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  1. +1 We've expressed the same thoughts and issues with the Navy and you seem to have a good grasp on how you want to tackle these issues. You also seem really passionate about this which is great.
  2. Been running around the entire playing fart noises, continuously annoying people mid RP scenarios and got arrested for RDM today aswell. You just came back to the server and already caused issues. -1
  3. Enjoy your time stress free from Synergy. Stay in touch
  4. +1 I got full faith in Unkindled to set the right standards and motivation to maintain 41st in a great state
  5. Big o7 Snad. Always enjoyed your company. See you on game nights :)
  6. Was great interacting with you throughout your time and career on the server. I appreciate everything you've done for the server.
  7. This is a sad day man Hope we stay in touch Shroud. Actually will miss you.
  8. Unfortunately your ban appeal has been DENIED. For more information on why you were denied, please contact me or any Director+. // LOCKED // MOVED TO BAN APPEALS - DENIED
  9. 4/4/5 Great event, really incorporated all types of RP between everyone. Really made it feel like an actual episode of the Clone Wars. The 2nd part of the event was also really fun, added in jedi RP even though I was the only jedi which I appreciated. Really fun. General storyline and how it flowed was good aswell.
  10. 3/3/5 - Event was really well catered for Jedi. There for every need and request we had and helped us out a lot even when we shouldn't of got help. But it was very confusing and random at times with us not knowing anything almost throughout the event which I guess if you wanted it to be very secretive you achieved that but it seemed like quite a few people didn't share the same opinions for it.
  11. This has been implemented with certain conditions and requirements in order to gain access to use animated PFPs. [FEATURE] GIF Profile Pictures - Forum Announcements - SYNERGY (synergyroleplay.com) This suggestion has been ACCEPTED. // LOCKED // MOVED TO FORUM SUGGESTIONS - ACCEPTED
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