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  1. 5/5/5 I killed more people than I could count :)
  2. A classic example of the circle of life. Nothing is every truly removed forever lol.
  3. You same here bro, I get you... Miss you Sanchez <3
  4. Someone that I have been pushing to apply for literal YEARS!! Definitely has passion, love, and drive, it takes to run the Jedi Order. BIGGEST +1 I COULD EVER GIVE
  5. The time has come that I say goodbye to the community. Unfortunately, as some of you may already be away, I have gotten some real life work that has got me working roughly 40 hours a week and because of this and timezones, I can't really be around when anyone from the community is online anymore. It's due to this that I mast step away as I am just sitting in the position being a Founder where I've done nothing for over 6 months now and that's purely because I haven't been able to find the time and/or the motivation right now due to the major fatigue from work. That being said. I hope that you all continue to enjoy and appreciate the huge amount of work and dedication that comes from the people that work on this community. Synergy wouldn't exist or be where it is at today without the long nights of work and care that these people put into the community. I will always have the utmost respect for these people as they have worked tirelessly to keep the fever-dream that this community is alive for so long. @Jad@Square - You guys were, are, and always will be like brothers to me from the other side of the world. You guys have always been completely honest with me, regardless of how harsh and it would be. People like you are rare and hard to find. @Woeny - You've always done everything you could for not just the higher echelon of the community, but mainly brought the voice of the players to the team and always kept up with everything, even whilst balancing other games and real life shit. @Xaze - I know that since you've come along you've never really seen me as someone that is above you within the community and probably rightfully so. You're an extremely talented, knowledgeable and self-motivated individual that I believe you are the catalyst to the communities success at the current time and in the foreseeable future. You're an amazing human being and I have huge amounts of respect for you and always will. Thanks for your passion in keeping this community going, it wouldn't be here without you. Honorable Mentions - @Fizzik @Bbstine @Tomas @Maverick @Marvel @Bacta @Fyi @Naffen @Daytona211 @Baron @Brooklyn @Dennis @Maddoxx @Kurt @Conrad @Pythin @Ron @Gears @Enzyme @Freck @Jayarr @Heart and anyone else I may have missed. It has been a pleasure being in this community with you all. Nihil perpetuum, pauca diuturna sunt; aliud alio modo fragile est, rerum exitus variantur, ceterum quicquid coepit et desinit. Translated: Nothing lasts forever, few things even last for long: all are susceptible of decay in one way or another; moreover all that begins also ends.
  6. Forseen


    I see your Luigi... and raise you.. WALUIGI
  7. This issue has been marked as resolved as there was no response where required. // LOCKED // MOVED TO RESOLVED REPORTS
  8. This issue has been marked as resolved as there was no response where required. // LOCKED // MOVED TO RESOLVED REPORTS
  9. Kayp, you've helped me grow so much and given me so much insight and assistance in my real life studies towards my career. You're a true friend and I hope you and Conrad come by and hang out every now and then.. Don't be a stranger!!
  10. It's very unfortunate that during this long stint of the community you and I did not cross paths as much as the last time in which you actively played, however I still, and always will, consider you a close friend of mine. It's always a sad day when a close friend leaves the community and I'm hoping that this break is not a goodbye, but rather an I'll see you around. Please don't become a stranger. You know how to get in contact with me and you know I'll always be down to catch up. Lot's of love
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