I had never been the type of person that would become or deserve the position. I still believe that this type of thinking is a part of my current mindset, an outlook that I had developed over time from being a member of the community and being a member of Rancor. Often, I would allow other individuals to decide if I am worthy or not, if I deserved the positions that I ended up in. This type of mindset that I have is what I believe pushed me to where I am now.

One of the most important lessons that I was taught by Rancor (Naffen, Brooklyn, Miller, Merril) and my time as the 501st (Under Weeny, Joah, Jackson, and Foreseen) was humility and faithfulness. These two characteristics would play a major role throughout my journey as a knight and eventually as a master. It takes a lot of pride for me to admit that I am deserving of a certain position, hence why I would always try my absolute best to perform my job with the utmost care. This is because of the certain expectations that I have encouraged. People rely upon me to finish a job and complete it to the best standards possible.

Whenever I thought about why I should “become” or “deserve” Yoda, it would cause me to enter a state that I believe is dangerous, a state of entitlement. Unfortunately, confidence can be both a positive and negative aspect, but in my situation, I’m always an individual that seeks constant improvement. The moment when I think I deserve this position is the moment that I would abandon all my morals and ethics. My mentors and the teachings of Rancor have always taught me that a leader without morals and ethics is a leader that will not inspire respect and trust, two very important traits that every Yoda must have.

I view the position of “Yoda” as the pinnacle of what a true Jedi should inspire to be; A leader that is built by the respect and trust of the Masters, Padawans and Knights. In order for me to even “think” that I am ready for the position, indicate that  it is the time for a duty to be fulfilled. As a master, it is important for us to react when there is a responsibility that needs to be filled. I do not want the position because of its prestige, it is because I am REQUIRED to be one of the candidates for the position. When people look at a specific individual and burdens them with their expectations or concerns, it is the duty of a master and a leader to put their followers' ambition first above their own, even if it means people realize the sacrifices of that individual would go unnoticed. A core Rancor tenant that I learned from my past mentors and began teaching myself would be that a beloved leader is an individual that would not be afraid to make sacrifices for the sake of the enjoyment of others.

This type of mindset has always been my way of teaching and leading. I love giving people the opportunity that would lead them towards success, whether it's a certain management or lore position, and even the title of Masterhood. When I see a padawan saying “I will never get a Knight” or a Knight saying “I will never be a Master,” I take those statements as a challenge.

Of all my greatest achievements on the server and my previous positions, nothing beats the joy and satisfaction of making someone achieve these positions. Seeing them reach their goals is one of the greatest feelings that I found during my time in the server, as every Padawan, and Knight that I see in the Job list, are individuals that I believe, contain an unlimited amount of potential.


My Background: Padawan

I came from a generation in which Padawans were not trusted when it came towards proving themselves in the Order. It was a very competitive and large Order in which many of them felt ostracized or often ignored. For one example, Padawans were not even given the ability to become a branch manager, because they were believed to be too inexperienced or not trusted. Opportunities were very rare for Padawans in this Order, as masters of that time held high expectations for the Jedi’s in terms of performance. These masters were proud and knowledgeable, some were even my mentors, which I was truly grateful for, however in the back of my mind, I believed that I was one of the lucky few that had gained the attention and trust of these masters.

 In reality, a large majority of Padawans felt too ostracized and kept too far apart from the Order. Many of them lacked a proper mentor that would risk giving them the opportunities to become future leaders. One example of this separation was when Padawans, at the time, could not become Branch Managers and the thought of a Padawan Branch Manager was unimaginable. When I asked previous masters of that council and the knights that remembered those days (I believe this was 2018-2019), many would respond with “why should a padawan become a manager? They are almost useless” or “they don't have the experience or trust yet compared to a knight”.  The mindset of being a Padawan, absolutely was devastating, since I can remember many of my companions of this time were either frustrated or down right gave up when it came to the Jedi Order. In fact, I felt this way too, especially when I played by the current progression system at the time.

