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  1. 6/10 fun late night shootin
  2. We will plan this better for next time. Hope y'all enjoyed the test run
  3. Gotcha I'll void and wait for now
  4. This is by far the worst reason to -1 something I have ever seen. Based off this premise why add anything to jobs when it could just be spawned in by staff when they moment arises? This suggestion has no roleplay benefit and is purely for gameplay so I don't even know what JT rp is to begin with. The purpose is to make them a mobile subunit not create a system where they would have to rely on staff. I knew I'd get -1s but damn this one takes the cake. Casual reminder that the entire atmosphere battle exists where an actual shit ton of 332nd including Rex and Jesse utilized jetpacks and it would definitely make a ton of sense for 332nd to have jetpacks however it's just not feasible with how the battalion and subunit is currently setup. I figured as much regarding the bodygroupr however there are alternatives with what we have currently ie. backpack/ARC backpack. Though would this suggestion be better off if it was posted a little while after the JT regiment changes go through and server performance can be properly tested? I'm perfectly fine with waiting if that makes it easier for y'all.
  5. 332nd aren't just trooper jobs. They can come from any regiment within the 501st and theoretically have no limit numbers wise. TC is a 9 man subunit and is limited to that. No "unnamed TC" or TC trooper to worry about. With how our subunits are setup neither of them are harmful to each other in any way and this addition would not affect our ability to keep 332nd active. I'm not sure if you are entirely aware of how 332nd and TC are setup currently but in the past their structures were nothing but harmful to each other. This is no longer the case. I don't necessarily see this as a lazy solution nor do I see it as a serious issue. Both subunits in their current condition are thriving. That was my main focus way before I even thought about going for Rex. Again I feel like you are unaware of how TC is setup compared to back then. We don't have a TC trooper or Commander job anymore to worry about filling. It's just 9 lore characters and only 8 of them would be getting this buff. Since the changes I suggested for TC have went through TC has been filled with some of our most active players consistently. As for the reasoning I provided multiple different reasons besides that other people have this specific buff and even stated that that reason alone isn't' reason enough. As for different ideas for buffs most of the things that could be thought of have been denied in the past for subunits. Hp/armor boosts, special weapons, etc have been tried in the past by others and denied. It's just not something the Founders want and they might not even want this but it's worth a try. As much sense as this would make it just isn't possible. 332nd don't have jobs they're just bodygrouprs so they cannot physically receive jetpacks. Vaughn has a jetpack because he was seen using one for the most part and that's it but if it comes down to it we are willing to trade his out in place of TC getting them. 501st is already at their 20 job limit and even if we could add 332nd jobs it would just be a huge mess with how our bodygrouprs are already made. I mean that is the point of buffs and the #1 reason people make suggestions for them. For the most part when we see 501st in the show it was mostly comprised of Torrent Company. Not the specific characters we have in the server but the actual physical Company. The 501st was seen using jetpacks extremely often due to their Jedi General being all over the place. 501st wise we view TC as Skywalker's personal squad and keeping up with him would be vital for their primary function. This has been tried multiple times in the past and isn't the purpose of the suggestion. This is all about giving TC something special besides just being cool lore characters and it's primary goal would be to find more ways to differentiate them from the rest of the battalion besides jobs/models. Tho it would actually make no sense for Rex to have one if he didn't have any troopers with jetpacks.
