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  1. Some of you need to legitimately pray and find faith. I’m sorry to hear that some of you mock worship openly especially in a position of power.
  2. i like to think @Andrews made a good choice to go from CWRP to MRP!
  3. “The new server box will increase performance for Garry Mod” -Jackson @Xaze
  4. Hope the family is doing well, and I hope wherever you are, you are looking down and smiling upon them. Love you buddy.
  5. Whole lotta dick riders in here. God bless +1
  6. From someone who just worked on the 501st it would be extremely unwise for someone who was not part of the restructure to be the person in charge. Silvian has been prep’d and has had ample experience to lead a battalion. -1
  7. yeah that was really funny +1
  8. Sorry to hear, I know that sucked Welcome back!
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