There were plenty of Padawans that could not pass their Knight trials due to the lack of mentoring or training that they received. Knight Trials at this time (Rhino system) were extremely difficult as many parts of the trial required sparring, which is a learning curve that required a lot of time and dedication. It was a system based on skill. Although it weeded the best batch of padawans from the rest, I felt that the leftovers had nothing. So I began taking my first step towards changing the system, becoming a Knight via Recommendations.

 It took me two years to gain the rank of Knighthood. I stuck with the system of trying to gain the knight and Master recommendations, as I wanted to see how Padawans were expected to utilize this alternative. It was very difficult because I needed to prove myself towards many masters at the time which included Smalljeff, Elijah, Sixta (Jumes), Snadvich, etc. I had no regret in trying to prove my worth to them, as they were probably one the greatest mentors that I had the pleasure to work with. I fought, and grinded every single Knight and Master recommendations that I needed to obtain that 15 Recommendations requirement (Simplification 1 Knight Rec = 1 Rec, 1 Master Rec = 3 Knight Recs, You needed 15 for knighthood) I felt too lucky, as many padawans did not have the opportunity that I had. A majority of masters at the time were proud, too proud, in my opinion. They had very high expectations and often expected much from padawans. This gave them the mindset to rarely (and by rarely, I mean RARELY, 1 Rec every 2 months or NEVER!) give out their recommendations. 

Although I believe that masters should be stingy when it comes towards handing out there recommendations, throughout my time as Windu, I notice there are some major reasons: High Expectation leads to stinginess, which makes them very strict towards handing out there recommendations, or lack of attention towards the current members of the order. I believe that a master should AT LEAST hand out a master rec every month or a half, the fact that some masters never hand them out for 3 months is absolutely baffling, that's AN ENTIRE TERM AS YODA.

The problem of this system is that although it's simplified and straightforward, it was very monotonous and tedious for other padawans,had always ask myself How do you expect Padawans to prove themselves to the order, if they were never given the slightest bit of chance or opportunity to prove their worth?


My Goals of a Master

This question that I asked myself, made it my long term goal as a master to solve. Throughout my time as a Master, I wanted to “Break the barrier” and destroy this negative mindset about the future members of our Order. I wanted to raise awareness of the current struggles that our Problems faced at the time. How it was lonely, how it was too difficult, how it was devastating for them to be called “useless”. 

People at this time would often laugh at my goals of giving padawans more freedom and opportunities. I could remember the response from knights and Masters: “Why do you care about them?He is just a padawan” or “ Good luck trying to change things, It will never happen” . Although many people had doubted for change, I was always the type of person that wanted to tackle and create the impossible.

To achieve my goal, I had to take small steps. This came in the form of giving more attention towards my padawans and Knights that I had mentored, similar to how my teachers had guided me. I took a more engageful route, and wanted to give them more leadership positions. There was a time that I even broke the rules and made a padawan host a Guardian Trial, simply because I was curious on how they would do it! It was risky, when relying on other people, especially of the backlash or fault that can occur if things go wrong, however I knew that it was the right thing. In fact this was how I managed to convince many of my Master and Knight Colleagues about the potential of our Padawans!, by breaking the rules!

All these small steps had led to my most proudest achievement within Synergy, which was creating a suggestion that allowed the notion for padawans to finally become branch managers. Although it was viewed as a small change by many people, I had never felt so happy during my time on the server than this change. It was a stepping stone for how I felt the order should be; A place where people can be trusted, can be given the equal opportunities they deserve, and be treated as equals. Padawans at this time can finally have a chance to prove themselves and towards their branch leads of their capabilities. It was a simple change that would lead to further reforms for our padawan core, and a shift in mindset towards how the order would view its younger generation.  


Overall Decision

These actions and experience cumulate towards my decision as of writing this application. The position of Grandmaster is a title granted only by individuals that sees a future for the Jedi Order. Where exactly the Order goes in the present time is up towards the candidates and how they wish their Order could be. In my instance, I seek to ensure that this Order remains moving forward, to create leaders that break the current barriers. A progressive Order, full of promise and opportunities. As of this moment, We stand to have the strongest core of active knights and padawans. It is my duty as a future candidate for the title of Grandmaster, to ensure that they receive the attention, focus and opportunity that they deserve.




