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  1. +1 damn y’all be trying ban people on all the platforms.
  2. +1 damn you’ll be banning people of jokes
  3. If this old lad is -1 it than damn, but in all honesty the main problem with to many sun units lead to other battalions lowering in numbers than that turns into more Doom Unit. If the server hits max players at least once a week where they have to kick afk players then I say go for it. Yes it can seem like we don’t want you battalion to have fun things but at end of the day if it negatively impacts the server than it’s not worth it. Let’s think from this perspective you’re an officer in a battalion that doesn’t have a lot of numbers and you see other battalions that are already do good, what ever makes you want to try because the community will favor that battalion more leading to even more numbers. There has to be balance if you have 8 active members at a time than you don’t need anything else just fill up the position you got. While a battalion that needs help can get a buff or something for more traction. The more traction that helps grow that battalion leads to more players on the server, more players on the server me more donations which leads to better updates and more custom shit. Like at the bigger picture of the server, yes I know i don’t play anymore but I still like to see the server to have more numbers than other places and be so active that they bring back afk checks.
  4. Or someone can make an F.O.B that players set up however they will set it up by doing rp but who actually does rp now a days. But extremely hot take but what made the rotation back Endor for in 2019 was how players was involved with rp, not only that but Sith “love them or hate them” would bring some entertainment at Bravo that being a civilian or challenge Jedi to a fun duel that everyone loved to watch.
  5. If this navy lad support than I’ll do it +1
  6. The time has come for the British to once again take over the server. Establish the First Galactic Empire +1 great lad and has proven to handle big positions on the server
  7. +1 bear me out vibe being wrecker so you don’t burn yourself out as a Reg but either way you easily got this
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