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  1. +1 Best pick for Guild Leader
  2. o7, love you dawg and stay safe. It sucks you got 212th foxtrot removed though
  3. Name: Toaster Staff Rank: Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:460411068 Length of LOA/ROA (Please specify date if possible): 8/8/2022 - 8/20/2022 Reason: Something happened recently and I need some time to clear my mind, very sorry for being vague. Do you understand that if you go LOA/ROA on a named Jedi Character for more than two weeks, go on LOA/ROA on any RC character, or go LOA/ROA while being clone commander, you will be removed from that position:yes Do you understand that if you are going on LOA/ROA for more than two weeks you may lose your leadership position?:yes
  4. 4/5/3 Only had 24 hours to pre-plan but still turned out fun.
  5. +1 Dono has the skill and dedication needed to revive naval, he's already shown great work with enforcing more roleplay in the server I see a lot of potential in Dono as Admiral
  6. +1 Stix is extremely capable and could uphold the standards/duty of regimental with ease.
  7. I'll be applying for Yoda in your absence 💔
  8. +1, I spoke with you about it and after reading the entire app and all the responses I trust you could do a lot as Yoda.
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