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  1. +1 btw this would be great for CG and if it's deemed it's too OP after implementing (y'all have no idea until it actually is) it can be moved out and used for other purposes.
  2. we have been told specifically by devs that we can not have stun guns on anything other than the DS lore jobs only DS lore characters get stun guns and shields break people's frames as you know, so we're asked to not use them. Only difference between DS and a regular CG trooper kit wise is the DP24 smg.
  3. you didnt even play 4/4/5 good event tho up until server crashed, was enjoyable to be back on this map again. EJ magnaguard playing the door like that tho was annoying as fuck L Kelvin @CommunistBeaver
  4. Name: Kaiser Who helped (If applicable): Egert Oboshi Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dXguswamK8jvR-uo7VvoE1C-Jg9y6XnDd3agbAiClrk/edit?usp=sharing Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): 21st moved in on The Suspect, an individual suspected for multiple crimes against The Republic and the 21st specifically. Did any Bounty Hunters Participate: N/A Please rate using this scale Please Rate 1-5 on each of the below categories (5 being perfect, 1 being horrible) Gameplay: Care and Effort: Server Performance:
  5. RP Name: Fox Battalion: CG Who is in command until you return?: @Danny1 @Moose_Wundo @Arroyo Length of Absence: 4/15 - 4/29
  6. Name: Kaiser Staff Rank: HA Length of LOA/ROA (Please specify date if possible): 4-15 - 4/29 (Highly possible to end early Reason: personal Do you understand that if you go on LOA/ROA while holding a leadership position, a named character position, or a position with limited slots you may lose your position?: Yes Do you understand that if you are going on LOA/ROA for more than two weeks you may lose your staff/leadership position?: Yes
  7. +1 but server performance recently has been so bad that adding another area for a 3rd or 4th tryout/encounter/patrol/event to happen at the same time is spooky
  8. 5/4/3 good event thanks for letting bounty hunters do their own passive RP and cook
  9. 4/4/5 good event, good idea on how to reuse that dupe. Sith was bad L bozo learn to counter roll LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  10. Does this require approval? If so, did @Super_give the green light?
  11. 5/4/5 Amazing event, truly fantastic. It was simple, quick, yet executed perfectly. Very enjoyable every step of the way, I obviously loved hacking the MTT to go cook droids.
  12. I would recommend putting a bit more detail into your event ideas. You can set up a "flow" that's how you expect the event to go, you can talk about variables, list Event Job whitelists and roles, disclose the map you want to use, etc. Lots of things can be done to create detailed and well written events.
  13. Name: Kaiser RP Rank: BCMD Fox Suggestion: Nerf or remove the DC-15A(Upgraded), the DC-15LE, the DC-15SE, the A280C, the DLT-19, the Westar 11, and the Dual DC17 Extended from the perma weapons store, but keep them on the server and swap them to Base Weapons. Implementation: I have no idea what values would need to be decreased to appease Founders or Devs, but I have identified these guns as being some of the least purchased or used from the perma weapons store in game, and could be allocated to spice up subunit or whitelist kits around the server. Removing these from the armory would at least give people the option to suggest the addition of them for kits. This suggestion also includes weapons for civilian classes, such as the A280C or the Westar 11, with a potential for the DLT-19 to be added. Basically, this suggestion is aimed to remove some of the overlooked guns within the armory and add them as possibilities for people to improve whitelists or kits down the road. The current list for unique weapons per subunit or squad is pretty limited, and while I believe a unit's weapons shouldn't define them, this can't hurt. The only thing I would like to be 100% added is the Dual DC17 Extended's to all BCMD jobs instead of the base DC17 Dual Pistols. The extra rounds and damage are not a huge difference, but they add up over a three month time frame especially when a BCMD like Rex or Fox is seen using these as primaries in Star Wars Media. Lore: N/A Workshop content if applicable: Requires Development (If no workshop content, suggest a developer or put "Require Development") If you are asking to add or change a job, fill out the following if not, leave it out. Add or Change: (Any job modification requires all this information) Job: Slots: Description: Model: (Provide the model string if on server Ex. models/player/synergy/cblake/ls_squad/ls_trp/lstrp.mdl (Get this from the Q menu) Weapons: (If you want a modfication to a weapon/saber you must put the weapon string in the suggestion. Ex. tfa_e5 (Get this from the Q menu)) Other: I'd love to hear people's opinions of what stats the weapons should have if we gut them. Some probably need a damage nerf, some a fire rate nerf. All the weapon strings are below. rw_sw_dc15a rw_sw_dc15le rw_sw_dc15se rw_sw_dual_dc17ext rw_sw_dlt19 rw_sw_westar11 rw_sw_a280c
  14. Your LOA has been logged as COMPLETED. If this is an error and you require more time, please contact a Veteran Admin+ immediately. // LOCKED // MOVED TO LOA - COMPLETED LOA'S
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