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  1. fair enough lmao 3/3/4 I actually had a lot of fun, but I did hear a lot of frustrations. The fog was heavy, the player controlled commando droid blasting through groups of people was uncalled for, and I noticed on countless occasions where people were having droids spawned on top of them (myself included in that bunch.) I know it is difficult to run an event across a whole map with the whole server, but that's why you have to choose a spot, encourage people to gather up, then spawn npcs. I do appreciate the effort that was put into this though, it was fun.
  2. 11/23/2022 wonderful, truly
  3. This is an extremely well written out suggestion, kudos to you. I agree in every aspect, removing things people loved should have never been the way this server operated, it was a negative trait and was generally bad business. I’d even go as far as who gives a fuck if we have an over incumbrance of battalions, our server would have that wide variety people would love. Our server runs the worst I’ve ever seen it in all my time here, which is incredibly weird seeing as we were removing things to help with performance. +1, great suggestion. It’s okay to revert back to things sometimes.
  4. wait were you not already gree? +1
  5. the REAL current state of Doom's Unit
  6. He doesn't know pepeLaugh It's Republic Medics, we used to assign members of the RM battalion to serve as medics in other battalions.
  7. I’m sorry to hear man, reach out if you need anything. Life sucks sometimes but you’ll always get back up, no matter how many times it kicks your ass. Please, be safe. o7
  8. https://www.voicy.network/clips/RMzIHy-mz0KZSQ4uhazFEg

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