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  1. I dont think thats the case on this map. I don't believe Bananakin maxed out his brushes. As far as i know the void on Onderon existed due to the barrier between layers 1 and 2. So it was simply accidental when created. If its possible +1. I highly doubt it would impact performance noticeably aside from the dupes that will be spawned in down there.
  2. There is alt detection no? If it didn't go off no point in banning for an alt. Otherwise the ban seems valid man. Have fun waiting out your 5 days.
  3. For now id recommend removing everything from your storage device and placing it in the storage holocron. That way they could just do an inventory wipe. No idea if selective removals are a thing
  4. I think you are completely messed up in this response. I never said it was like lightsabers. Rhino stance is the default Gmod swing animation. Rhino stance is a nickname term for what our lightsaber system used to be. If you dont want to use it for damage why does it need 100 damage??? If you dont need it for arrests why do you need it over a baton with better range? You strictly want this for prisoner escort RP that barely happens and even in those scenarios youre generally escorted by the 60+ people on server. There isn't a reason for this. You're better off making a suggestion to give DS all stun guns and up the quality in the subunit.
  5. -1. You have stun guns and batons. The range on the staff would be worse than the baton if you wanted to use it for an arrest function. 100 damage on what is essentially a rhino stance lightsaber would be lowkey a stupid OP subunit weapon. Not to mention Especially for a clone with 300 HP who cant get close enough to use it. RP wise you shouldn't even really need this.
  6. these 5/5/5 drones are actually insane. No way you give a 5 for performance alone. 3 - I'm sure you put effort into it but the execution was poor and the crashes just made it worse. Very little comms RP or direction was given and it seemed like this surprise deployment was a surprise to the GMs as well. 3 - lack of NPCs due to the poor map choice, no direction was given to the troopers and there was a lot of standing around with no purpose. 1 - the crashes were crazy, Sub 30 FPS the whole deployment and our ping was a consistent 230+
  7. its not bias, its working with friends!
  8. I have a question. One of your High Council members by the name of Mystic or Kaster Molin is quite inactive. How do you plan to move on with this? He has been seen very little by the lower echelons. Seriously though +1. Blazin has been a pillar in Jedi for abit now. He is very clearly the success Don’t flunk your interview
  9. I'm curious. After your recent removal from Guardian Lead how will you handle this any differently?
  10. Everyone has errors in their console. It's just how it is. If you're not experiencing missing textures/anything wrong with your game youre fine to just let it be.
  11. He has the support of 3 High Council members and it only requires Council+ approval.
  12. You can actually choose to not install things, my average ARK size is probably close to 70-80 gigs usually. There is also a technique online to further compress the game into about 30-40 gigs due to the poor ass optimization they used, It essentially compresses files until the game needs them/optimizes the asset files they use. It was a pretty popular trick back on Guild Wars 2 (if the embed/link isn't allowed to stay feel free to remove/edit my comment or hide it until i change it. Just wanted to link a reference, nothin else)
  13. If they plan to add $$$ items then it makes sense for ASA since it has longevity and sustainability/support.
  14. It varies from person to person depending on driver versions, installed applications in the background, region etc. It's definitely a game that can run well. The reviews are a good reflection of the game right now. Majority of even the newest reviews flocking in are still negative. I just find its hardly ideal to make people pay 25 for a graphics update or 35 if they didnt own the game prior. However i see the benefit of ASA if you guys plan to add purchasables. Is that a possibility? Sorry for the questions. I do remember the original Synergy ARK server, just never played it so i am unsure of how it ran in the past
  15. ah gotcha. Honestly i'm for either, but i do think that going ASA is a bad route for the meantime. That's all i had feedback wise, my fault.
  16. I assume with NXCore.gg that wouldn't be too much of an issue? Unless they dont support ARK. I just think that ASA is really just a graphics update. Alot of the issues from ASE are still prevalent
  17. ASA is garbage. ASE would still be the better bet. ASA has too many performance issues alot of the people here wouldn't be able to play it.
  18. you can still cross branch. You have a few leftover points to split among other trees, and can have up to 400 lightsaber damage with the right spread of sentinel/shadow. if this is just a suggestion to allow people to crossbranch further i dont really understand the point. Jedi already has the HP and Damage to make it better than clone. Add onto instant heals and invincibility moves such as Force Absorb, i think its why its been so limited
  19. Bad take. At no point should anyone be able to full max 2 skill trees. That's broken as fuck. +1 so long as it doesnt let you fully go down 2 trees. Comboing things like Sentinel and Consular or Shadow and Consular would be busted
  20. Gameplay 2; From the clone side of things this was fairly boring. We shot and shot and shot. I spent more money on ammo that deployment than i have on any other deployment. i and many others lost interest in shooting 1 deathwatch for 5 minutes. Had 2 DW take 3 PLX rockets to kill (1000 damage per shot) and 1 1/2 clips of the XM4S (261 damage per shot) to kill 1. Care and Effort 4: Seems like there was RP and purpose on the Jedi side of things. Clone's weren't excluded but it was hard to participate when we were just the cannon fodder. The bullet sponges were honestly the worst part. Fix that and the event would've been much better 3; Performance was bleh in large fights but thats just Synergy.
  21. 100000% sure. Had this hilt since my time as Cin Drallig in 22. This is something i wouldn't let go of.
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