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    Name: Bacta Who helped (If applicable): Maestro and Dono Event/Encounter Name: Shield Shuffle Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): they trust the trench
  2. +1 both canidiates would do good in their positions im confident in the server leadership to choose there preffered pic they both have shown EXCELLENT results. It will all come down to the interview
  3. Name: Bacta Who helped (If applicable): B Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): new clones found by the CIs after stealing ordo data what will happen?
  4. Take it easy homie, you were a true G and a excellent GMM And HA dont be a stranger ❤️
  5. At this point I’ll organize the team
  6. thank you for your criticsms!
  7. can you give more to the rating?
  8. Name: Bactav Helpers: Luther Event/Encounter Name: 2ndAC deployment Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): 2ndac fought in a grusome battle that killed many
  9. +1 The Chad Gregor V The beta Ion Climber
  10. Name: Bacta Who helped (If applicable): whataburger Event/Encounter Name: I hit my head 50 times Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): N/A Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): 612th did terrorists
  11. In those months I have grown more into the server, my inital reluctance into the position was that i wasn't to sure that i wanted to stay in the server long term, I left my previous server and wasnt really interested in being to invested, through the months or so i gained much better view on the leaderships in a sense, it most likely started with me becoming a GMO and achieving Senior officer where i really was more motivated to pursue the positions to me I didnt wanna jump into something i wasnt fully committed to. My dedication has been insane for 212th, i have joind the battalion around late august and im soon to have my 1 year, through my entire time on the server the only consistent thing was 212th, i would never wanna leave it. Dooku and Cody are gonna be radiclly different, as being Dooku was me trying to revive and make a faction succesful for Cody it wont be as taxing or stressfull. My activity has been going strong even with long hours, and with me having a less taxing job i belive it will still shoot, at max im hitting 140 hours every 2 weeks and at minumum 100 hours, i have a extremly stable life so i should be fine. WO currently have a exclusive channel connection between the HC and the WO where they can talk freely, i plan to utilize this alot more during my term to see it. In general I want to ensure the WO is still being lead by the senior officer core but able to communicate with the HC. I think rn with the WO chat leads a good balance, and giving them the task to fill out battalion reiviews at the end of their term they should have enough to do in general with what they want. For future WO changes i do plan on asking hte officer core and consulting everyone to ensure we are all on the same page as the role seems to change so much people cant keep track of it. Thank you for your comments as always zen! I’m typing this on my phone and i will expand more points once im off my shift
  12. In general my idea for the NCO core is to ensure everything is smooth sailing, I will do my best to work with the intel team to make the infamous ATS document that outlienes trainings, in general i hope that in my term i can push NCOs to actually get on and be excited for trainings something that has been laking by giving rewards and such. In general I think the NCO core is doing fine thouh, looking at our recruitments we are a steady pace the only thing that i will be focusing on is the trainings and ensuring standards will maintain high to ensure things are happening. With this pushing for them to do more regimenetal and subunit work will go along way entertaining the core overall.
  13. Steam Name: Bacta RP Name: GCXO REGL Commander Eyeball RP Rank: Commander of the 7th Sky Corps Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:91592661 Battalion or squad you are applying for: 212th BCMD Experience: I would like to outline before that Synergy isn’t my first server, I played on another server for around 3 years before recently leaving it mid 2020. 327th HVY SGT Bacta [2019 SYNERGY] This was my first position on the server. I joined it under the heel end of 2019 in 327th led by Poe at the time. I had an absolute blast with a lot of people like Omama, Lunch, Corvo, etc. I sadly left it as I was decently busy with the other server politics but I left with the intention to come back one day. Please don't count this as a real experience I just like putting this here as during this position it was purely getting on to have fun, I had such a blast meeting new people. 212th [9/26/2020] PVT-CMD I will go down here with general confidence, I joined 212th in a VERY rough spot . At that time it was the heel end of Comics’ Cody term and there were only a few people regularly online, this gave me a lot of motivation to help the battalion by being a good NCO. During that time I did 100% into my position with the 212th, as an officer I pushed for a lot of new ideas and genuinely put my all in all into every action I attempted to push into 212th. Currently as a commander a lot of my focus is helping general functions like WO and such with this I am also a part of the general document team managing a lot of docs at the same time ensuring they are all kept. 212th is my home and will continue to be home for the foreseeable future, I have genuine love and respect for everyone there and I'm proud of everything I have applied into the battalion and excited to see it grow even father getting MEDL and being all these positions taught me alot, Im thankful everyday to be apart of a great battalion like 212th, it taught me alot about battalion structure and what to do Here I will be laying a new update of what happened during my last application process (Dooku). During this time I continued to rise through the ranks of the battalion achieving REGL | CMD at the Graduation day of my school! Since then I have been hard at work on working on myself in the battalion to make myself into the BCMD mindset preparing myself for this position. I was then given Waxer, which has been a dream lore character since my first day on the server. I love his character, armour and design. Getting him was one of my best achievements I could get on the server and in general will be remembered for a long time. With Carson stepping down I was appointed GCXO (Acting Lead). I revamped the tryout working with Wren & Striker, establishing a new lead for the general community. I have filled up GC with highly competent members and throughout my time set up good leadership skills and trained them to lead GC after I am finished in general. Why should you become a Battalion Commander?: Attitude I have an extremely positive attitude that constantly loves talking to new people. In TeamSpeak I'm talking to almost all the enlisted trying to know as much as possible about them. It may sound creepy but to me it forms a connection for both of us and makes them want to come back more. I have made super personal connections by my attitude. Throughout my time on the server I have been able to reach new heights with my connections to people and my ability to talk to alot of people. Ability to