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  1. This was something that we, as a founder team, had decided would never be happening when we negotiated with the people that were leading the battalion at the time - Both Metro & Luther agreed to this as per their request of multiple additions that this was the condition. I technically should be automatically denying this due to the above reasoning, however I will leave the suggestion here for the time being and instead request @Guac to please come have a conversation with the founder team about, not just how this would work but the other compromises that have been made by the past BCMDs so you understand them also.
  2. The other times that tags have been wiped in the past 4 months has been the Trainer Tags - Which was because the TR program was integrated in the staff team and the tags are no longer used, the Battalion Tags - Which were cleaned as there was a large amount of people with two tags when you're only meant to have one & a lot of people that didn't play anymore who's whitelists would have been removed on the last update, & Server leadership tags such as Jedi Master, BH Leadership, etc. as again, a large amount of people had them that weren't meant to. I'm generally the only person that will wipe teamspeak tags and these are the only ones that have been touched. We haven't touched permanent tags in the 10 months that we have had this Founder group of Dragon, Jad, Square and myself. As a heads up, I will more than likely do a wipe of Channel Groups (Channel Admin / Channel Key) for all channels in the near future as to clear out the list of players that have these groups and have left the server, so if they do come back the tag is removed.
  3. He'll be back - At least in Teamspeak to come talk shit with me :P
  4. Correction, if you're on at 3:00 in the morning, I'm probably online and can assign tags also.
  5. See I actually liked this as it made it a little easier for events and actually forced the GAR to spread out more. I also liked the ventilation systems that lead into the base and created opportunities for the enemy to sneak in (which would be awesome for BH).
  6. Endor felt big when walking around it though, like to loop the entire map took 5-10 mins.
  7. This has been the standard for almost a year now... We don't add things to fix problems created because of people restricting them as they are issues that can be resolved through conversation. This is a community and that requires communication. I think it's disingenuous to presume that they wont without talking to them. The server doesn't strictly follow lore and if it did, Jedi wouldn't be flying any ships on main server at all as they only utilized starships for traveling or dogfighting in space and not really on planets, that was always a clone thing to do as Jedi were more useful on the ground.
  8. This isn't a development issue though, this is something that can be changed through a simple conversation through server high command to allow jedi to utilize other vehicles rather than continuing to add content to the server to fix personnel & server cultural issues.
  9. @Sixta @Guac - This post was left open if you'd like to comment as to why you disagree. You may have a point that we may not have thought about and thus may have us reassess our decision.
  10. Bruh, if you had of given us some time to finish going over everything, I would have added onto most of the posts :( Delta-7 This was denied as we already have a large amount of LFS vehicles on the server at the current time and we already have the ETA fighters that are strictly Jedi use only and adding another Jedi only vehicle set isn't something that we're exactly content with at the current time, this was discussed and unanimously agreed upon by all four Founders and Maxwells that this wasn't needed at this time. Even Peill Even Peill was denied due to the fact that his model is broken, in that I mean, when he died, his ragdoll doesn't behave normally and could cause issues on the server if it interacts negatively with parts of the map and could cause unwanted crashing of the server. On top of this, a decision was made by the founders, again unanimously, Jedi model changes require a Jedi model to be removed, and we have decided that a Jedi that is to be removed cannot be one that was on the council. This decision was made based off of past trends that when a member of the council is removed from the server, they are inevitably resuggested and require to be readded to the server and thus would cause backwards development. The suggestion requested for Adi Gallia to be removed and she was a member of the council.
  13. Unfortunately, this suggestion has been DENIED. If the same suggestion is submitted again within 60 DAYS of this post it will be automatically denied. // LOCKED // MOVED TO [CW] SERVER SUGGESTIONS - DENIED
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