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  1. Shit was never rigged, quite literally a skill issue if you think it was. Also I tthink lots of complaints about Toxicity are very valid, and it does slowly brew bad relations between battalions or people, but I think it'd be fair to give it a chance with this new player base. Majority of the players currently never experienced BvB or were never actually involved with it except a handful of oldheads that are still around. There would still be arguments and heated moments I guarantee but giving it a chance wouldn't kill us +1
  2. Name: Naffen Suggestion: Make the Channel Key Icon back to the green star Where would this be implemented?: Teamspeak How would this benefit the TeamSpeak/Community?: It looks better, matches the Channel admin icon which is a yellow star Have you asked for Feedback from others about this suggestion?: Yes, they all agree the literal icon of Keys doesn't look good Briefly explain why this should be implemented?: Green star looks better than literal keys, matches the Golden Star, not sure why it changed.
  3. o7 big man. Hope you enjoy yourself away from the game
  4. This suggestion has been VOIDED. If the same suggestion is submitted again within 60 DAYS of this post it will be automatically denied. // LOCKED // MOVED TO [CW] SERVER SUGGESTIONS - DENIED
  5. -support use barc speeders, as you said you guys are "vehicle specialists"
  7. Your LOA has been logged as COMPLETED. If this is an error and you require more time, please contact a GMO+ immediately. // LOCKED // MOVED TO LOA - COMPLETED LOA'S
  8. Etain used to have a cloaking device, not sure when it got removed, but just get advanced cloak added to the lore Saber instead -1
  9. +1 even more reason to abuse force powers now
  10. +1 Naval used to be able to deploy turrets that people could use and shoot and that was fun as fuck, bring something back for us

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