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  1. -1 what forseen said, also kal was the BCMD character if that makes it better for like a week before they changed it.
  2. Well atleast they didn't remove you this time. But damn, I want to the Tea mate
  3. KillJoy

    Order 65

    8/10 I enjoyed it, this was a fun event and having people vs people and not turn into a couple shit show. Great Job as a GM <3 104th
  4. +1 hopefully it won't be over used to the point no one wants to hear it
  5. Noooooooooooo damn bro you about to stand at gates not doing shit. Ight hit with your discord
  6. Thought this was in Off topic. but damn Woney is a Commie, damn
  7. What Rate also for boot camp go for div staff so you don’t have to do watch other than at night
  8. What you mean your leaving Darman and Mace two black lore characters for an old white guy damn. Imagine leaving Samuel L Jackson and a dope ass Spec Ops for an Old White guy. +1 your my dad
  9. -1 Mate if you left because not getting Promo in 8 days. How will you take not getting this Spot.
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