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  1. -1 Really bad idea, but keep the Tradition going!
  2. 10/10 for Fun 4/10 for the structure of the event and how it went down. there were a lot of little errors that could have been worked out, as well as some holes in your plot of the story. All in all if you could wring those out, then your next one could be great!
  3. @Conrad Mass Effect Legendary Edition
  4. 8/10 Actually not bad tbh Next time I would try and develop the story more. That is all
  5. 8/10 Really Solid Event, knew what you were doing, and really did a good job experimenting.
  6. +1 Probably the most dedicated leader the guild has had
  7. Unfortunately your application has been DENIED. You will be contacted by a Director or relevant High Command for your denial reason. You may apply for another commander positions after 30 DAYS from this post. // LOCKED // MOVED TO COMMANDER APPLICATIONS - DENIED
  8. Congratulations! Your application for the position you applied for has been ACCEPTED! Your term will end 3 MONTHS after this post. Good luck! // LOCKED // MOVED TO COMMANDER APPLICATIONS - ACCEPTED
  9. Pwus Wone Bwooky Wooky gonna do Gwood has experience, and knows what to do
  10. +1 Burnout gonna come real quick. Either way I think you’ll do a good job. You know what your doing, and can really help out 501st
  11. Question Answered
  12. @Bacta I can answer your questions next time you are in TS!
  13. +1 I think you’ll do great!
  14. I see how it is anyway gl out there Tino. I know you’ll do great, and if you ever need a person to talk to about anything, I’m here. Don’t be a stranger!
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