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  2. 1/10, Oh boy, here comes the dumb reactions and disagree reactions. Now, my problems were less with you, @Bactabut rather with my experience with the other parties involved. And I'm rating my experience during this event. I openly said to Jovanovic/Mas Amedda that I would've rather RP'd on main then participated in this event because of what was going on. There were constant arguments/problems from both sides of Senators not following "fearRP" apparently. (I wasn't there to see it) But the complaints of Senators not RP'ing with the 612th, when we got shot whenever we talked, was the stupidest thing I've ever heard. When I had people calling me "retarded", "stupid", etc. for not understanding the RP scenario that was happening, was also terrible. For the people who didn't know, I was RP tied to a pole after being captured, the 612th had 3 minutes to evacuate the senators back to their base, and these names were being thrown at me as if I could magically /me break binds and follow them like a willing servant. Like I said, Bacta, you did great, you tried your best in managing this power trip deployment for Recon. But I'm rating this on my experience, and my experience was fucking terrible. I really do appreciate Senate Deployments, rarely do we get deployments because nobody knows wtf do with RP-driven groups like the Senate, so Bacta we really do appreciate it, but this deployment turned it very sour for me. I would love to go more in depth for anyone wondering, you can DM me in discord but I'm not going to make a 3 page essay on why I disliked my experience during this event, take that as you will.
  3. 7.5/10, the event itself was alright, I enjoyed the console/comms RP with the intercomm but it just doesn't bode well on main server when there are other battalions not participating. The commando droid health was way too fucking high, there's no need for it to be that high and im pretty sure there's GM restrictions on the health, please look at those first and make sure they meet them. (If it was waived then disregard) The CQC in the outpost was terrible, you made a funnel with extra steps for somewhere close to 40 people on one planet. Other then that, I liked it.
  4. It’s so good to see a classic 1 frame meme I made months ago finally come to life
  5. was there towards the end but it was pretty fun. You don't like me, but I enjoyed your event. 8/10
  6. Deku


    +1, Pop Smoke would be proud of that second clip, really paying homage to him by putting his music in the background of your legendary showcasing of the Y wing
  7. there was only ever 2 of them...
  8. Deku

    Bro's Palpy Re-App

    Oh my god, an application I can actually vote on?! +1 Bro, I stepped into my role as Marshal and you welcomed me with open arms. I feel a strong dynamic duo between the two of us and I've looked to you for some of the harder decisions I've had to make. I always appreciate your guidance and support and I hope it continues going forward.
  9. Sounds like fun my man, have a good one.
  10. Damn, see you around bbstine. You're a real one and I hope you enjoy all that time off you'll have now without worrying about administration work. Let me know if you want to play something, all of the times I was randomly pulled into your channel, or just joined to make fun of you were great my man
  11. o7 Elijah, I’ll be around in TS my man, don’t be a stranger and come say hi. ”You was a good friend.”
  12. This does put a smile on my face. see ya in 5 days, have a good break
  13. +1, the nostalgia was hitting pretty hard when I tried it out
  14. o7, good luck on whatever comes next. Have a good one pal
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