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  1. It’s time to wake up maverick we miss you, it’s been 7 years maverick, stay away from the light!
  2. Nows a bad time to join, COVID’s a bitch. Good luck tho man! Hope you enjoy it.
  3. Name: Craig Steam ID: cant get Staff Rank: SA Are you VIP?: Yes and sub Date: today Reason for leaving: To be completely honest I don’t even know what really pushed me to come back, I think it’s the whole game master and events is something I’ve used as release, or kind of an escape. Throughout the last month I’ve hit a lot of roadblocks, broken through and honestly life is fucking weird. I really do not have drive to do much of anything like this anymore and just want to relax. With my grad date coming in hot, I’ll definitely not be able to even play the server really anymore anyway and I’d rather just leave now then have to do stuff with the looming shadow lurking in the background. When I first started playing Star Wars RP I was a little 14 year old kid with a squeaky ass voice and it’s all led up to this, a poorly written resignation, 6 years and multiple servers later in the armpit of Illinois. Catch me on discord. Farewells: @Daytona211 Like you said I didn’t really see eye to eye with you before, which is fine, but you’re genuinely a great caring guy thank you for talking to me! I feel like everything else can be implied, if I liked you I hope the best for you, if you’re my mortal enemy then fuck you I hope you stub your toe. See y’all, it’s been a pleasure.
  4. https://clonewars.fandom.com/wiki/Sha'a_Gi There’s your dire squad jedi +1
  5. Could be as simple as your Windows key needing to be cleaned. Also make sure your OS is up to date and make sure there’s no Windows defender notifications or anything.
  6. +1 Actually mans atc at night what a champ
  7. It feels like a marshmallow shooter now to be frank, and for the price not necessarily worth it, it’s just a decoration. That being said I feel like what Jad said would be dope. I don’t want it to be as op as it was but just a little better than it currently is.
  8. +1 Genuinely a super nice guy, and great leader.
  9. Craigary

    Ying Yang

    Name: Craig Who helped (If applicable): Caidoon silvy Event/Encounter Name: Ying Yang Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): n/a Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): Epic quest involving riddles and shit,
  10. +1 It was always a pleasure interacting with you, you have a great personality and have a good work ethic.
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