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  1. +1 has been accepted before will do great again. i don't think you can check hours of offline players. Team definitely has time on server with his last 3 apps
  2. Not former staff? crazy. Favorite 212th
  3. assigning Jedi Leadership was the only tag that let me remove BCMD. It cant grant it, only remove. this post has nothing to do with tag assignment. Just removal
  4. its only 5 days. I'd just go play another game for a bit. By the time this processes and everyone votes your ban will already be over tbh. that's just how it is. +1 though. Worst case you get banned again and we -1 your next appeal.
  5. -1. This app is more font size than words. Your reasoning for where you want to be after your term is just "i want them to be good and continue to be good" no plans are there just wants. Your experience is also 40% of this application alongside font size. I like you and youre a chill ass dude but i want to see a better application if i'm gonna vote. sorry mate. If you add some meat feel free to ping me and ill re read it!
  6. Name: Mystic Bug: Jedi Leadership can take tags. Like BCMD etc. Location of Bug: Jedi Leadership tag in Teamspeak Date/Time Bug Started Occurring: idfk when i got the Jedi Leadership tag What is this affecting: uh i dunno Severity (1-3): 3
  7. -1. Arrested me after i broke PTS with no warning, The 21st that broke PTS next to me got a warning. Double standards are not helping CG currently I do not want this to be the CG i interact with daily.
  8. -1. I see no effort in the documents posted and your responses are 1 sentence. barely scraping by and answering the questions. I think if you edit to add some more meat to your general application and then maybe slightly adjust the documents i'd be inclined to change to a +1. There's lots of simple grammatical mistakes and spelling, and there really is no story line for the shown events. theyre pretty much the same story in different places.
  9. Welcome back. Hopefully you don't mind if i slip up occasionally and call you Lovestruck since that's who i knew you as for almost a year. I'll work on adapting to Greg though... maybe it does have a nice ring to it.
  10. Bros never watched TCW and seen the actual landscape of Trandosha.
  11. +1 literally the best Rahm Kota because of his gamemaster skills
  12. correct. but you cant see this from space lmfao. the idea was that people were assuming off of nothing. The hologram is only there because it was all bro had for the holotable. not because its our planet
  13. the planet also isn't even Corellia in the hologram lmfao
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