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  1. Name: Luther SteamID: STEAM_0:0:85114462 Current Staff Rank: Admin Are you Currently a GH?: Yes How long have you played on the server? [Hours]: 2049:29:17 From 1-10, what would you rate your knowledge of the Clone Wars?: 9 Do you understand that if you are inactive, you will be removed from the program?: Yes Why do you want to join the Gamemaster team?: I wish to join the Gamemaster team to provide a more enjoyable experience for the community. I also have a decent amount of event ideas in my head that I would like to execute. Do you have any suggestions for the gamemaster team?: Try and incorporate more immersive roleplay situations into your events. Link us to a document for an event that you will execute as a gamemaster: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZpuBVUiRysXnxL-qoKwyNwD0Wo-oCfIbT24yyRcuho0/edit
  2. Having other attack battalions come alongside on deployments is once again something that happens relatively often, also it's up to the GM who they want to invite for deployments, some events are built/focused on one battalion.
  3. -1 I believe that the things you said you plan to do given this permission are already things that are in effect on the server, you said to host more trainings/events with each other which is fine but you said that they rarely happen, which is just not true. From my past experience within 212th and by looking through their entertainment/event log channel I can tell you that these trainings happen a lot more than you think. I think this application is lacking in terms of your plan of things to do given the position and that the other applicant has a more laid out plan.
  4. Before I -1 or +1, I think quite literally every person going for attack reg before you has said this exact statement, what makes your plan different? Also attack battalions including each other in their trainings/patrols and sims is something that happens on a daily basis, this is nothing new. Also what do you plan on doing with Mas Amedda, I really don't think it's a good idea for you to be both Mas Amedda and ATK reg.
  5. I don't wanna go into too much detail right now as it's still a work in progress but basically speaking we are going through all the ranks, specifically enlisted and sergeant ranks to provide more things for people to look forward to at each rank. Some of these things include choosing spec as grey RC, choosing your squad as grey RC, outreach, etc. Some of just the basic things you get access to as a Grey RC. As we get further into this process and if you are still curious I will let you know more.
  6. Simply put, as I am not a officer in the battalion there is not a whole lot for me to offer to the battalion in the time being, but we have talked about this in detail and we are trying to come up with ways to solve this issue through fixing the ranking structure.
  7. I'm not quite sure why it matters if I am an officer in the battalion or not, I am not asking you to completely hand the battalion over to me, I will make sure to work with you and the rest of the battalion on all changes before I make them. I am not someone who is just going to make a change without asking others opinions on the change. We can talk more whenever you get home from work.
  8. Steam Name: [SR] Luther RP Name: Delta TECH 40 Fixer RP Rank: 2ndLT| Elder Knight Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:85114462 Battalion or squad you are applying for: CPT Gregor | Republic Commandos BCMD Experience: I would like to start off by saying that most of my experience is in jedi but I believe the experience I have had within jedi still transfers over to the clone side of things for the most part. 212th PVT - Captain My time in CWRP started on the icefuse server where I was a member of the 212th attack battalion on my clone. I achieved the rank of captain through my work within the Engineer Branch (ENGL) and the officer core, eventually leading over into the start of the Synergy server. I do not remember a whole lot about this time but it was right around when synergy first opened. Jedi Youngling - Jedi Master This is the first time ever that I touched jedi, it was on the Endor Base, I was convinced by a friend to try it out so I did. I got from youngling to knight within 24 hours of starting, soon after getting Knight I passed Shadow Trials and that’s where my story begins. I instantly knew I wanted to help out the jedi order so I became a shadow manager. During my time as shadow manager I managed to become a jedi commander within the 212th and became the highest knight rank which at the time was KOX, shortly after I became Barriss Offee for the first time. I continued my work both within the Shadow Branch and within 41st and through that I achieved the rank of Jedi Master. Luminara Unduli After becoming a jedi master, I decided to stay within the 41st and shortly after I became Luminara. As Luminara I had the rank equivalency of BCMD within the 41st and during my time there was no BCMD Gree so I ran the battalion to the best of my abilities alongside some longtime friends and kept the battalion afloat for a long period of time while the next Gree rose to power. At this time I was already a few months into being a jedi master and Luminara and I decided to resign due to some IRL complications. Elder Knight - Jedi Master Round 2 Eventually after ironing out all of my IRL issues, I decided to return to the server and once again go for Jedi Master. This time around I knew I wanted to stay within the 212th so I started pushing for Obi Wan Kenobi. Once again as I did before I started my work within the Sentinel/Shadow Branch, being both Sentinel Manager Lead and Shadow Manager Lead, as well as achieving the title of Jedi Watchman. By doing a lot of work within those branches and basically reviving the 212th jedi program, I achieved the rank of master after about a month. Obi Wan Kenobi Shortly after becoming Master a 2nd time, it was time to run for Obi Wan Kenobi. After obtaining the rank of Kenobi, I resigned from my position of Shadow Manager Lead because I wanted to focus