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  1. Look at one point I'd probably of 100% agreed with y'all and honestly these trainings would be dope for a much more serious server or hell an Arma server maybe. But this is garry's mod, and a very relaxed server. I've thought that ARC trainings are flawed and need revamping but this is going very overboard and I don't think fits within the archetype that the server is trynna fit into. -1
  2. Hey Poker, you probably don't know much about me other than I'm some old head in the battalion. But after reading some of your app I want to give some feedback as I can't fairly judge it without knowing who you are as a person. Setting goals is good but you need to make sure your goals are obtainable. Even back in 2018 or 2019 having 30-40 active members would be extremely hard to do. While this might just be hyperbolic by you, just want you to be aware of it so that you can taper your expectations some. I've fallen victim myself to having unobtainable goals and it burns you out faster than you think. So the reserve roster was removed because it was just easily abused and ultimately was deemed redundant as if people had to leave they could come back at SGT with their ARC trainings and begin to work their way back up the ranks. As well, if someone is on a near permanent LOA they probably should be focusing on what situation they may be in IRL and not have to worry about the server. Okay so this one you aren't going to be able to do without the directors giving you a go ahead which I don't think is the right precedent to set IMO. Regardless, I removed ARCL interviews because they were pointless as regardless of our own evaluation we are only in charge of the ARC trainings and have no authority over the other battalions except for the number of ARCs they may have and if they are to be able to keep their training. If we said someone wasn't fit for ARCL their BCMD still could appoint them the position unless we removed their ARC status. Which is just the more sensible thing to do anyways. Integrating the ARC program more into Rancor would be incredibly unpopular (as you can tell from the other comments) and would just create animosity where their doesn't need to be. As well, creating more responsibilities for your battalion isn't the best as it just creates more busy work for your officers to do instead of focusing on enjoying the game and making sure that others in the battalion enjoy it too. I do wish you luck Poker, hopefully you read the comments and feedback of others and modify your plans / think over what you want do to. Believe me, sitting in a position and doing nothing is quite boring and from what I can gather from the rest of your app. There doesn't appear to be much you want to get done besides fairly generic things. If you want some clarifications on different things feel free to reply but there isn't a guarantee that I will reply as I don't check the forums often anymore.
  3. @ VIP - Brooklynfurry @Dennis Good luck fixing shit chief @Satan 5 TB of hentai @Shockpointif you wanna make dope ass events together some time hit me up @ Head Admingood luck have fun idk what you’re looking for down here, y’all already know why I left go read my HA resignation. Here’s my discord if y’all wanna talk with or what not Mitchell#0084 or if you wanna hear why I resigned cause you’re too lazy to read my HA resignation
  4. Unless things improve I'm not stepping foot again into the staff team. I wanted to stay as an HA because I like helping the community but ultimately the amount of issues I've found and faced outweighed my drive to help things improve. And yes, the emperor protects.
  5. So to quell this rumor, I didn't resign because of Black getting director over me. I resigned over other issues I've faced and have had working within the team. None of my issues have to deal with the HA team and resides purely with those above us. I wish Black the best of luck within his position as me and him share very similar opinions.
  6. Name: Mitchell Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59607690 Staff Rank: HA Are you VIP?: Yes Date: 10/9/2021 Reason for leaving: I no longer wish to work in the High staff team. If you want more of an explanation feel free to DM me. Farewells: @ Head AdminWas a pleasure working with all of you.
  7. 5/10 While you guys did put a lot of effort into the event, I wasn't able to enjoy it due to the performance issues caused by the large dupes used. These type of dupes are probably only viable for 1 battalion deployments not something full regiments should go on.
  8. +1 Ik you’ll do what it takes. Goodluck my dude
  9. Damn you lasted longer when I made you wolffe Smh
  10. Mitchell

    Fortnite Emotes

    This isn't even a good meme -1
  11. Guac, I'm gonna be honest with you. This is probably one of the most barebones applications I have ever seen in my 3+ years on the server. Almost half of your app is dedicated to just listing our your experience and the rest just feels like you've barely sat down to think about what you want to do in the position or why you even want to go for it or should get it in the first place. With a group in serious need of work to improve how am I supposed to support someone who can't even put in the effort to write a half decent application? -1
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