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  1. Sixta


    That’s on Jah, frick this poser Comics
  2. Is doing a great job as Marshal. I know Deku will continue doing good. +1
  3. This statement alone just reinforces the idea that you cannot be trusted. Even more of a -1 on my end.
  4. Mass RDM’d with staff powers nty. -1
  5. dark vader is my favorite star wars character
  6. joined for ten minutes, sparred Anakin and caused a massive invasion of Tatooine.. 7/10
  7. Fuck you

    1. Hanz


      I hate Sixta/Jumes

  8. I’ve worked with Stockings for a very long time. I can honestly say he is a hard working individual and does his absolute best with whatever position he holds. This is someone that definitely restore the Recon Regimental position to its former glory. +1
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