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  1. This I disagree with, Unless your instantly pinging founders People still message me for tags like @Brooklyn for example, it takes 2 seconds to give them, doesnt bother me one bit the same for @ Director and @ Management and if People are ignoring (and you know they are) please bring it up instead of saying it doesnt matter
  2. @Gears @Fyi This one is up to you guys
  3. Your able to have 1 on each server i thought,. So would work
  5. @ConradYour neighbors must fucking hate you LMAO
  6. Its hard to put this event in to words, with how good it was I love the fact that we actually lost, AND IT DIDNT FEEL FORCED AT ALL The dupe, was so FUCKING GOOD, climbing tight corridors, the engine room, the 4th floor. it just felt like the ship was banged up and was on point I dont think the amount of people was an issue in my eyes, it pushed us into a corner, gave us hope and killed it and the no teamspeak was amazing 10/10 Way to go gents i cant wait to see what else comes from this series
  7. Theres also pokemon that control space and time, Mfers can summon whole ass voids to just drop lions in
  8. If you say lions, YOUR HARD TROLLING FOR SURE or just never seen pokemon
  9. Woeny

    Dennis D Day

    FUCKING LMAO @Dennis
  10. Hey, to answer your questions; Regarding the current applications, Sock and I have been moving forward with the applicants that the community is supporting and could see as a liaison, as if players don't feel comfortable to go to the applicant then it would defeat the purpose, The apps currently that are posted, have little feedback, so we are giving them time to get that feedback so we know the community feels comfortable with going to that applicant. After Trad took his leave, the founder team saw that the role itself wasn't required, because the duties Lead Liaison lined up with what the management team was already doing , so it was abolished and the liaison team was put under management, @justuscloud5 Let me know if this answers your questions :D
  11. LMAO who ever the EJ was, fucking brilliant
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