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  1. Sounds like a fantastic idea, obviously it’ll take some time to get going; and new standards would have to be met for the content to be appropriate for certain platforms but I think it’s doable. +1, let’s get some PR started!
  2. Absolutely, Black is an outstanding member of the community and he’s been a very good Rex. The standard he has set today with the 501st numbers (if matched with the rest of the battalions) would supersede our current pop limit on the server. I never do clone shit, but the way he conducts himself in-game and out of game made me want to give it a whirl. +1
  3. Just looking to start out and just play it for fun.
  4. God I fucking knew it’d be you too.
  5. Hey! I have a question for you musically talented individuals out there. I’m looking to start a new hobby and I’ve been super interested in electronic pianos and I want recommendations for starters. I’ve been staring at the Yamaha NP12 mostly because it’s cheap and it’s the first one google came up with, but I just want some opinions from people who might know about this stuff. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Yamaha/NP12-61-Key-Entry-Level-Piaggero-Ultra-Portable-Digital-Piano-White-1500000003555.gc
  6. Bbstine’s Administrative Leave Good day everyone, this announcement comes as a long time coming. I’ve decided I’m going to step back from my positions inside of the administration section, such as Liaison, Forum Moderation, and Discord Moderation. My time in these roles have been absolutely tremendous and I’m honored to have been part of the amazing teams I’m leaving today. Being invited to help create the Liaison team alongside our new leadership was a shock to myself when I was asked 5 seconds before the announcement was made, but exciting nonetheless. I want people to know that the select few in the team were chosen for a reason, and that no matter what you are going through feel free to go to them for anything, and I mean anything. To the Forum Moderation and Administration team, you’re unthanked and ignored but you all strive to make sure people’s eyes don’t have to bleed looking at some of the shit we see. Thanks @Naffen, @Fizzik, and @Sinister. —————————— My farewells will be kept short, but they are people that I hold close to my heart. I have a lot to thank these gentlemen for and I don’t think I’d be able to pay back the kindness they provided by giving me the chances I was given. @ForseenMy Australian friend, we’ve grown closer and closer over time and have become great friends. Hopefully once both of our schedules clear up we can finally get around to tackling a game together all the way through. Hopefully you’ll right the mistakes the previous founders made by not giving me my office after I resign.(please let me keep it :( ) @Jad Jaditional, it’s been a pleasure. You were there for me when I needed it and I appreciate it. You are and still are a great guy who genuinely cares for the people in this community. @Dragon Jewish friend, that nose probably smelled this a million miles away. It’s fucking hilarious fucking with you but you got a good heart, not a lot of people know that. Keep carrying the community and holding it to the standard it deserves alongside the rest of the team. @Square / @MaxwellsYou two are an unthanked bunch, please people give these two the credit they deserve as they slave over the development of the server, you will never see the backend of what they do but it’s intense. When Square yells it means he cares, and when Maxwells is quiet, it means you either stumped his ass or he fell asleep at the keyboard. Good luck to the two of you. —————————— @Fizzik Fizzass, my friend. You are somebody I never excepted to get along with, but I guess the world works in funny ways, you will and always will be one of the guy I call upon for difficulties with my computer or if I wanna play some shitty soccer game. @Woeny You know, before I wrote this post I looked back at all my comments and applications and you were one of the guys who always supported me. You deserve to be where you’re currently at, you do good work with the staff team and the player base and I see no other person better fit to be Management. @PythinConner, I will never regret working the leadership into making you a member of the team, you genuinely care for the Liaison team and I knew that when I would inevitably depart you would step up and take the bull by the horns. You’ve matured up and I’m extremely proud of the person you’ve become. @traditional Trad, you and I are the silent partners, I know at one point you’ve doubted yourself but you got what it takes to do the job. The team wouldn’t be where it is right now if it wasn’t for the silent nights you spent writing up the regulations. @StockingsYou were an unexpected candidate for sure, but glad to have had you on the team. Your inputs are fantastic and the advice you give regarding scenarios are well thought out. Keep up the good work. @ElijahShoutout to the most caring homie in the world, kill it out there in the real world my friend. —————————— I will never fully depart this community, but I know that I’ve achieved as far as I can achieve with my team. It is never truly the end, but I am content with the status that I held and I know when to step back when I know that I’m burnt. All I want to do now is play my video games when I have time with my friends without having to worry about how people feel about me or the work I am doing. See y’all when I see ya.
  7. Hell yeah Elijah, proud of you for taking the step back and working on your dream career. You know you’re always welcome to ask for advice. o7 my friend
  8. Bbstine

    EZ Clap

    gotta cash in our eSports team now
  9. Y’all really be out here exposing yourselves
  10. You don’t gotta take it down, you can just edit the post!
  11. During our testing on our new map when it was being developed it was found that some users with CS Source installed and launched (to get textures) would see the black and purple texture slightly gradient over models; to solve this we simply uninstalled CS Source. If this is the case for you, try that. If not; try what Taz said.
  12. Congratulations you’ve fisted 20,000 guys.
  13. Oh I hate this, why are you capitalizing every word. This is straight villain stuff right here. Anyways here’s a question, how will you make the CIS more accessible other than an advert once in a while? Do you have a more efficient way of bringing people into the faction?
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