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  1. You definitely have had a major impact within the community as a Game Master and I believe you definitely have the community's best interest at heart as you always have. One of the "Hall of Fame" Game Masters (if we had one). I'd definitely love to see you in the team!! +1 from me!
  2. If an issue presents itself down the track we can always re-evaluate this, but for now, sure, go for it!
  3. We've updated to a new NPC system (still have the old ones as the new ones are quite intensive) and these new NPCs are insane, they will flank you, snipe you, destroy you!
  4. I've removed the Clone Wars tag from all Teamspeak members. I've made the staff tags the Prefix. Reduced Veteran Admin to Vet Admin. Moved Staff Rank tags to the far left spot of tags. This suggestion has been ACCEPTED. // LOCKED // MOVED TO TEAMSPEAK SUGGESTIONS - ACCEPTED
  5. Unfortunately your ban appeal has been DENIED. For more information on why you were denied, please contact me or any Director+. // LOCKED // MOVED TO BAN APPEALS - DENIED
  6. People don't say this anymore sadly.
  7. Unfortunately when you make an alternate account it always links back to your main account, even here on the forums through the use of your VPN we can still trace you back to your other accounts for the original @Argentina account which is banned for being an alternate account of @Boomea which is an alt account off of @CTPVTMeatyMike which not only follows the chain back down and connects directly to your main account, but is also an account you've admitted is yours. Nice try.
  8. I'm honestly going to throw my opinion here (without locking it so it can still be commented on), all this will do is make me have to go and change a bunch of words in the code for the server and the Forums, Teamspeak & Discord. Nothing else really changes and this is purely cosmetic. Whilst I understand there's a slight difference in the title however most of us have been influential in the community since the first days of the community anyways with myself joining through as Head Administrator and setting up ULX for Joah pre-launch when we used ULX (it was hell). Dragon coming in as an Overseer (what we currently have as Veteran Administrators) and being a main point of call in server leadership and content management being the reason we even have Alpha ARCs in the server in the first place (yes, Dragon fought his ass of for Alpha). Square came into Synergy with a leadership role within the G.A.R, becoming Marshall Commander within the first year of the community opening and remaining in that position for 6 months before moving into server leadership and beginning to assist in the management side of server development. Jad, being the only one of the four of us that haven't been here since the community opened, has done more that can be put into words to show that he deserves to be held to the same standard and position the three of us are in, if not he's shown that he's more than worthy, I'm sure 99% of the community will attest to this statement. The wrap this up, I think this is a silly little jab at the leadership team we have to try and create a little more chaos whilst shit was hitting the fan a week or two ago, before we started working hard to fix the issues. Personally, I disagree with this change.
  9. Did you even read Gadget's post? This is the direct comment that my reply was in regards to, which in turn my point stands... He's misinformed here which he has pointed out but other community members will also read his post and pick out the other points of his post to their benefit and disregard the rest. Also I didn't do a /seen on him, I'm actually friends with Gadget and used to talk to him daily. I make a point to say hi to him every time I see him as he's a long term community member and friend of mine. I don't see my previous post as a "roast" either, I see it as a professional and informative message to ensure not to post uninformed.
  10. You don't play anymore so you don't know how great the past couple days have been. Stop trying to cause more shit on the forums by posting while uninformed about the current status of the community as you then mislead other community members such as @SquishyFishyy who takes your opinion as something valid when you haven't been on the server in months bar the 5 minutes you played 3 days ago (whilst we were at 72 players on a Wednesday).
  11. Consider yourself waived. I hope to see your app by the end of the week. For all intents and purposes, this was a joke
  12. When they were released they didn't have Crosshair or Echo
  13. You’ve worked your ass off to get to this position so many times before having to leave due to IRL without getting the position. +1
  14. Congratulations! Your application for the position you applied for has been ACCEPTED! Your term will end 3 MONTHS after this post. Good luck! // LOCKED // MOVED TO COMMANDER APPLICATIONS - ACCEPTED

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