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  1. Wow!! Enjoy your trip I'm jealous af bro, please visit Pompeii and a bunch of Roman places!! Please take pics and drop them things here! @BlueBeetle
  2. Will the Mission system still only reward 1,000 credits, like in the video or will that be adjusted?
  3. I'm not sure about freck, but my favorite is the kitty cat picture 😼
  4. 3/3/2 tbh felt like you could've put some more effort into your dupe..
  5. 5/5/5 Another misfit event always fire.
  6. 4/4/5 The droid spawning seemed nice, I felt like the event had a cool droid squad close and far away, I could see in my scopes some squads just running along as if they're under attack. It was pretty cool to see! No lag so it was neat for me.
  7. Bug Type (Server:): Map Bug, with the Stalls Severity level (1-3): 1? Evidence (if you can): Description of the bug: The Stall provides the 21st Nova Corps. moniker but does not show the Galactic Marines or GM on there. How can we recreate it: Go to a stall, adjust the stall to the Purple button and check accordingly.
  8. Pause 🤣 this mf made a comeback and I ain’t know it!!? +1
  9. +1 known misfit for quite a while, genuine person who’s had a big impact on the staff team and will continue to do so despite any set backs. Also it was a retarded decision to remove him from staff/GM in the first place.
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