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  1. @Xaze This probably aint the place, but with player pop increasing are we reaching toward eventually exploring previous teased projects? The ARK Server in particular?
  2. /me eats expensive candy
  3. Adding some kind of outlands where you can Find loot and search for weapons or Artifacts or some kind of cool items would be dope. A lawless fallout - esk area where hostile NPCS spawn, and (would be dope but I know it probably won’t happen) a Jedi vs Sith style boss system where there’s a chance of some random big bad spawning in different areas. It would be a game changer, especially if the server goes the route of customizable weapons and such. It could also be as simple as pre set weapons and ammo only spawning in the badlands that you have to find, but once you run out of ammo they disappear. Rarity tiers for weapons is epic. It would put more emphasis on events, and people wouldn’t have to wait around doing nothing during off hours. An addition like this would effect all factions and everyone would benefit from it. Would be a real game changer.
  4. Went through my settings, mouse acceleration was set to 999999999999 lmao.
  5. Not yet. Hopefully soon. Still patiently waiting.
  6. So everytime I load into the server, I make it past selecting my character and have control. But if I move my mouse or walk in any direction boom no error just game freezes and black screens. I have no conflicting addons, I’ve validated files, I completely reinstalled the game (2x tried both my ssd’s) tried allocating more memory with launch options nothing. Its only this server. Help.
  7. +1 A strong leader is one that is willing to make tough decisions in the face of backlash.
  8. +1. No doubt one of the best leaders I ever worked with.

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