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  1. +1 I don’t even play but this man be active in discord and being open is crazy. Hope he get palpy one day
  2. My guy I wasn’t even a leader over there, It was joke but most likely will happen. It’s a joke, Ollie left for a wholesome reason to allow others to move up and for him to move on. It’s not that deep
  3. Kaiser is getting director. Unless Rohan comes out of no where to get
  4. +1 be the first BCMD blackout so you can keep the cloak
  5. Massive +1 under bana, ARC trainings was communicated with ARCL, ARCO and CMDs to get people who seek the ARC trainings. Not only that but he listen to suggestions to better the ARC program as a whole. He stood with me on trying to get two extra basic ARCs per battalions. ( Director shut it down ) Bana if he trust you wont micromanage you, if you are good in the role you are in charge of. He has the best interest of Rancor in mind. if you -1 this you either don’t care for a good leader of the battalion or just don’t like him. He has proven his is the best fit to be BCMD again.
  6. +1 bro is SG lead and Island is runner up for the next Mas shit might be time to come back
  7. +1 the amount of y’all that say it in teamspeak and not banned is crazy.
  8. +1 fun BCMD, just don’t get addicted to Minecraft
  9. They should just make an Arma Server
  10. Time to come back and main bounty hunter
  11. What ever happened to the SCP server and TTT. Also any chance for a JvS server or Imperial
  12. Villa de Kata or Oriya o'r ijaat be korm bal slate (City in honor of Korm and Slate)
  13. +1 brookyn get founder already
  14. Just have props built into the map, walking around a massive map with empty buildings kills any rp as no staff wants to sit and build dupes constantly for each build. You can’t perma prop because there’s a limit (Side note tell how the hell each battalion on Endor had fully decked out bunks on a roster for a server box but we can have one per bunks now) bring back Bounty Hunter Tiers- Freelance works with Hutts, Hostile with CIs, Friendly with Republic. This way people can openly attack or have Shock try to detain the most wanted
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