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  1. Buzz

    Defcon 1 time

    9/10 No CG last stand in BCC :( Still had fun, watched Dennis yeet a good amount of people with a wrist rocket.
  2. 9/10 There were things we could've done better but for everything else I think we did a good job. Passive RP encounters/events usually get mass trashed at the start but I am seeing a pull to let them breath so to say. To Marvel, Void, and Goda, thank you for RP'ing. As for everyone else, you all did a good job to.
  3. The other thing regarding @Jad's post is to not spend excess money on equipment that will not be useful to you. Look for your best options, multiple vendors as some may have it cheaper than others (trustworthy sites only). Don't underbuild it and don't overbuild it either, find your happy medium otherwise you either spent too much for excessive equipment or spent too much and didn't match your expectations. If you do prebuilds or building your own just keep your eyes open. Prices are starting to decrease but they will be going up again soon *retailier warning* (even more materials will be going up in cost).
  4. Is the application perfect? No, almost every app you'll see someone is blowing smoke somewhere. Is the application the most important part of the process? God no, in all honesty I'd rather just interview the applicants after watching the application. Speaking one to how many are there for the interview seems to be a better factor than reading it. So Guac, you already know what you will do if it does get a little much, I trust in your abilities and I know that you will speak to others regarding any issues if they occur. So with this, I am giving you a +1.
  5. Name: Joker Who helped (If applicable): N/A Event/Encounter Name: 501st's Umbara Stealth Op Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): N/A Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): CIS built a large base that was operating out of Umbara, multiple compounds that were linked. Armed with artillery and controlled by Super Tactical Droid Maloni Did any Bounty Hunters Participate: No
  6. 10/10 Rancor you beat your OWN record again... Can you beat 30 Seconds before going loud? < Not bashing, I thought it was funny, it may be lore now. No matter which way that event went, I would've had fun either way. These kinds of deployments are the deployments I look forwards to.
  7. 8/10, I kept sniping those commando droids and they never knew where from
  8. +9/10 I enjoyed assisting in the setup, I added a little bit more with it with Greivous' ship being there, it would've been fine if it wouldn't have been engaged. I had fun though, Bro kicked my ass when I was Grievous but I had a blast. I didn't want to go full beyblade on everyone so I avoided being in contact with you all at once so. If I wasn't present enough I do apologize, I tried to reach each side of the map in a timely manner. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.
  9. Where do I even start? Where were these events awhile back? This is probably one of the only events that I have fully enjoyed as it had PURPOSE, it was not just some random topic that was whipped up in 30 minutes to "get people active." Man, I was fully immersed even the time I got lost and ran into Omega and Boss in a spot I wasn't supposed to meet them and just scuffled out like a kid that got in trouble in class. All I have to say is 9/10... I want more...
  10. +1 Just ensure your priorities are straight, life > gmod staff :)
  11. RP Name: 41stEC REGL ARC Captain Joker Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:52465724 VIP (Y/N): YES Age: 21 (woo hoo) Timezone: Central Standard Time What was your previous staff rank?: (CWRP - SA) (MRP - HA) Are you currently staff on a different server?: Nope Why did you leave the staff team?: I had hellish hours at work 70+ hours a week (I was a lone manager in retail) Why do you want to rejoin the staff team? (3 sentence minimum): Since my work weeks are finally semi-normal I have a little more time to myself so I'd like to rejoin and help around whenever I can. I enjoyed the opportunities and being able to help others and host some sort of event to keep things active is what I loved the most, I still do, I don't have any personal gain, I don't plan on being higher than VA, if I get it oh well. I want to rejoin because of being able to help with late nights or days that drag as nothing happens due to everyone having a different schedule, it'll give them something to do, and it will also give me something to do on my days off (they tend to get boring). The people I first met when I joined staff for the first time way back when most of them gone besides Woeny, we had fun doing events, making it challenging and also giving you guys options of what path to go, I feel I can do it again and have fun while doing it. How do you feel your previous time as a staff member went? (3 sentence minimum): I didn't get much time to do much when I was staff as I was dealing with a situation at work so it limited my activity so I stepped away. I thought I was doing good with helping others, took tickets, assisted in situations most wouldn't want to be involved, honestly, the previous time was my best time, I got to work alongside the Liaisons and Jad on many occasions, helped in some greatly planned events, and just took it how it was, I simply enjoyed it instead of acting it was a job. It isn't, it is voluntary so I didn't mind it. Do you understand by re-applying to get your previous rank back that you will be tested on your knowledge of the server rules and practices?: Yes Former Experiences: CWRP: NA-SA MRP: NA-VA-HA History of MRP: During the planning stages I had the opportunity thanks to Square, Sinister, and Andrews to partake in a lot of testing of models, kits, maps, and a whole much more. When we were getting ready for launch I stepped up as a NA to get a lot of the text screens set up for the training areas for both the United States and Russian factions, I was set to VA so I could spawn the items and get it perma propped. I continued my work through documents and communicated with the HA's that were there at the time along with the other staff so they were updated. I would spend countless hours sitting in voice calls getting feedback so I could update anything that didn't look correct, grammar, fragment sentences, locations, all that jazz. After being VA for awhile I was moved to HA and spent the time with Sinister running MRP to the best of our abilities, there was a time where it was only Sinister and myself as High Staff so it was stressful but we communicated with each other and to the others. I then had the pleasure of watching Bruno get HA and probably the biggest memer, Pythin getting HA. Unfortunately it didn't last as long as we would've hoped but I thank Square and Sinister for the opportunity when it arose, it changed my outlook on a lot of things.
  12. 9/10 I had fun, it wasn't easy but it wasn't hard. Well thought out. I got to flank the droids.
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