on the 212th and Master side of things. I continued my work within the 212th as a Commander equivalent by working closely with the rest of the 212th high command and the jedi core. Eventually I reached the rank of Jedi General by my hard work within the Jedi council and decided it was time to go big or go home. Shaak Ti During my time as Shaak Ti I continued to do a lot of work within the Jedi Council and made a bunch of good changes with the help of the rest of the council. I would have loved to continue my time as Shaak Ti, I had big things planned but life hits like a truck sometimes. My time as Shaak Ti was very short due to a few IRL situations that required my full attention so about 3-4 weeks after getting Shaak Ti I resigned. Fixer and Barriss I guess I must like the color green since both of the characters I play now are green. Currently if you do not know I am both Fixer and Barriss, as both Fixer and Barriss I have tried my best to roleplay as the characters and provide an enjoyable time for those around me. Currently as Fixer I have gotten a very good insight on what it’s like to be in SOBDE and plan to use my experience to better the battalion. Why should you become a Battalion Commander?: I think that I should become a battalion commander because I am extremely dedicated to SOBDE and my work ethic is very strong and something that is needed in order to help a battalion run smoothly and effectively. I would like to help with the flow of SOBDE and make it a better battalion than it currently is by working with the rest of the battalion on solving issues. SOBDE needs someone to work and communicate with the rest of high command and the founders to keep it running smoothly and I think based on my past experience I am someone who can do that very well. With that being said I have talked with everyone inside of SOBDE to get their thoughts on me going for BCMD and all of them have told me to give it a shot and I have taken their input to prepare myself for this position. I believe that just having a BCMD around is a good way to provide RP for the battalion and keep people interested in staying in the battalion. SOBDE Jedi The Jedi Program in SOBDE is one of the things I would like to tackle right away, this includes revamping Bardan/Etain Trials as well as looking at setting up new permissions for them as well as Arligan Zey. Besides Bardan and Etain, I would like to see if it’s possible to add 2-3 more unnamed Jedi Slots to SOBDE. This will put SOBDE on the same level as any other battalion by having our named characters and those few extra unnamed slots. SOBDE Ranks The rank system within SOBDE seems kind of all over the place and I don’t really think there is something set in stone at the moment for ranks and how they work. I would like to take a look at the rank system and make some adjustments to it, while setting up a proper document for the permissions that come with each rank. While also adding certain permissions to each rank, which I will take a look at pending getting the position Grey RC Grey RC to me is in a very awkward position right now, if you didn’t know, you have to wait as a Grey RC until a lore position opens up that you want to try out for, this could be a few weeks or a few months. I would like to work with the Directors and Founders alongside fellow SOBDE members to try and make the position of Grey RC more enjoyable. As well as possibly adding in a ninth Grey RC position for the Warrant Officer, so that we may have 8 normal Grey RC slots. Those 8 slots as of now are split into 2 squads of 4, each having their own squad lead so adding this WO spot would allow the WO to focus more on Grey RC tryouts and other things such as overwatching all of them and providing other Grey RC the opportunity to become a squad lead and prove themselves for the future if they ever want to become the next Warrant Officer. Outreach In order to outreach as of now, you need to reach the rank of SFC, I would like to change this to the rank of PVT. I personally don’t really see a reason for it not to be PVT, I think that if someone wants to outreach, why make them wait until SFC. I think that outreach is a very good way for RC to stay productive and it gives them something else to do. Do you understand the lore of your battalion or squad?: Yes Availability: I am available from about 11am EST - 11pm EST every single day. I do however have a job but the hours are really spotty and sometimes work pops up out of nowhere. Besides that I do start my sophomore year of college in about 1 month but I am only taking 3 classes this semester so my hours should be about the same. Estimate of how long you've played on Synergy Roleplay?: 2049:29:17 hours as of now, but I have been playing on and off since the server first opened. Do you have a microphone?: Yes Where do you want your battalion or squad to be at the end of your term?: I want SOBDE to be in a stable position where every position is filled and the battalion is running smoothly and efficiently even without a BCMD. I want everyone to be active and actively represent SOBDE professionally as they should be. Most importantly I want SOBDE to be a fun and enjoyable battalion that people are generally excited to join and be in. Do you understand that if you go inactive that you will be removed from your position?: Yes Do you understand that your position has a three month term limit and you must reapply after three months to maintain your commander rank?: Yes
  9. 7/10, it was meh, I generally hate this map because of how small it is but you did a decent job of utilizing the map
  10. -1 I'm sorry but I still think your app is missing a little something, and I don't really think you fully understand the position of a regimental equivalent. With that being said I have only ever had a few good interactions with you. If you were to get the position I recommend working on your appearance and your social interactions. Good luck!
  11. +1, generally has the best interest in mind for the 212th, just don't be racist
  12. +1 why you doing this to yourself?
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