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  1. +1 the first XO barriss offer and one of my pillars during my time as bcmd.
  2. +1 this man helped me so much with 41st and the times I couldn't be there. The least I can do for everything he's helped me with is +1
  3. I could never forget the legend of beast the 2nd assasin lord
  4. +1 shpack you have wanted to be gree for a long time and in my absence and with the guide of more senior members of the community I think you will be a good gree. Dont let me down my friend, you have a lot of promise.
  5. Battalion: 41st Elite Corps RP Name: Battalion Commander Gree Date: 8/15/2021 Reason: In my fuil resignation Goodbyes: in my full resignation
  6. I'm gonna be honest I'm tired, I've been apart of this community for 3 years now and I'm burned out and don't have the drive to continue anymore. I'm moving on in life, when I first came to this community I was a deeply depressed 15 year old who was in the process of losing his mother, that hid everything with a veil of cynical remarks and extremely edgy black humor. Now, I'm 17 and heading off to college to make something of myself, and not to regress to what I was 2 years ago. This server brought me some of my closest friends and taught me lessons in life I wouldn't expect but no good thing can last forever in this world. Some of you may know me for my actions 2 years ago or for my actions in the past year and a half, and still through everything I've done I'm at least glad to know that people remember me in game for me and not my characters I have played, although it has and will lead to me most likely never really getting recognition for my performance as a leader in said positions, but at least I know in my heart I did well in them and had fun from Wrath to now finally Gree. As much as i wish to continue as Gree I neither have the drive nor time to be on the server in game and giving the 41st my support, and I can not hold a position I took up to save the battalion from the hole it was in 6 months ago. I'm not great with goodbyes and I most likely will stay in contact with some of you, but its best to say goodbye in case of disconnection between people or the worst happens to someone. @Tinoviousyou scottish fucker, we started here 2 years ago, now approaching 3 and funnily enough leaving together, you have helped so much from family tragedies to just being a friend everyday thank you my friend @Loopy NewbyHaven't talked to you in a while but i still consider you a friend @Tripolihmu you ingrate @BaronYou deserved commander and don't tell yourself you didnt, you have been a great friend and a great commander, you have done more than most in this community and are a constant voice of reason @Stockingsyou were the best XO and I wouldn't have been able to make it this far without you, thank you for everything @ShpackGree will hopefully be yours next, run the battalion how you like but don't abandon everything we have spent the last 6 months building, learn from my successes and mistakes to do better than me, but if you ever need help in the future I will come and help you and the 41st @Sixtayou were a great commander and XO and always stuck to your guns and helped me see faults in my decisions and always helped with getting things done @StixI did not forget your @ at all, you were the best jedi general ive ever worked with and a great friend that helped me through a lot of the thought Ines of my term @Donobased Redpilled and a true gamer. @Brooklyn Both times I have promoted you to XO, you fucked me you filthy shitter, but anyway stay in contact and do well with 104th @Satanyou are a filthy degenerate and a great friend, dont ever mix up your hard drives @KillernullXiao you are retarded but you are a good leader but you put yourself down too much do well as Faie I believe in you @Crimsonim sorry I almost got you cancelled a while back @Mitchellhmu when your in florida @Bleachthank you my fellow zero two appreciater @EggI never tried to make myself the next you, but I hope I did well enough to be able to be seen as a good gree and not just your replacement and that you finally have enjoyed retirement from this server @Dragon you have helped me from staff to leading over the past 2 years, you have always shot straight and shown that the server should be about having fun @Squaresadly I dont think Colonel Dingles will ever become Commander Dingles, please press F @JadI haven't actually had a real conversation with you in 2 years but back then it was nice to talk to you @Forseenupside down whopper haha Per Audacia Ad Astra btw ill still be in TS
  7. Infinity War was better than Endgame
  8. Question: When is the next head liaison being chosen? Comments/Concerns: well currently we have a few liaison apps and they have taken quite a while to be decided upon, as well Trad departed from the community quite a while ago. So it would be nice to see the position be used to get the liaison team going again Staff Member you're asking: management+ Additional info:
  9. there was the rank for rep ie legendary for bbstine and say brigadier general for someone with a lot of posts yes or some other type of title system relating to post number
  10. Name: Cloud Suggestion: Readd the posting ranks like forums private, and forums commander, etc. Why should we implement this? It was something nice to have, and overall improved peoples interest in the forums and allowed people something to pursue besides rep. The forum posting ranks were removewd around the time buyable ranks came around, and honestly I would want to see free title ranks that anyone could get, come to the forums. How will this improve the Forums? it gives people a rank besides rep to pursue and maybe even more active use of the forums
  11. titan base poopoo jinea or however you spell it is poopoo anaxes is meh endor was great venator extensive was great tamewater was fun as well
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