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  1. 8/10 had fun. Good RP. Good premise. Keep it up!
  2. This is true. I go to Woeny for tags (normally)
  3. in bactas defense. I told him to spawn them on me. I said no balls
  4. +1 Well I love bounty hunters so the persons opinion above me doesnt matter
  5. I bet some people are like "FINALLY", but this is actually an F. Thanks for all your hard work
  6. Honestly dude. You are probably the most toxic Jedi I have ever meant on 2 1/2 years of this server. You make days a living hell for bounty hunters. However, you ok clone is pretty good. Just don’t let that toxicity spill over. +1
  7. Thanks for the feedback. +1
  8. Dark is my successor. This man has done more work in the battalion in the last 2 months than I've ever seen. Completey dedicated. EXTREMELY easy and fun to work with. No one better to hold this position Dark, you've been my guy for a while now. You'll do a great job. And I can't wait to see it. + FUCKING 1
  9. Steam Name: Brooklyn RP Name: N’eko Awaud RP Rank: Guild Lieutenant Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:196195559 Experience: Bounty Hunter: [Feb. 2021 - Now] Clan Leader of Aurodium Sword Clan Leader of Solus Guild Marshal Guild Lieutenant 104th: [Feb. 2019 - May 2019] - [Feb. 2020 - July 2020] - [July 2021 - Now] 104th SFC SUPO Slender Wolfpack HVYL 1stLT Sinker ------------------------- 104th HVYL MAJ Brooklyn Wolfpack Lead REGL XO Comet BCMD Wolffe ------------------------- Wolfpack ARCL Major Dash-29 BCMD Wolffe 41st: [May 2019 - Nov. 2019] - [Feb. 2021 - Feb. 2021] 41stGC Sharpshooter 2ndLT Brooks 41stGCO ARCL CMD Brooklyn 41st ITDD / CDO (Chief Disciplinary) 41st Battalion Commander Gree ------------------------- 41st GCL XO Faie DU: [Nov. 2019 - Nov. 2019] DU ARC CPT Brooklyn Rancor: [Dec. 2019 - Feb. 2020] - [Aug. 2020 - Jan. 2021] Rancor RTL 1stLT Brooklyn Alpha-98 1stLT Nate Alpha-17 Captain Alpha Alpha-77 Major Fordo Rancor Commander Havoc ------------------------- Alpha-66 MSG Muzzle Alpha-17 Captain Alpha Alpha-78 XO Valiant 21st Nova Corps: [Jan. 2021 - Feb. 2021] 21stSO Lead 2ndLT Brooklyn 21stKU Captain Keller Recon Regimental Commander: [Feb. 2021 - April 2021] SOBDE: [April 2021 - July 2021] Bad Batch Crosshair [Rank: LTC] Why should you become Guild Leader?: Now, I’ll be honest. I’m used to BCMD Application formats, I like explaining my goals in a separate section instead of this one. So I’ll make the question myself and make it Part 2 of this. I’ll make both points short and to the point. No Fluff and Filler Why Should I? I’ll let my previous experience speak for me. With the BCMD+ Positions I have held, I have been able to identify flaws in structures and come up with ways to either fix or replace them, with a high rate of succession. Most recently, 104th is currently in the best state it has been for a while now. I ripped out a majority of what was in place and, in my own way of putting it, fixed the battalion. Setting it down a strong path for the next Wolffe. I have also held a Regimental position before. I know the work that is required of a RCMD and have no issue in doing the job. With that out of the way, I move into my second point for this question. My love for this Faction. Being a Bounty Hunter is such a fun experience (Biased). It allows you to be whoever you want to be without the restrictions that Clones and Jedi have. I want the opportunity to be able to improve this highly versatile faction into something better than it is. Why Should I become Guild Leader? Because I know I can make Bounty Hunter’s better than they are. I would not be in the position I am right now if my predecessors didn’t think I was capable. What Are Your Plans for the Guild? Thanks for asking Brooklyn, I’ll gladly answer. Renovating the Black Market - So, with the update being out and everything, we gotta take a couple things off the market and possibly add a few new things. This is something that is currently being worked on, but this will effect Clan Items in storage and other aspects of the Guild. One thing that I will try to push for is the selling and buying of stolen vehicles on the market. It’s not a guarantee, but it is something people want and is something I’m willing to fight for. Personalized (Clan) / Faction Campaigns - Until recently, we had a Shadow Collective Campaign involving the Guild, Mandalore, and the Hutt Cartel. It was put on hold due to the loss of our previous Leader and Lieutenant, but it is something that will be continuing as it brought a ton of activity and Roleplay to the Faction. Other Campagin ideas can be branched off of this and can give people a chance to develop themselves within other factions that the Guild associates with (Hutt Cartel / Shadow Collective, that kind of thing). The Personalized Campaigns would assist Clan’s in staying active and helping them enjoy the Faction without the entire server having to be subject to it. This would essentially consist of mini storylines for Clans, if they choose to partake. Details are still being worked on. Cracking down on the Cabinet - The Cabinet consists of 2 Lieutenants / 5 Marshals / 5 Evaluators at any given time. This is 12 people that must be looked after. As this isn’t particularly difficult, it takes someone with an unbiased persona and a heavy hand to properly maintain. As these Cabinet Members actually get paid for doing work (in renown), they are expected to do their jobs or get