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  1. Not really, they did a complete weapon overhaul, balancing every single weapon in the server. The shotgun originally was insanely op and was balanced out to still be the best shotgun on the server by a nice margin. Not really a nerf if it's still the best, just a rework to meet the servers needs.
  2. 7/10, fun for the EJs to actually RP and interact with what we were doing
  3. 7/10 shooty shooty fun
  4. 4/10 - Not a lot actually happened, even for low population on the server I expected a bit more for the encounter. Also calling out Jedi mid scenario for force abuse and threatening to aos them kinda ruins the feel tbh.
  5. 5/10 going off the chart. Was a fun short event, simple story and was executed fine. I enjoyed it
  6. Name: Naffen Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:165771706 Staff Rank: Senior Admin Are you VIP?: Yes Date: 10/05/21 Reason for leaving: Not motivated Farewells: Just resigning for staff, so none.
  7. Very fun! I enjoyed night ops raid, with no comms and everything was interactable. Very good first part 7/10
  8. New World really that important :') Have fun Luther
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