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  1. Miss you bro 🤝

  2. Sixta


    We love Alpha! We Love Alpha❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  3. There’s five names in the photo…..
  4. I Will Take Over As Cody While You Are Away
  5. see you for the deployment on Saturday, I got some crazy one liners for briefing.
  6. I Wish You Scammed Credits and Got A Longer Ban, Racism Ban Is Too Short. -1
  7. Thank You For Posting The Council Agenda And Redacting Everything
  8. New Update Is Not Good, Can We Go Back?
  9. This Is An Unreal Reason To Get Banned. Some People Should Not Be Allowed To Be Staff. +1
  10. I Personally Think You Are A Good Choice For GM. You Are Active On The Server And Do A Lot For It. +1
  11. Yeah I Am Going To Need To See The Stats On This One….
  12. That Is Understandable, I Will Change My Vote. Thank You For Explaining. +1
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