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  1. This is a post I never thought I'd make, but here it is. I've decided this is it for me. I ask myself all the time how people could just drop this place with the snap of their fingers. I took a good minute to think and damn. It kind of is that easy. I've been here 5 years 4 months 26 days. My longest break was 17 days. Sad, I know. I think only Square and Jad beat me right now in terms of being a constant part of the community. Anyways I have some @'s to do. @Ollie_ @Agua @Dennis @Vango day ones. @blazin I never had more fun teaching someone about the servers history. Lifelong right there. @Crimson My only regret is I couldn't perma blacklist you from SOBDE so you would leave with me. @Baron @Scarecrow @Ratio Scarecrow was my first BCMD btw. Love that man. Baron, I'm following your lead. Stage 3 of Leven Tryouts: Resign. Ratio, dumb this post. @Gohn@Rohan@Gurk Best EUs. Gurk go for BCMD. Gohn thanks for valuing me. Rohan plz don't leak the clips. Let me resign in peace. @Marvel I appreciate you taking time out of your day to talk to me about anything I was rambling about. You helped me out and understand a lot. So thanks for being a good support line. Also my forum signature go HARD. @Gears I'm glad we could fight side by side for a bit. I have a great deal of respect for you. @Jad@Square@Xaze I haven't held any positions high enough for me to fully understand the work you all do. But I know that Synergy wouldn't be alive without the things y'all had to sacrifice. I appreciate you all immensely for making this a place I wanted to be in and work on for the last 5 years. This is my clone advisor request. @KaiserNeiner Honestly dude, I didn't expect you to still be HA after all the stuff brought up to Gohn / Ollie / Marvel. But damn. You resilient as fuck. I respect that. That medal storage drive must be full as fuck. @Gohn@Marvel@Ollie_ Y'all crazy as fuck for not doing a single thing to this guy. @Mystic I will still be in TS to support your eventual Yoda term. @ Null. All of my current members and past members. It was a pleasure. @ SOBDE. I hate all of you. Except Null. If you weren't listed, don't worry. DM me I'll give you a farewell message. Well this is it. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the laughs.
  2. Words do not express my sadness in seeing this post. I lost another of the very few I trust fully and like a whole lot. I never thought a coin flip would lead to this. Get some rest bro.
  3. Shoutout to @blazin for helping coordinate with me the whole time. We would not of survived.
  4. So this is what it feels like to be an old head. Overall Knight, we have worked together before, on top of that you did wonders for CG and I believe you will do well here. Plus your insight would do wonders with this group of HC +1
  5. +1 has the mentality and temperament to do well with this
  6. RP Name: Brooklyn Steam Name: Brooklyn Steam ID32: Steam_0:0:196195559 Playtime on Garry's Mod: about 13k Playtime on SynergyRP: about 13k Age: 24 Timezone: CST Please list all your previous experience as a developer (Include as much as required): I haven’t had any legitimate positions as a developer, but there have been occasions where I have been asked to give input or test things. - bug testing new maps - bug testing force abilities - bug testing LVS - assisting in some capacity to future updates These are just a few of the things I can remember. Please send your Github or Portofilio page (If you have one): I don’t have one Do you have any previous being a developer on Garry's Mod?: Negative How much time could you dedicate a week to development?: I’m available pretty much every day. So around 30-40 hours.
  7. RP Name: Brooklyn Battalion: SOBDE Who is in command until you return?: Rohan Length of Absence: 11 days?
  8. Brooklyn


    Orange juice, pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs
  9. Dog literally make a decision. You resigned like 7 weeks later. +1 Last time I do this
  10. Very bad application. Also I disagree with some of the recent policies you have implemented. It seems you have only done things to make it look like you are making a difference. But there hasn't been any testing phases or anything for what you have done. Your time as Guild Lead is comparable to your predecessor. One in which the rest of leadership carries the weigh of the faction. I would consider voiding and looking back on things that worked and things that haven't. Cause right now it seems you are lost. -1
  11. This app is extremely bare for the plans you have. 1. What big agenda will define your term? AKA what is your big change to the faction? What will leave your mark? 2. The other day, a base raid was conducted by a marshal, which isn't in their power, but then a day later was promoted to LT. To put the question bluntly, is this how rule breakers are gonna be handled? (If I don't have all the info on this correct me) 3. I don't think you should resign from Vice Admiral, is it is everyone's right to hold 2 positions at max, which you do, but how to you intend to balance the workload between them? 4. Do you intend to make any economy changes? How would you rework it? What are they? What else is part of this list? I feel this question wasn't really answered. Paragraph 1 you basically stated how to change contracts. Paragraph 2 was not really a server thing only a Senate thing. Paragraph 3 was getting hunters involved with GMs. My question is, how are you going to better relations between the Civ Faction, with the Jedi / Naval / Clone faction?
  12. Don't really have any questions as we have talked before. As long as you keep the snap streak going im fine +1
  13. Name: Brooklyn RP Rank: BCMD Suggestion: Buff the kyber rifle from its current state. Or find a way to bring the EMP ability back. Or replace it with another weapon. Implementation: Idk do some cool dev stuff and code that mf. Lore: Not required Workshop content if applicable: Already on server Now a lot of you might be thinking “oh wow the 1% wants to be stronger.” Nah I just paid 800mil for a gun that works only when certain conditions are met. The conditions: - Must hit behind the target while they look away from the blast - direct hits work half the time - LVS vehicles no longer emp - vehicles tank shots (can’t kill a landspeeder) The cons are outweighing the pros of this gun and this point.
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