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  1. what i would kill to know this drama stay safe homie we disagree so often but ever claiming your not GOAT as one of the strongest members of the community status is foolish to the game of SWRP stay safe bro hope life treats you right
  2. nothing more to be said the community will find out
  3. killjoy experience is being a community leader in kiaras server 💀💀💀 bro pay your respects respectfully bruh you aint the synergy whisperer @Ollie_Stay Safe homie you did great things, longevity is one of the most important things,, u beat burnt out more then anyone in the community and still showed strong/consistent keep in touch
  4. If anyone hates their RCMD this is the easiest way to get them
  5. +1 Knight is one of the most reasonable, mature, members of the community he will make a excellent REG if active
  6. +1 but holo hates me but i still fuck with him and hes goated
  7. you can not just hop on sup for 2 minutes and suggest something buddy thats @Marveljob to do
  8. intresting shabeel supports blazin QA App (Biased Leadership discord) but doesent support Mazen Media Application, is shabeel jealous? possibly racist towards eygptiand and only wants other middle easterns to succed? What is his end goal

    1. Shabeel


      Yes you are correct. hope that helps


    2. blazin


      Me and Shabeel go on E-dates sometimes. Hope that also helps.



  9. RP Name: Bacta Steam Name: Mazen Playtime on Garry's Mod: 9527 Playtime on SynergyRP: 6890 Age: 21 Timezone: PST Please list all your previous experience Marshal Commander Synergy TikTok Head admin 🙏 VinnieHackerFan Youtube Admin Sodapoppingclips Youtube Admin BCMDx4 Marvel Best Friends Head Adminx2 I have good experience in editing and good at media/trends. I am someone that generate hype for a product/piece of media and plan on doing this, i have no interest in devolving at this point in time but will 1000% be ok with hyping up stuff. Do you have any previous being a developer on Garry's Mod?: No I'm applying for the media team How much time could you dedicate a week to development?: I can dedicate a strong 1 hour everyday to the media team! https://youtu.be/AK0e-uDZgok My plans will be uploading clips weekly or so, hyping/teasing future updates through social media, stream/archive meetings and public announcments through teamspeak. I have captcut pro and gimp
  10. r u the goat or the donkey DELETE YOUR SUBUNIT +1 (Forgot to add this)
  12. Bacta


    dont use holocron as a clone-Guac /Lil J / Jayarr
  13. +1 Bitter is one of the most PRACTICAL, REASONBLE, and passionate people person you could ask for, he would make a wonderful Yularen and will make a WONDERFUL HC member, if your 50/50 speak to bitter on teamspeak or discord for anymore then 1 minute and you realize how mature and wonderful he is to work with.
  14. You are gonna resign in. 3 weeks buddy
  15. Arroyo would make a good VA yall sleeping on the 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐
  16. all of these things should be in every battalion im gonna +1 cause this should be the new standerd for subunits IC is a terrible subunit with very little equipment or edge to do it, +!
  17. you know what to do mass leave so kaiser looks worse
  18. its a superior suggestion
  19. YOU HAVE POSTED THIS MULTIPLE TIMES GIVE UP, If you give all your money maybe but rn fuck the 1% BROOKLYN -1
  20. Please read previous applications on synergy that have been accepted!
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