Improve We are all humans RADICALLY flawed, I have a lot of flaws, sometimes I jump to conclusions or I'm too stubborn on an issue, on synergy with the past couple months or so I have been working on myself to improve and admit when I'm wrong and such. This is basic for most leadership roles to have a good way of moving forward and having the best positive action possible, Experience I am a decently experienced person on SWRP, I have been playing SWRP as a game mode from 2017 and have seen all walks of it. The birth of a server and death of a server, I have seen radically high standards and have seen radically low standards. In general I feel that I use this to my advantage and ability to work with others. This goes in line with how I utilize the legacy system (Mainly in 212th). Using the past as a guide to shape the future to see what worked before and editing them for the future. Thirst for Knowledge This may sound weird but I'm constantly looking for stuff to do and research. If you look at my forums account you can see my looking at Synergy past analyzing and seeing. I keep tabs on all the battalions of the server to see what they're doing and seeing how we look as a battalion. The idea of me not knowing exactly what is going on bugs me. My thirst for knowledge motivates me to be the BEST person with knowledge to know it, ask any leadership position I'm appointed to. I do my research fully into the subject and ask thousands of questions to understand everything. Do you understand the lore of your battalion or squad?: Yes I love star wars The 212th was a huge battalion in the war under the command of CC-2224 trained by Alpha 17 Commander Cody led by General Kenobi. In lore the biggest companies were Ghost Company and 2ndAC. Ghost Company were the elite of the elite of 212th specializing in urban warfare. Ghost Company was Cody’s personal best of 212th like Waxer and Boil. 212th fought with 501st in many battles working with them alot. 2ndAC specialize in para dropping, able to come into hot zones utilizing their parachutes to fight down. Their most notable battles were the 2nd Battle of GEO, the siege of Ryloth and Umbara where Waxer died. Availability: I work at a restaurant but am getting a new job very soon where I will have even more free time. The only time I'm not on my computer is either work or when I start college in August. Other than that I'm extremely flexible with my PST time zone and able to cover most time zones I would say. I have a crippling addiction to discord so I should be able to use it 24/7 while being in game I should be able to clock at LEAST 5 hours everyday, Estimate of how long you've played on Synergy Roleplay?: Bacta has played for 1838:40:40. Do you have a microphone?: A shitty laptop one yes Where do you want your battalion or squad to be at the end of your term?: Stability As always I think 212th needs to constantly be in a stable state throughout its entire time. This comes into the idea of “If all of HC would go on LOA, will the battalion be stable?” That is the question during my term will be answered with a confident YES. I want to ensure and push for officer indepence by giving them duties (Expanded on next topic) and ensure HC doesent take up too much power in the battalion to the point where it's top heavy. I will be also looking closely into our subunits in the 212th to ensure that they are in confident positions with their leadership and their progression system. Expanding Officer Duties and giving power to them The Officer role has always been something that has been struggled with people, some people thrive in the position but 212th has had issues for the past couple codys where being an officer is extremely boring. To me as Cody I will be ensuring my officers will be officers by giving them opinions about subjects, power, and the management position in more things. As someone who has sat in HC meetings, a lot of the decisionsions that have been made could be bleed down to the officer corps easily to have an easier form of communication. I think this can easily translate with new systems like officer voting to give them power to vote on changes in 1 area in the discord. With this giving the officers duties to do every week could motivate them for more things. Spring Cleaning 212th is a old ass battalion with the systems. a lot of our leadership is from older positions like GC | HC of the battalion. When I am appointed Cody I will be tackling into looking at all outlooks of the battalion and modernizing them, this will take a week or two but I will be reviewing all subjects of the battalion (Tryouts, Trainings, Rules etc) and ensuring they are all fully up to date with current information and question if they need to be updated. We have a lot of rules like bodygroup rules from 2017 and while I’m not saying to remove them, I just want the officer team to look at them and evaluate them to ensure it meets our standards today. Take this section as “I plan to modernize a lot of the battalion and ensure everyone is on the same page”. Things like the drill team, ensuring what it takes to promote an officer (Subunit/regiment working counting towards promotions is a very big debate currently), etc. have all been up in the air for a while in HC meetings. I want to catch them from the air and set it in stone to ensure the battalion can move forward with a positive mentality. Monthly Battalion Reviews This has been an idea I have been toying with and seeing as the battalion has a lot of monthly/bi-weekly things to do (Choosing a new WO, Monthly Evaluations, etc. take a bulk of the senior officer time). Something that the entire battalion can work together on is making monthly battalion reviews, this will be a document outlining the changes in the battalion and reviewing the battalion goals with stats. This will be an excellent way of a benchmark for the battalion to reflect on how the month was and how to move forward in a PUBLIC way to show the battalion is open with what we want. I can see this as positive as a NCO opens the doc seeing the officer corps wants more joint trainings (Example), it's a clear and easy way to see exactly what the officer corps is looking for their NCOS, this could be given as the final job of the WO to write it possibly Rewarding Roleplay 212th has such a wide variety of roleplay that it can achieve. Throughout my time as Cody I will spark roleplay sessions to ensure the battalion understands and takes pride in the roleplay we do. My best time on the server was in order 66 RP with GC where Lyonaxis took 2 GC hostage. It was a great time with me and Striker hunting them down as the bad guys. I want to expand this into 2ndAC with their hatred for omega squad and mandalorian culture, and putting into Red Squadron with them fixing ships. These things will motivate people to expand on it, making a better battalion. For the first couple weeks of my Cody term I am 100% certain I will spark roleplay scenarios with the battalion to make it where people have the excitement to spark on their own. Do you understand that if you go inactive that you will be removed from your position?: Yes. Si, Our, Ja, Evetm, Nai Do you understand that your position has a three month term limit and you must reapply after three months to maintain your commander rank?: Yes. Si, Our, Ja,Evetm, Nai
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