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  1. @AlbaberPlease create a store support ticket https://synergyroleplay.com/forums/forum/294-store-support/
  2. Please keep in mind that the cap for jobs in a single battalion is 20. Rancor is currently at 17, meaning 3 jobs would need to be removed to accommodate this addition. Please also keep in mind that main battalion jobs are standardized and would be nearly impossible to exchange for subunit jobs.
  3. Yesterday, 7/17/21, both the ZX Wrist Flamethrower and the Wrist Flame were wiped from all player. This was in order to both consolidate the weapons to just one and because the ZX Wrist Flamethrower was causing some errors in game. Due to the lower than expected amount of store support tickets entered to get the weapon back, we decided a forum post would be a good idea to help get the word out more. If you have purchased the ZX Wrist Flamethrower or the Wrist Flame, or have had it purchased for you please enter a store support ticket so it can be reassigned. You do not need to do this again if you have done so after the announcement yesterday. In addition, if you do not know the exact date of purchase you can leave it blank or put "I don't know". https://synergyroleplay.com/forums/forum/294-store-support/
  4. You need to set your resolution to 1920x1080. That will fix it.
  5. Logic Logic was recently put back onto the Community ban list. He was informed that any minor incidents within 3 months of his appeal would be an automatic and instant re-addition to this list. In addition to that stipulation any major offence or a continuous pattern of toxicity or drama across any/all of Synergy's Platforms could also constitute a re-addition to this list. After close examination by the Founder team it has been deemed that Logic was in violation of the second stipulation of his unban. Across both the forums and various community discords, Logic has shown that he has fallen back into his old ways of toxic behavior. If you have any questions please feel free to talk with a member of high staff or the Liaison team.
  6. o7. One of the best directors I've ever worked with
  7. @justuscloud5 You don't need my permission to put this up I told you if you wanted to add it to make a suggestion :p
  8. That's a feature bro. Not a bug. also @Forseen
  9. Congrats my Dude. Good luck in your studies
  10. It is being worked on but to my understanding it is very difficult to get done as it is built into the source code of the game. @Maxwellsis working on a fix.
  11. So you are referring to the Forum bundle not the TS bundle If you look at what is provided the Bundle includes an extra item that is not available unless you get the bundle. That is why it is more money than just buying the three individual packages. @Craigary
  12. Dragon


    Question Answered
  13. Our current time frame for the names is through the 31st After that it may not be available
  14. Dragon


    Coming SoonTM To a Map Near You
  15. 9/10 - Amazing voice acting and great story.
  16. Bug Type (Server:): Missing Weapon Severity level (1-3): 1 Evidence (if you can): Its not on the job Description of the bug: F-187 Fusion cutter is not on the Rancor Pilot Job, alydus_fusioncutter How can we recreate it: Go on the Job
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