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  1. Wrong! Rakata Prime won 😎 Poll closed!
  2. It is entirely on player count. We’re splitting our population between 9 Clone Battalions and 3 VIP Factions. In our current state we already have one battalion locked due to health and we still have multiple battalions struggling. That isn’t even getting into the nitty gritty of the factions either which arguably only one of them performs well. I don’t disagree with your takes on the civilian faction honestly I’m not a big fan of it however adding a 4th faction will not solve any of the current issues we’re having with keeping each and every battalion and faction healthy. It will only take from them all which is a large reason I don’t open DU back up because everyone will flock towards it completely killing the battalions that are already on the brink of death and harming the larger battalions that will lose people too. Ultimately the only thing to do if we wanted a hostile faction is to replace the Civilian faction with something fully hostile or give them jobs that are straight up hostile again.
  3. We absolutely do not need a fourth faction. We can barely support three as it is.
  4. This post will remain up for community feedback however separate CMD votes will be held for each distinct rule to decide the outcome of which ones should be implemented. If anyone has anymore ideas for more serious RP centric rules feel free to post them in here as well!
  5. Hey sorry to see you go but if you ever have any serious complaints about the staff team or the Directors more in particular feel free to reach out to me! If there’s cases of favoritism and there’s evidence of such things going on I would very much like to know so that it can be dealt with! Thank you for your service to the Staff Team and I hope you continue to stick around and play regardless of your negative experience as Staff
  6. Okay even as a member of server management if you say you want Anaxes I can no longer guarantee your safety on this server
  7. This poll will remain up for a few days before any decision is made alongside the fact I'd like to remind people that change is never permanent! There is a large chance that after a bit on Onderon people start complaining about the map and we end up with another poll asking to go back to Corellia lmao. Nothing is set in stone! Also keep in mind we were on Onderon for years. There are still plenty of dupes that exist for it plus the void where any of your Corellia dupes will fit.
  8. Due to hearing recent community feedback regarding Corellia and going back to Onderon I wanted to post this poll to see what map the community would rather use as our main map. We can remain on Corellia or we can return to Onderon if y'all want. Let us know!
  9. It’s crazy how this is already so old
  10. Congratulations! Your application for the position you applied for has been ACCEPTED! Your term will end 3 MONTHS after this post. Good luck! // LOCKED // MOVED TO COMMANDER APPLICATIONS - ACCEPTED
  11. o7 Appreciate all the hard work and dedication you put into the positions you held. Enjoy being gmod free while you can!
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