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  1. -1 Mystic and Clutch kinda cooking on these responses.
  2. Whole lot of Yap in this App, you called me inactive, don’t be like me +1
  3. +1 I firmly believe you will be able to handle all the stuff regarding High Command, and Jedi/Senate, iffy with your sight on BH still, I would love to talk with you about that sometime.
  4. o7 man you literally made the 501st Sarge character into some insane rp, you were the best one for sure
  5. Would you be able to go into some more depth on how you intend to help the Guild? The main thing I see here is just mentoring the CMDs and getting someone to be Governor.
  6. HA CT PVT AdminAbuser does have a good ring
  7. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/1FUGJz_k_kDBD-/d1337jmDR1id?invite=cr-MSwyaXgsODA3ODE0MjAs I think its just a skill issue on your end.
  8. Welcome to the 501st Legion! I am BOOM, one of the Commanders of the battalion. Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions! We are here for you. +1
  9. Gonna -1 for now, I do believe it would be a good change mainly however, I still think there should be a lore character lead, or at least a lore character.
  10. If I remember correctly it takes renown 2 paychecks to load.
  11. -1 Make Beskar lore accurate and give all mandos 1k hp
  12. The only reason I didn't get an @ is because I'm a child
  13. +1 No effort. At all.
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