  6. 6/10 Had fun fuck negotiations
  7. Name: Marvel RP Rank: Commander Suggestion: Give members of Torrent Company the jetpack entity. Implementation: This would require 2 things. First it would require putting the jetpack into their job kits. Second would be a more minute edit to their models to give them jetpack bodygrouprs so they’re not flying with pure mind power. Shouldn’t be a hard fix. Lore: Torrent Company | Wookieepedia | Fandom | Skywalker's squad | Wookieepedia | Fandom *Note* The current characters in TC for the most part have not been seen with jetpacks nor are any of them confirmed to be considered ‘Skywalker’s Squad’ Both Rex and Skywalker have been seen with several different jetpack units for missions requirements Workshop content if applicable: N/A | However current models would require jetpack bodygrouprs (If no workshop content, suggest a developer or put "Require Development") If you are asking to add or change a job, fill out the following Add or Change: Change | Added the models just in case (Any job modification requires all this information) Job: Torrent Company Appo Model: models/synergy_roleplay/501/appo/appo.mdl Weapons: sent_boosterpack Job: Torrent Company Fives Model: models/synergy_roleplay/501/fives/fives.mdl Weapons: sent_boosterpack Job: Torrent Company Kix Model: models/synergy_roleplay/501/kix/kix.mdl Weapons: sent_boosterpack Job: Torrent Company Hardcase Model: models/synergy_roleplay/501/hardcase/hardcase.mdl Weapons: sent_boosterpack Job: Torrent Company Boomer Model: models/synergy_roleplay/501/boomer/boomer.mdl Weapons: sent_boosterpack Job: Torrent Company Dogma Model: models/synergy_roleplay/501/dogma/dogma.mdl Weapons: sent_boosterpack Job: Torrent Company Tup Model: models/synergy_roleplay/501/tup/tup.mdl Weapons: sent_boosterpack Other: So I have a few reasons as to why I am suggesting this. I understand we are getting rid of the JT regiment from all battalions because of the performance issues they cause and doing the math we currently have 91 job slots with jetpacks on the server. Subtracting the JT regiments we would have 41 total job slots with jetpacks. If this suggestion passed it would be 48. Could go one step further and make it 49 and ask for Rex to get it as well but my primary focus is for TC to get them. The primary reason for this suggestion is to give TC a subunit buff similar to multiple subunits already out there ie. 2ndAC, Wolfpack, and Alpha. TC for the majority of their time on the server has been considered Anakin Skywalker’s personal squad and that would normally call for extreme mobility. Jetpacks would allow them to keep up with him alongside giving them something to differentiate themselves from normal 501st and 332nd besides jobs/models. Another reason is comparing 501st to the other Attack battalions. Both 212th and 104th have their mobile jetpack squads and this would just even that out battalion wise but that isn’t that good of a reason tbf. An issue inside of TC currently is what to do with Dogma and Tup. As it stands currently they are quite literally just trooper jobs. They have nothing special besides extra pay and cool designs. This would finally be the solution I have been looking for to make these two characters somewhat more desirable. (Dogma is difficult to fill as is because of his character) To reiterate as much as I would love for Rex to get one as well, that isn’t the purpose of this suggestion. This is for TC minus Hawk. (Wolfpack pilots don’t get jetpacks so I’d assume the same would be for Hawk) If this turns into a give and take scenario then if need be taking away Vaughn’s jetpack is plausible considering the rest of his subunit doesn’t have them. Only tiny problem is none of them have jetpack bodygrouprs and would require them to be added at some point. I’m not a modeler myself but I feel like copying and pasting the already made 501st jetpack design onto their models shouldn’t be too difficult. At the end of the day I’m just shooting my shot. I understand why this could potentially be mass -1’d or denied. If you have any questions or concerns I’ll be sure to answer them below.
  8. Wasn't there for majority of it however the portion I was apart of was fun enough for me. I got to fly agane >:) The Plant and Rock gods were... interesting. Not sure what their purpose was but I assume they had purpose. I'll give it a solid 5/10 for what I participated in. Was a pretty simple shootemup and there aint nothing wrong with that
  9. +1 I am so down for this however I believe this has been denied or shot down multiple times in the past for certain reasons.
  10. +1 Looking through the pictures I don't see any duplicates of what we already have on the server. This would allow those building fiends more possibilities so why not. Small file size
  11. Idk... Would much rather see a Knight/Padawan job added in place of one of the many Master jobs. Only gonna +1 this if it's really what Jedi want. Would prefer not to add more dead characters however unless they had actual purpose. This dude's only purpose is gonna be for midget jokes ngl
  12. 8/10 I think the main problem with the event was the amount of people honestly which wasn't really in your control. Idk if these 'Synerverse' events should be hosted for the regiment deployments personally but again this is also a start so that's okay. I liked that we failed and it didn't seem like we were setup to fail.
  13. o7 enjoy freedom for however long you can
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