Here is my current Schedule


Mondays: Available After 4 PM EST ( 1:00 PM PST) 

Tuesday: Available After 9 PM EST ( 6:00 PM PST) 

Wednesday: Available After 4 PM EST ( 1:00 PM PST) 

Thursday: Available After 7:30 PM EST ( 4:30 PM PST) 

Friday:  Available After 4 PM EST ( 1:30 PM PST) 

Saturday - Sunday: Available All Day (Unless I have to spend time with the family)


Give a brief overview of your achievements and experience on the server:

Here are the positions that I held during my time throughout Synergy Roleplay, I believe I started playing around the early 2018? (Feel free to correct me, it has been a while, but I remember being a part of these mentors and their terms.)


501st WO - Kain/Jackson Generation

501st CMD -  Jackson’s Generation

501st Head Commander (Another name for XO at the time) - Jackson’s Generation 

501st Major - Joah Generation

Rancor WO Hammer - Dragons Era

CMD Havoc - Dragons Era

CMD Havoc - Merrils Era

Jedi Generation Knight - Via Recommendations 

Jedi Master - Scarecrows Era 

Jedi Shaak Ti - Scarecrows Era (When she was known as the “Big Three” of the Order at the time) and Shaak Ti for Naffen and Brooklyn Era

Mace Windu - Scarecrows and Nightmare Era

Medal of Honor - Silvian Era


Do you have a microphone?: Yes I do!


Where do you want the Jedi Order to be at the end of your term?:


At the moment, the Jedi Order is experiencing phenomenal growth within the server due to the rising and growing population. With a rising player base, it leaves room for the next generation of Padwans, Knights and Masters. This means I will work to ensure the following foundations become establish major tenants: Progressive, Work Ethics, Fully Functioning, Relationships and Stability (P,E,F,F,R,S)


Overview: Quick Summary

I want to establish and push for an Order that is founded by the past expectations of the previous councils, with the innovation of the foundation and prosperity that the new generation of Padawans, Knights and Masters can bring. This means that newer, established foundations will be placed to best adapt the current preferences of the current members of the Order and server. This may include new suggestions on how to progress within the Order or revamping older and outdated rules.

The current Jedi system under Silvian term has been a major factor towards this tremendous growth of Jedi’s. A strong factor that Silvian focused on within the order is Stability. In a time of fluctuating player count, the Order managed to maintain a consistent player base, especially during the previous past months. I want to ensure this stability, so that means no major changes towards the foundations of the system, besides minor small adjustments.

Another addition that I expect the Order should be at is the establishment of a new form of council that is founded upon the NEW GENERATION of Synergy Roleplay. As the server continues to grow at a strong pace, I recognize that we will have new and great individuals towards our Order, and it's important for the current council to nurture and mentor these individuals so that we continue to grow. The next generation of Masters will be more independent yet caring when it comes to providing opportunities for Knights and Padawans.


Expectation One: Progressiveness

The new generation of the Order that I wish to establish would be a more progressive approach towards management and leadership. Right now many of the old foundations of the Jedi Order are influenced by the previous council and their works. Although these foundations have ensured the stability of the Order towards the current day, I believe that it is important for the present generation to bring upon new changes to the current order in order to adapt to the current environment.

One major example of progression that I seek to push for would be the focus on the Masters’ interaction with Padwan and Knights. I believe that Masters can do much more when it comes to interacting with the members of the Order. This means TRAINING the Masters to be able to “talk” or “mentor” these individuals in a style that promotes transparency and awareness. For example, Masters must encourage Padwans and Knights to take up positions that go beyond their comfort levels. This was one of the major tenants that my previous mentors and Masters had given me, which was considered a rare opportunity. The majority of Padawans or Knights do not have this type of luxury. 

