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  1. Having seen people do this, your pet will wait, or laggily teleport with you, nothing major
  2. This means do not click the links in announcements! Staff Feedback is a scam Medal of Honor? More like Give me your Info!
  3. Ah thank you, Not sure if i missed this i kinda skimmed through (my fault if i did) but thank you both for the answer
  4. Do you guys plan to adjust Palpatine's pay to make it match MCMD? or vice versa?
  5. Please don't click links. You think you won't be the issue until you are.
  6. Never mind thought it ended the 11th not the 12th ignore this
  7. +1 some of these look really effing cool and would make some dupes look badass
  8. Then +1. I just want people to know that Gmod is just a game. No point in pushing workloads onto yourself when this is strictly volunteering especially when mental health was a issue in the past. I hope you take care of yourself regardless. Even if it means you need to take breaks or step down.
  9. Man i think i spend too much time on the forums

  10. You take quite a few ROAs and LOAs for mental health. Is it really in your best interest to go for GM and i assume SA? Man 3 dumbs? Pretty stupid considering i was genuinely concerned for a community members mental health lol
  11. o7 bitters. you were so cool and fun to talk to. ill miss you. I hope the things you wind up dedicating your time to work out!
  12. I am sorry for your loss, i love you <3 and take care of yourself
  13. 2/2/5 Slow pacing felt like an RDM fest to the point i was hesitant to kill EJs I felt this was shaky and very poorly planned/not thought out at all No server issues.
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