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  1. It's about that time again. If you have a subscriber channel and want to keep your description please save it now. Subscriber channels will be wiped this coming Sunday 12/10 around 11:00-11:59 PM EST. On Monday 12/11 if you are an active subscriber you may create a store support ticket to get your channel replaced.
  2. For some context here we've had most of these ships on the server in the past and they have been removed. The Haelfire droid was also extremely broken and blew itself up a lot unless it was sitting still.
  3. Lets just say sometimes I spend a little too much time looking at the workshop. I'd say about 80% of workshop suggestions that go up I've already looked through on my own time.
  4. We've been looking at all of the extra DRG NPC packs, these listed wildlife packs included.
  5. This is already on our to do list, however we are still troubleshooting how we can better incorporate the DRG base on the server without it causing massive amounts of lag.
  6. Will have this done before EOW for ya!
  7. Crazy to think about that is what we were talking about and not provoking productive conversation to get these issues resolved.
  8. The point of our team and work relationship is to take care of each other when we need it most. I'm not going to to dive into this anymore, but they are dealing with events happening in their own personal lives and I will be able to properly provide you with any information you need during this time as I have done throughout all my time in this community. If they are able, they will be there.
  9. I will give everyone an opportunity to speak with me on the matter post community meeting on Saturday. That way everyone has the platform to say what they would like to me.
  10. The directors have everything they need to set themselves up for success and I have already spoken with Marvel and plan on speaking with Mavelle about a clear lack of communications between them and management/myself. This is in no way shape or form me saying they are doing a poor job, I actually am quite fond of the two current directors. However after speaking with management and Marvel about an hour ago it is quite clear that they weren't conveying what they needed to up the chain. If there was ever an issue that required my attention coming from the directors and they reached out I would make time out of my day to address it, however that has not been the case.
  11. This is very ironic coming from a member of the community that no one takes seriously. Previous founders constantly ask me why you aren't perma banned from the community yet.
  12. I will put a small bit here, but ultimately will be addressing this at the community meeting. It's a little more difficult than you would think to address absolutely everything here over a box of text. Just to start things off though there is a lot of misinformation throughout this entire thread. And again you guys have absolutely no idea what goes on behind the scenes of the server. One thing that stood out to me was the criticism of my role with server development and that it somehow with Xaze's recent promotion just been shot away which has no validity at all considering I appointed Maxwell's to the same role just a little under a year earlier. We as founders have put a team of people in place within the community to lead and run the server. They are all participating within their roles as they should and all leadership has direct lines of communications to us at any given time. You guys are very quick to assume that we are no where to be seen but if you ask ANY of these members you will soon realize that all 4 of us make ourselves accessible and take time out of our day to meet in order to get whatever needs to be sorted taken care of. This could happen in a discord call, a private TS cahnnel, over text or phone call, anywhere. It is not my responsibility to make all of my meetings and other founder's meeting public to you guys. It's clear that you have set up some expectations on your own that cater strictly to what you think you're entitled to. The server population decline has been something on my radar for the last weeks/months. I've been running this damn community for 5 years of my life, and have more experience with it's inner workings than any player or member of the community entirely. The thought that I personally don't care deeply offends me as I have spent a great deal of my life dedicated to the overall success of the community. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't fucking happen. My job isn't to make sure you see me and I am not going to sit here and publicize every little thing I do on a day to day basis. The fact that you think you are entitled to that is ridiculous. Founder interaction within the community and sever ISN'T what is killing the player pop, rather its a set of toxic mindsets that seem to continue growing. I want to take a second and explain that I am not trying to shift blame. I read and acknowledge what you have said but the only solution to the server player population is to continue grinding the reps of updates and furthering the player development on the server. WE CAN'T FIX ALL OF THAT FOR YOU. You literally said it yourself in this fucking thread that when YOU GUYS as players came together and made a day out of the server to do an imperial event, it was some of the best RP/time for all of you. Why is that only limited to that 1 day? Why is that we have players come over from icefuse and other servers applauding the content we have on our server, applauding that we update our server more frequently, yet leaving and saying how shit the rp is between the PLAYERS on the server. This has happened so many times I can't even count them. Players actively leaving the server to go somewhere else with less content so that they can be in a more player driven community. This is one thing I will say, I have been working with Xaze on scheduling the coming updates through the rest of the year, this will be the most content we've ever released in any given year and the entire playstyle of the server is going to be re-written into almost a new game. We will get through this time but you guys need to start respecting the hierarchy and individuals we put in place to oversee the day to day operations of the server.
  13. Yes I am giving you founder. You own the server now congratulations
  14. Finished making it long ago, decided to keep it for myself.
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