The problem is communication from both sides. Many Padwans and Knights that I have spoken to are either too scared or too nervous when asking a Master what they can do to improve because it might be seen as them trying to be too pushy for a position. On the Masters side, some Masters that I have recognized (even myself) at times are too distrustful or nervous when we give Knights and Padwans these positions, which is why the previous masters were too picky or stingy when it comes to providing opportunities or recommendations. 

Henceforth, my idea of Progression comes from the progressive type of thinking; That each of the members of the Order should be moving forward, no matter the risk. I want to teach Masters, Knights and Padwans to take the risk and rewards that comes with taking on/giving more opportunities. This is what it means to become a leader: being able to trust and believe in the people that are on your team; giving them the freedom and hope that they need to succeed, even if the cost comes with sacrifices. A leader that cannot make sacrifices for their team cannot expect the teammates to do the same. 


Expectation Two: Work Ethics

In my time as Yoda, I hope to set the bar when it comes to Padawans, Knights, and Masters’ work ethic. This means ensuring that standards and expectations are met on a consistent basis. One form of action that I would be pushing for would be auditing the trials of every individual in a management position via their branch leads. I would ensure that every lead, Master, and High Council member is watching over their respective branches and are hitting their quotas. I want to make sure that they are holding their positions and fulfilling their duties as best as they can.

In addition, I seem to clamp down on Named Characters for both our Knight Characters and Master Characters. The problem of these characters is that individuals that are in these jobs have trouble with time management. Although I am an absolute believer of individuals of Real life over Roleplay; It is important that they maintain activity for this reason.

To add context, let's say someone in our order becomes any of our named Knight Position (Ahsoka, Barris, etc) and maintains consistent activity during their first month. Then they go on a LOA for 2 weeks, which is absolutely fine!, however What happens if that individual extends the LOA to another 2 weeks?, THAT IS A MONTH OF LOA. THIS MEANS A BASICALLY MEANS THE CHARACTER HAS NOT BEEN SEEN IN THE SERVER FOR ONE MONTH, which is a LONG TIME, considering how the average synergy player sees activity.
Let's be honest, It's important for people to learn when to step down in a named character. This rule is applied for staff and other important positions of power within our server.  Of course, The council will take into consideration the individual's real life situation, however there's a certain point that a person must understand when it is time to resign. The position becomes blocked for other members of the community to take, and I believe that it is also unfair to them. This rule will apply to ALL MASTERS and Knights/Padawans. The High Council at this time will take fair actions in its removal process (I.e Enacting Warnings,and a Voting process)


Expectation 3: Fully Functioning

I seek to create a Full functioning Order by the end of my term. What I mean by this is an Order, in which its Members are fully independent and can take care in overseeing themselves, without the need of a Master, unless absolutely required. 

An action that I will enact would be ensuring the objectives of the Padawans. At the moment, Many of our padawans are having trouble understanding the progression system of the Jedi Order. This indicates that they have known awareness of the Merit system, Council Vote, and Knight Trials. To alleviate this problem I will be pushing for MORE AWARENESS of these three opportunities in the form of reminding them in major ceremonial debriefs, private talks, or announcements. This is a SIMPLE approach, since Masters and Knights utilize this approach as a guiding stone in mentorship. When Knights and Masters teach Padawans the way of the Order, then it ensures a co-dependent bond. It allows them to create a long lasting relationship. Creating friendships and long lasting trust between the members of the order builds a strong core of Padawans, Knights and Masters. People learn better when they have a guiding hand, it's one of the most simplistic actions to enact.

Second action would be pushing for the standards that are expected towards our Knights. I want to raise the importance of the factors that Masters are searching for within a potential master candidate.
The first factor is battalion performance. For a knight to demonstrate great work in their assigned battalion, it is important that they must dedicate themselves towards assisting that battalion with their assigned duties and go even further beyond to the point that it catches the attention of the officers, and high command. This is what I believe creates a strong Jedi core within a battalion. For a Knight to fully be recognized by the battalion and be treated with respect, They must be willing to dedicate themselves in the assigned battalion.

For branch performance, it remains the same. The Knight must maintain the quota for their management position, and ensure the stability and growth of their assigned branch. This process also goes towards Masters too, since Branch Leads can be led by a master.

