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  1. +1, once this is done DU can easily get removed
  2. 5/5/5 honestly performance was great, no lag. ACTUAL ROLEPLAY WITH THE EJS! Actually had fun with this
  3. This issue has been marked as resolved and therefore has been resolved on the forums or website // LOCKED // MOVED TO ACKNOWLEDGED REPORTS
  4. RP Name: Rancor BCMD Blitz Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:165771706 VIP (Y/N): Y Age: 19 Timezone: GMT What was your previous staff rank?: Senior Admin Are you currently staff on a different server?: No Why did you leave the staff team?: Left the staff team because of a lack of motivation for staff work and mainly the GM side of things Why do you want to rejoin the staff team? (3 sentence minimum): I wish to rejoin the staff team due to my recent urge to join the staff team to try continue my work and provide support for the players. I've always liked staff work and due to the new changes recently made where I don't have to do GM work and could focus on staff related issues has peaked my interest to rejoin. I've also always been on top of the rules and try to stick to them and enforce them like I've been attempting to do. Patrols and small scenarios are still something I'd enjoy and look forward to creating to keep the player base entertained. How do you feel your previous time as a staff member went? (3 sentence minimum): I feel like my previous time as staff went well. I kept on top of my staff work and always tried to as much as I could without taking the main stream routes. I hadn't really had any issues as my time in staff so I think it all went well. Do you understand by re-applying to get your previous rank back that you will be tested on your knowledge of the server rules and practices?: Yes
  5. Steam Name: Naffen RP Name: Alpha 17 XO Alpha RP Rank: Executive Officer Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:165771706 Regiment you are applying for: Rancor BCMD Experience: (Only gonna count the ones that actually mean something and or are relevant) SOBDE - Omega Squad Darman XO | Omega Squad Corr Coruscant Guard - CMD Equivalent on Jedi | XO Equivalent on SOBDE Outreach Rancor Battalion - Alpha-17 XO | Rancor Commander Colt | Alpha-17 x2 | Alpha-77 Jedi Order - Bardan Skirata | Jedi Master x2 | A'Sharad Hett | Arligan Zey | Consular Master Bounty Hunter - Guild Marshal Republic Navy - Base Ops Captain | Navy Ensign Why should you become a Battalion Commander?: I should become Blitz as I’m already the current lead of Rancor, have been for a while now and have had some ideas going forward which I’ve already started to implement in my current position and rank. Becoming BCMD is more of a formality thing for myself and the battalion as I’d wish for people in my battalion to continue to flow through the ranks and positions. Everything I can do as a BCMD, I’m already capable and have been doing as an XO, just want to give it a shot. Documents: Currently the documents in Rancor are all cleaned up and up to date, majority of them were out of date, and had wrong information and links which weren’t working so all of the Rancor documents are up to standards. Relations with other battalions: There has been issues between Rancor and a few battalions over the past couple months which I would hopefully want to say have slowly improved and gotten better, but I want to try to avoid this incident in the future by reaching out more with other battalions and encouraging coordination and joint participation in events and trainings which we have been trying to do. I also want to maintain the standards that Rancor are setting and the standards that ARC uphold. Suggestions are always open though to those that are ARC Trained about what they would want to see changed and or improved within the ARC Program and within Rancor Status of Rancor itself: Me and the high command will go over the status of the current branches in Rancor this would be the leadership of specializations and seeing if they are still fit to hold these positions, I will also be working alongside Grivs and Malore and the rest of the officers to evaluate the activity of the current Alpha ARCs I have been getting many reports from both current Rancor members and people outside of the battalion that they don’t see some of the current Alpha ARCs on either at all or rarely and also we have deemed it fit to hold off on any changes for Alpha Designations. And no ARC training changes, because the Rancor officer corps feels as it is in a good spot at the moment, especially with the new NPC changes making a fun and good challenge for all that attend. Do you understand the lore of your regiment?: Yes Availability: I am a European so my time is not the same as anybody else Monday to Friday – 11am est - 6pm EST Weekend - 8am EST - 8pm EST Do you have a microphone?: Yes Where do you want your battalion or squad to be at the end of your term?: I want Rancor to be functional and professional. I want them to be well trained and maintain the standards we are to push onto the server in the ARC Program. I want them to listen to orders and dont disrespect other battalions within the server and be loyal. I want Rancor to be active, doing training, and recruiting often as we’ve already been doing. I want a structured and serious image for the server. I have a good system for managing and keeping my members in line. I want to make sure the next BCMD after me, can keep this image, and that they have an easy time doing it. and be fun. Officer Corps and NCO Corps are currently at great positions and I’d want to keep and maintain it in the same way it is, with the same retention of players and activity there is. As I have seen the new NPCs give a hard challenge to players that attend the training, the Grading system for the ARC Program has been altered to be a bit more lenient and friendly for the people attending as it's drastically harder than previously, whilst keeping the standards we set before. Do you understand that if you go inactive that you will be removed from your position?: Yes Do you understand that your position has a three month term limit and you must reapply after three months to maintain your regimental commander rank?: Yes
  6. By filing an LOA/ROA you acknowledge that using the LOA/ROA to deliberately avoid performing your Game Master duties will result in removal from the Game Master Team without notice. IMPORTANT: If you are going on an LOA/ROA for more than 2 weeks please contact a GMM+ first before posting it. Otherwise you may be removed from staff. Title your LOA/ROA as: [NAME]'s LOA/ROA [START DATE-END DATE] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- === TEMPLATE ===
  7. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Game Master Rank: Are you VIP?: Date: Reason for leaving: Farewells:
  8. 4/4/5 well built event, good dupe, fun, not a lot of RP/backstory to it but its fun
  9. Naffen


    2/1/5 Just came to the base twice on op event jobs, with cloaks, jetpacks and rocket launchers just because you could. And then shooting rockets at your feet whilst someone is next to you 4x over to kill them just cause you got more health isnt fun for anyone.
  10. I'm leaning towards a +1 on this app, but I got a question You had a lot of plans and ideas that you were going to do with Rancor, and also stated you were gonna stick it out because you wanted to flush these plans out but you left just randomly. Is this something you think will be an issue for you again as SOBDE BCMD? I know your main reason was you just weren't having fun but I'd hate for another battalion to suffer just when the leader leaves without a proper structure set up for it to follow

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