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  1. Don't worry, I have a plan to revamp DU and the event server. 

  2. Pray for the fellas 🙏🙏
  3. this prolly why u got blocked LMAO you know better than to question xaze or any management for that matter
  4. It would be very weird if certain people are abusing this high staff powers. Especially when the server is in such a state where you can’t afford to be doing such things. hoping to get some answers soon!
  5. So ready to be welcomed here, but I just like cloaks. I like them. I think the guild spy job should exsist. I think Jedi shadow makes it too hard to cloak for Jedi. I think omega being the only ones with cloaks is awful. The more cloaks we have on the server the better in my opinion. I get why you guys like so and want them back I really do. But I just love cloaking. The times I’ve seen it fix something vastly out number the times I’ve seen it lead to good RP. When I was director and SO was kinda peaked out it’s mind cloaking rules where encouraged every week. The more cloaked people the less problems +1
  6. Stop dumbing me 


  7. Should’ve been BCMD a long time ago. +1
  8. Ain’t u resign after posting that 🤡 ahh post
  9. App isn’t the strongest. Your goals are extremely bare bones and should be the minimum for any Yoda -1

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