removed. Essentially, a 1 strike system. They represent the Guild, they work in service of the Guild, and can be terminated from it if seen fit. Hunter Hostility - There is a lot of tension between the Guild and the Republic right now. Mostly being the actions taken by Hostile Bounty Hunters. I will reiterate one of the Guild’s core values: "You are a Bounty Hunter. You are not a Terrorist”. Those acting as such will be dealt with swiftly given the evidence is accurate. Zero tolerance policy for this behavior as it damages the Guild’s reputation and sucks the joke out of both sides. The “Give and Take” - After conversing with a few of the Clone BCMD’s, it is obvious that both sides WANT to work together, but won’t due to past incidents or stubbornness on both sides. I will be taking that first step to improve the Guild’s likeness to the server. Starting with Base Passes. I know that sounds dumb, but bare with me. Talking with SOBDE, Guac brought up an extremely good point: “Respect goes both ways, and if hunters want to be engaged with, they need to offer a reason as to why they should be. Civilians, BH’s or not, are not here cause they are required too, there are here cause it is a privilege. Respect the troops around you.” The point to this, is a give and take system. The Give: A Hunter is able to be on Base for a certain time, and can be subject to assisting on the base from Republic officials. This can increase the time they are allotted on base or decrease it. The Take: Other Players use this to actively engage and roleplay with the Bounty Hunters. Without treating everyone as a suspect or a target. A Hunter can choose to be useful or not. A Republic Official can choose to utilize them or not. This is the first part of the system. All I have worked out for the given moment. This is a developmental system that can take a while to make. (Guac get’s the credit for this as I wouldn’t of thought of it without him) Availability: In Game: Tuesday - Saturday: 5pm - 11:30pm EST Sunday & Monday: 9am - 12am EST Discord: My job allows me to be on my phone pretty much all day. So I am basically available 17 hours a day for 7 days a week. Only time I am not is when I am sleeping. Give a brief overview of your achievements on the server: 41st Battalion Commander Gree 104th Battalion Commander Wolffe (Twice) Alpha-78 Executive Officer Valiant Helping the rebuild of 21st Captain Keller Recon Regimental Commander Guild Lieutenant What do you feel the role of the Guild Leader is?: The Guild Leader has two functions: The Diplomat and the Playmaker. I shall explain both in two separate sections. The Diplomat: A Guild Leader is the face of the faction. The face of the Guild. But they also acts as such to the rest of the server. Working with the Republic to identify criminals, or for server sake, fugitive Bounty Hunters / Creating ties with other factions in RP to help or harm later down the line. Maintaining the image the Guild is the main motive. A stable balance is needed for Bounty Hunters to truly thrie. As the Neutral / Hostile faction, a line needs to be drawn on both sides to have a good experience. Something both the Guild and the Republic must do together. The Playmaker: This is a word I felt describe the role good. A Guild Leader can initiate Base Raids / Can “silence’ (PK) individuals if necessary / Can work with GM’s to include Hunters’ on events. There is so much a Guild Leader can do to entertain or create RP, that I call it a Playmaker. The abilities a Guild Leader possesses can improve the Guild’s Reputation with the Republic or worsen it. It’s an extremely volatile mix that if utilized correctly, can boost the faction to greater heights. Do you have a microphone?: Yes Do you understand that if you go inactive that you will be removed from your position?: Yes How do you plan to improve relations between the guild and the server?: This is a difficult question to answer, however there are many ways to improve relations: First off, I will say, please refer to Give & Take in the section about. Secondly, I want to try and push for is the allowed presence of the Guild Leadership on Base with permanent passes (Not Permits). As they represent the interests of the Guild, they should be allowed to BE the representatives on Base. I am talking about Guild Marshals and Lieutenant’s. This is gonna be an “iffy” topic. But a needed one nevertheless. Next up, The Most Wanted Board. This is something that is done in RP, but giving Republic information on the RMW List can be a good stepping stone. Assisting one another is in our best interests and can be used for good faith and standing. This obviously goes both ways, if Hunters are tracking someone on the RMW List, the Republic can also give Identification in assisting with the elimination of said criminals. Lastly, advertising the use of contracting Bounty Hunters on a smaller scale. What I mean by this is a Clone / Naval / Jedi going up to a Hunter on base, asking and paying for their assistance in clearing droids out or deploying to another planets for a difficult mission / contracting them for one mission as security / In more sinister means, assassination. These are all things that can be done to bring the Guild and the Server together. But it all starts with each side taking a step forward. Do you understand that your position has a three month term? Yes
  10. still the best thing i did as wolffe
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