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  1. Bug Type (Server:): Clone Wars Severity level (1-3): 1 Evidence (if you can): Description of the bug: "ct_unmarked" model and "501st_trooper" model are both the old models. Has to be updated with How can we recreate it: Go on the Republic Event Job (I know new models will be added for every battalion so this job will have to be updated every time)
  2. No. Unfortunately you cannot transfer items that you have bought on your account to another account. You can purchase items for someone else using their steamIDs but something you have bought on your account cannot be transferred. (Spoke to Woeny about it)
  3. Naffen

    Bossks revenge

    Well, we just had a discussion and I explained everything to you (Blue) and Mexico, so hopefully you understand what was actually happening
  4. Naffen

    Bossks revenge

    4/10. Event had a cool plan but no structure and clear execution for it. You kept coming in to the RP scenario as the GM ruining the scenario and saying "Make sure to bring him to Anaxes" and other stuff like that which kind of ruined it. Also kept added and making stuff up about the bombs whilst we were dealing with it. First it was a Vest, then it was an internal bomb, than it was a synced bomb from 2 people that if one person dies the bombs detonate, then it was separation based so if they went more than 5 feet away it blows up. You kept saying stuff whilst we were making plans to counter it because you didnt want us to do it like how you imagined. I know as a GM you have a clear plan and want to make the event how you want but sometimes and most of the time, letting it be player choice for situations like this is better for the event. I know Bossk is a lore character aswell so he has plot armor, but setting yourself up for a situation where he gets blown up from the inside of his organs and survives to come attack the base afterwards always looks dumb.
  5. Yeah, you just have to wait for servers to sync so your stats/points on main move over to event server aswell.
  6. I haven't actually seen you on the server since you were removed. I don't know if you are just getting back into Synergy from last time but like you've still been MIA and there's no point in giving staff out if you won't be here. Last interactions with you weren't that positive. I'd have to -1 for now. Unless you can prove me wrong with your activity and performance.
  7. Naffen


    8/10 Well built event. Good storyline, everyone had a part even if they didn't think they did. Structure was good for every battalion, not the GM or GHs fault if people didn't take advantage of it.
  8. Well, we have the LFS Star Wars prequels pack, but I don't think we have the other star wars vehicles pack which is the one that is 42MB. This would be pretty cool, basically an alternate for a LAAT if pilots can't use it in events. If it doesn't cause any major performance issues and the other required addon doesn't cause issues then +1
  9. Follow this template so the correct people can be informed of this question and answer it @Diplo
  10. 3/10 Rocket RP isn't fun RP.
  11. +1 this Egyptian barista deserves this position
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