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Wolfro's Staff Resignation

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Name: Wolfro

Steam ID:  Its on Record

Staff Rank: Director

Are you VIP?: Yes

Date: 20Mar21

Reason for leaving: Some family stuff came up that requires more of my attention more then ever.

Farewell's: I want to thank the community for the support through the good and bad times and giving me the opportunity to serve in this aspect I would like to also state I tried my best to be fair and impartial when it came to things I know it wasn't always the easy path but I enjoyed it none the less. Thank you all for the good times I will still be around but for now my family needs me I believe you guys are in good hands with a Strong HA team that supports one another and a good director in Gears.  I wish you all the best and thank you once again.  Special thanks to Forseen for bringing me back and giving me the opportunity to achieve a coveted position with in the community. I will still be available via discord and also look forward to still playing on the server. I want to thank all of staff from top to bottom it was a pleasure to work with you all.


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Damn o7

I hope whatever is happening with your family get's better. You did a good job as Director

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You did a good job Wolfro. 

Thanks for all you did

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Thank you Wolfro for all of your assistance in 21st. Back when I was an MAJ to LTC, you have believed in me and sadly, I failed you tbh. But now, I am gonna bounce back and hopefully repay you when you come back handsomely. 

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  • Community Coordinator

O7 Friend
Thank you for all the hard work you put into this community

Hope to see you around still Cash :D

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o7. Thank your servers. You are a good friend and mentor. Thank you for everything you done for me and the server. <3

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o7 brother, an amazing dude and a good Director. Best of luck in whatever comes after, have a good one my man.

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You really were like a mentor to everyone beneath you. Literally the biggest dad. Doesn't surprise me that you're resigning because of family stuff, but I wish you the best of luck. The server's gonna miss ya.

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Wolfro from the time Ive met you in 21st, to you staff training me to be SA while you were HA, and me and you interacting with each other in 21st you have always and still are the one of the most beloved and most energetic person I have ever met in the community. We wish you the best of luck and take good care of your family. Screw video games and live life man. 

Thank you for everytbing you did for as long as long as I have known you as Head Admin to Director

I’ll see you on the other side!


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Genuinely very sorry to see you go, but I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. You were a brilliant Director, and I had the utmost respect for you both as a leader and as a person. o7 Wolfro. 

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I was A'den for 2 days which was cool

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I didnt know you at all when you came back. But im glad I got to know you. You're a kind person and a approachable guy and you're always willing to help. You're going to be missed my friend and I hope to see you soon.

Best of luck:peeposalute:

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o7 wolfro thank you for the work and dedication you brought you were my mentor and a person I can always count on I hope your family situation turns out alright 

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Looks like people are gonna have to got to @Gears for there staff of the week money now.


o7 my guy, you did good work and was always a pleasure to work with.


I hope your personal life can be sorted out swiftly and easily. You will always he welcome here if you wish to return, mate.

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o7 holy shit I just saw this. Man, I just shouted out loud in sadness :(. You were greatest partner I could ask for, it really sucks that this is the end and I cannot thank you enough for the help you gave me and the staff team. The team has a massive hole that will never be completely replace. I shed a tear for you man. Love you brother. Stay safe <3

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Damn man, it sucks to see you go.

I’ve only had positive interactions with you in my time on server. I would of loved to have had you as my director partner and I’m sure gears and Woeny loved working with you.

o7 thanks for all you have contributed to the team wolfro

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You were a mentor for a lot of people, including myself. I was sad to hear that you stepped out of your position, but life is way more important than what we do here. Live well, take care of your kids, and continue to be you. I'm sure a Foxtrot spot will open up sooner or later >:)

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Has your hair grown back yet? 

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  • Founder

Nice working with you man. Appreciate all the effort you put into bettering the community. You will be missed. Hope everything works out at home. 

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o7. Best SO Commander Jet

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I really enjoyed your presence in 212th and in Jedi. Hope things will work out well for you


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o7 One of the best on the server and off a father figure and a role model someone i like to call a true friend that has always gave advice and tried his best to tell me what he thought was good Be safe man and hope to see ya around!

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