In addition, I want to invoke Knights and Masters to take up a more “Experimental” type of thinking. This means allowing them to have more “Personal” control of how they want to host a tournament or Trial, Since I believe in differentiation. Trials and Tournaments have always been by the book, and although it remains consistent, I’ve noticed individuals either become bored or burnt out. Allowing them to “personalize” or “Stray Not to far” by the Trial book, gives them the power to develop a creative mindset, which is crucial for future positions within the order!


Lastly comes with the Jedi Core being able to promote roleplay. In the past, one major problem that I noticed was that roleplay only happens within the branch trials. As yoda I wish to change this direction and create a better step forward. This means promoting the importance of Tournaments! Remember that Tournaments do not have to be just Sparring, In fact right now the following masters (Tetra, Entity, Raven) and I have been pushing for more unique tournaments, which comes in the form of Lore Debates, and even Force Ball! Future tournaments can consist of Roleplay, Lore Questionnaire, etc.  Although these tournaments can be seen as simple, The fact that there is a presence of masters pushing for these types of unique styles of tournaments sets us towards a path of change. Under my term as yoda, I hope to push more Knights and Masters to host these types of tournaments, since they bring a sense of comradery. These tournaments are one of the only times all Jedi within our order come together and have fun with one another. When people feel included within a faction, then it gives them a sense of purpose. 

Likewise, let's start creating traditions. Although simple and small, the purpose of these traditions are to create long lasting memories. Something that gives the Order another small sense of identity. Some major (Yet Controversial) activities that the Order used to do, would be the famed youngling rebirth tradition (Yes i'm absolutely, mentioning this, This is a huge risk, but screw it) Although it's stupid and crazy, it builds laughter, and bond. When I talk to old members of our server, the youngling rebirth tradition is something that they dearly missed, and as strange as it was, It holds a special place within their hearts. If this tradition is ever allowed, I will take proper steps to ensure it happens towards server rules (I.e Player consent, It is in the training room for the temple, All parties are fine with it)


This is stupid you think small traditions are going to help this order?

Yes absolutely, and I’m tired of people saying it's not. The purpose of the Order I seek to create is an environment that adapts to the new generation of Synergy Roleplay. An Order in which its members are professional and serious but a mix of knowing when to loosen up and have fun. I want to establish a strong and serious core of Knights and Masters, I also want them to remember that: ITS A VIDEO GAME, have fun and try not to always be serious.


Okay so that's it whats another tradition that's roleplay friendly?

There has been a very hard to manage and host tradition, but it's one of the most satisfying and most badass moments that the Order used to do. This tradition is known as the Knight Graduation Ceremony. No, not the “All Jedi to the ceremony room”, I mean each and every member of the order come together wearing their jocal robes (The White consular Robes) and ignite their saber, when yoda bestows a padawan the rank of Knight. It's a hard tradition to enact, however I have a picture of the scale of this tradition in action. It's one of the traditions that had sparked my love for the members of the Order. (Smalljeff, Elijah, etc if you're reading this thank you)


Obviously,. There will be more and unique traditions that can be enacted however…. It needs time. One thing I learned is that we can't always force Roleplay, or tradition upon the playerbase, we can only encourage it. Throughout my time as Yoda, I will be experimenting a lot when it comes to creating more unique experiences for the members of the Order. 


Expectation Four: Relationship


The focus of Battalion - Jedi relationship has been one of my most experience expertise throughout my time as a Master. At the end of my term, I seek to promote a strong sense of  activity and professionalism between role of Jedi within the Clone battalions

To accomplish this objective, on the side of the Jedi, The council must ensure the quality of the master must be up to par with the expectation of the battalion commanders, officers core. For this to happen communication on both parties must be willing to trust one another in terms of their abilities and work ethics.

The masters that I would be pushing for when it comes to Named characters, must absolutely be the best within our council especially when they are given an immense amount of battalion responsibility. One major example of our lineup of characters that are given a massive amount of trust when entering the battalion would be the characters of Shaak Ti, Anakin, or even Obi-Wan. I expect the masters in these named characters positions to be the absolute best individuals that can maintain the activity, trust and fellowship of the battalion. This leads towards the next topic of the standards of each battalion having a strong Jedi Core.

For a battalion to maintain and ensure a strong Core of Jedi, it requires a crucial aspect of TRUST between both parties. This includes that the master must be willing to trust the members of the battalion and the Battalion treatment of their Jedi. Both parties must:

  • Maintain a state of consistent and progressive work ethic. Masters performing the growth of their Jedi Core, establishing a bridge of communication between the Jedi and the battalion. 

  • In terms of the responsibilities of Clones, giving there battalion Jedi certain battalion focused responsibilities (Duties that fit there certain rank), assisting the master find potential candidates (Filling out the form or recommending certain knights or padawans for progression, etc)

In the end, it all leads to whether both sides are willing to trust one another in terms of fulfilling this responsibility. At the end of my Yoda term, My master team and I would ensure that each one of us, including the Knight and Padawan are aware of their responsibilities and maintain standards that befit the expectations of the battalion. Constant health checks (I.e personal conversation between my High council and I would be enacted between the battalion commanders) would be implemented to ensure a bridge of communication when tracking the performance of the Jedi’s assigned to the battalion.


Expectation Five: Stability

My biggest fear when it comes to being a Windu was the fact that the server or Order at one point would experience a period that most people would call a “Golden Age”. To be frank this type of word is what I considered as my worst type of enemy. A period in which a faction experiences tremendous growth is dangerous for the following: management and bureaucracy. 

During these periods I’ve noticed that people would either become too relaxed, and this is dangerous! It is difficult for officers in most battalions or the average Master to keep track of others and their work within the order or else no one can progress. It can even lead to a certain period in which a rank drought can occur that would demotivate our Knights and Padawans.

To combat this situation, the focus on Management and Bureaucracy serves as a crucial aspect of where I want the Order to be at near the ending of my term. I expect by the end of my term to establish a consistent and well informed team of masters in terms of their knowledge of the management information  systems of the order (I.e the Merit System, Roster, Agenda, Trial logs). 

By utilizing these tools, it would give the council team a more detailed approach on understanding our current climate and would allow us to recognize certain factors that are impacting the Order. 


How do you plan to improve relations within the Jedi Order between branches?: 


One crucial lesson that I learn when it comes between the branches of the Jedi Order and the Council is ensuring progression and recognition among individuals of all four of the current branches: Consular, Guardian, Temple Guard and Sentinel. To improve morale and motivation for Jedi that focus on progression via Branch Work, their work must be recognized and noticed by the counsel. 


To accomplish this task, mentioned previously, I must establish a strong and nurturing core of Masters that are able to recognize the achievements of the Knights and Padawans within these Branches.


The Power of Transparency

The most important aspect when it comes towards improving the performance of Jedi that focused on the Branch route would be recognizing their efforts and ensuring that they gain the proper attention that they need to be successful

To accomplish this goal, I seek to re-utilize the old system known as “Knight Watch”.  The process of Knight Watch is similar to the staff system of how they would promote their staff members. Masters would take into consideration the individuals amount of work within the order and their work words Battalions (I.e Amount of trials, tournaments and roleplay scenarios) for battalion Jedi (Officer feedback, Amount of work in the battalion, etc). In addition, we would also take into account the individual's work ethics, mindset and ambitions. The problem that I see with this system is that the Knight Watch was hidden or was only accessible for Masters! Many Knights and padawans either didn't know that they were being watched  and the MAJORITY of the times, they believed that the council was discarding their work ethics. This act of secrecy is a major problem that destroys the bridge of communication that Masters should be interacting with the Knights/Padawans 

I want to re-implement this system, and destroy this simple rule!. I am a firm believer in equality and providing people the same opportunities that they deserve. When people know that they are being watched, then it Motivates them to go above and beyond!


Current Problems of the Branches


The information gained upon writing application is from the feedback and criticisms of the Current Masters and knights that I  have personally discussed in a one to one in person setting.


Consular and Temple Guards

Right now both of these two branches are doing phenomenally well thanks to the supervision of Masters such as Bad Dog, Entity and Tetra (Former TG Leader, who became Cin Dralig again). One major complaint that the members of the branches had shared with me would be the lack of Role play oriented encounters or scenarios that many of its members crave. A major push that I am working on with these two individuals would be the experimentation of Master Tournaments. Many times, Master Tournaments had only consisted of Sparring, however one major mix that these two had been pushing for would be Roleplay oriented activities (Debates, etc). I believe that this type of addition serves as a great form of “direction” when it comes towards giving more roleplay opportunities for members of our order. What is great about these styles of tournaments is that they invoke more creative ideas for our other Masters and Knights, so that they can become encouraged to experiment with their future tournaments. 



The current works of the Guardian leader Bad Dog, and his Managers such as Sina, Vesal, have been pointing the branch towards a growing pace. One major focus that I plan on assisting the branch at the moment would be to provide them with the proper care and focus they need. This comes in the form of providing master assistance for their trials (if needed). Personally, as a former Guardian in the past, One major problem that I’ve noticed and heard from many other guardians would be the lack of “uniqueness” that the Branch currently provides. In the past guardians were known as one of the most “combat oriented” branches within the order, since many of their sub branches allowed individuals to utilize saberstaffs, gun based weaponry and even dual saberstaffs. The problem is that individuals can purchase saber based hilts which acts as a form of bypass towards these sub branches. 

To compensate for this problem, the Order must pass unique characteristics or changes that add back “flavor” to the branch. These changes may come in the form of server suggestions that provide a small or useful perk towards the branch similar to how most of our branches have. (Example TG gets a speed boost, consular has access to strong force abilities, and higher force pool, Sentinels have the ability to dual wield, utilize saberstaffs etc) Now remember, that this perk will not be too overpowered as we must also take into consideration of the balance of the four branches.

Another example or idea that I heavily want to experiment with in the guardian branch during my time as yoda would be re-adding or putting in a form of “experimentation” phrase for an old sub branch known as Brutes. This sub branch was known to have one of the most difficult combat oriented trials within the Order, as the individual will always be tested on their sparring abilities. Individuals that are part of the Brute Sub branch will have the ability to Dual Wield Saber staff, which sounds outrageous, however it is a great reward for members of our order that love sparring. A problem that I see with this implementation would be how people would receive the prospect of a jedi dual wielding saber staff, however One major aspect that needs to be considered is that individuals can already do this if they purchase a saber staff via the synergy store. The point of brutes is to give members of our branch an opportunity to have these perks through passing trials, instead of utilizing real life currency. It also serves as an ultimate test of sparring for our members that wish to fully master the WiltOS system.

Ultimately, these suggestions will be the least of the concerns with the branch. Right now, The council and its members need to focus on the stability of the branch before enacting any changes. As Yoda, I will dedicate the proper resources towards assisting Sina and Bad Dog to ensure the growth of the branch like with any other branches


As of this moment of writing this application, I did not have the time to personally speak to the managers and leads of our sentinel branch, and I would rather keep this portion of the application small, since I do not want to mention any form of unsupported information regarding the situation of the branch without the permission of the Sentinel Team.


Do you understand that if you go inactive that you will be removed from your position?: 


If I were to go on a leave of absence for more than Three weeks and the council, Directors, High Command, or any Founders believe that it will be best that I step down, Then so be it, I would resign with no conflict and most importantly, ensure a smooth transition for the next available Yoda and Windu.

The order needs a leader that can be available to take care and ensure that expectations and foundations are being enacted and that are being pushed.


Do you understand that your position has a three month term limit and you must reapply after three months to maintain your Grand Master rank?:


To be honest, I hope for more Masters to go to the position of Yoda in the near future, It ensures that there will be a strong line of succession for if anything happens to me. The Masters at this time will be expected to take up the mantle and responsibility of being a leader. However if I am required to create another application, then so be it. 


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+1 such a genuine person. Really active and doing lots of stuff with jedi. During my time in rancor you were always active and helpful. 
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+1 I don't have any doubts regarding you, I've known you for quite awhile and I know you can do it. This is your time and I feel that you're more than ready for Yoda, best of luck!

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Head Admin

+1, I believe you are a great applicant and a very good person. In my time within Rancor you were always helpful, able to answer any questions we had, and an overall nice person to work with. I like your plans for the Order and think you will do amazing. Best of luck!

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+1 Lulu helped me a lot when I was kinda lost and confused. Supported me when I must needed and everything and know and everything I accomplished in the Jedi Order was thanks to Lulu. Most active Jedi, always tries bringing new activities/challenges to motivate the others, amazing work with Rancor as they Jedi General Assigned and specially Lulu it's one of the examples I want to follow If one day I reached the position of Master! You deserve this position!!

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Forum Admin

+1 definitely deserving

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I added the Pepe emojis onto the forums

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+1 lulus an awesome person and has loads of new and fun ideas for Jedi and I really hope we can see them jump into action. Good luck!

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2 hours ago, Bbstine said:

You should’ve been Yoda a long time ago you fucking ape.


+1 don’t do it drunk 

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BIG +1 lulu since coming back months ago has been a great asset to the jedi master+ team and to the order as a whole being able to show aspects of the previous jedi  orders and the new we have grown. i fully trust lulu to take over where i left off and i fully trust lulu with the order honestly you have been great and i see you  doing even greater things!!

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+1. Not reading that shit cus I was there when you were writing it. 


I love you and hope you get the position you deserve it!

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Known Patricia or "Patrick" since 2019, awesome person and awesome community member. 

Would be a huge benefit for the server as a whole if they got Yoda.


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+1 Has been very supportive with wanting to help Guardian and overall would be an amazing Yoda for the entire Order

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Big massive +1, Lulu has been such a big help with Rancor and has been a model Jedi for the entire Order, in my time in Rancor, Lulu has been the best Shaak Ti we've ever had.

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I have known Patrick since my day 1 on the server, when i Joined he was one of the people that introduced me to the server in 2017, ever since that day i have put all my trust in his actions. As of right now Patrick is one of the most dedicated, hard working and reliable council members we have that has proven countless times he is ready to become the head of the order. I share his vision for the order and there is no one i'd rather be working with more. I have had multiple one on one talks with Patrick and i can assure everyone that he is aware of the current issues and has a way of fixing them, working on projects with him he also has proven his creativity which will be a useful asset to pushing the order towards his vision. 

Based off my experience with Patrick and the plans i could read on his app i am more than confident that he is the best candidate for yoda as of right now.

big +1



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I've Known Patricia since I started playing on the server. 
He is a good capable person, that can help steer the Jedi Order in the right direction.



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Head Admin

+1 Luluu is the most positive individual on the server and truly cares about the lore role they're in. Really really good stuff all around.  

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If there is one person to be the symbol of dedication, it’s Patricia. Never leaves Jedi behind, nor Rancor. I cannot explain what an amazing help you have been to me and the rest of Rancor. You are the voice of reason sometimes and in others you are a pillar that holds up Jedi/Rancor. You never complain about any work that comes your way, very open minded, well spoken, and knowledgeable in your field. Being honest I would like you to stay Shaak Ti, but knowing you have been carefully preparing a new Shaak Ti for Rancor, I can’t help but be happy for you. Being Yoda is a tall order sometimes, but there is no one I would trust more to be in that position or be a member of High Command. 



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Veteran Admin

+1. I've known you long enough to know you are cut out for this gg bro

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+1, Probably one of the most dedicated Jedi i’ve ever seen and is a major help to Rancor. Go gettem!

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Veteran Admin

+1 very big inspiration to myself and many other jedi within the server. Has taught me a lot and I feel I have come a long way because of it. I don't think I could give a bigger +1 

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GM Leadership

+1 Great jedi and great app

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Congratulations, You have been ACCEPTED for a commander interview!

Please contact a Director to organise your interview.

Failure to do so within 7 DAYS of this post will result in the DENIAL of your application.




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