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  1. 7/10 The only thing holding this back was the story. You killed it on the gameplay. I got clapped by droids coming in out of nowhere. I would just suggest having better objectives laid out since we kind of just ran to main hanger out of instinct and when we went to engine bay like we were told in briefing it was empty
  2. Daytona211

    the Slip

    8/10 Well done. I really like the CIS ship dupe. It's such a limited space but the amount of great ideas we have had on it is crazy and this was up there. The story wasn't super engaging but that was mostly because SOBDE chat was popping off so it was hard for me to pay attention to the little stuff but I got the jist of who we were protecting and why. The RP between Delta's in this mission was great one of the best times I have had in a long time it's a good first event back as a player. One tip I would say is just a little more organization as it seemed a little hectic (it actually played well into the event premise since we were attacked out of nowhere) but I also don't know what was happening behind closed doors so maybe that was intentional
  3. The real villian of the event CUtlLinkedList overflow! (exhausted memory allocator) (x4699)
  4. This issue has been marked as resolved and therefore has been resolved on server or is unresolvable. // Locking // Moving to Resolved Reports
  5. 7/10 Self review (i'm not counting it towards my score) Dupe was one of the best I have built in a while (lots of effort) Story was a well structured one that has hinted at alot for the EU *WATCH THE SCENE I LINKED* But overall dropped the ball performance wise which automatically brings it down to a 7/10.
  6. Name - Khufu Helper - Jova, Jake, Babatunde, Shockpoint, WhatABurger Event Name - Synergy EU "The Prisoners" (Siege Regimental) Description - The Siege regiment are sent on there first deployment to siege a highley defended CIS outpost where numerous CIS Leadership members have been spotted, wacky events ensue. Note: Sorry about the lag from the GM perspective we did our best with this we load tested it a day before and removed laggy props / optimized accordingly so not much we could have done ahead of time we have taken notes though and are prepared to act on the issues we saw. Hope you still enjoyed
  7. +1 we had a good discussion, and I think a lot of your ideas will really help SOBDE.
  8. +1 well deserving. We agree on a lot and you are one of the few people I feel are dedicated enough to do the things you want to do and are not focused on just yourself and your own advancement, but bettering the server and the systems / groups within in it as your main goal.
  9. We have a pretty good pension plan. @Forseen
  10. Recap of the most recent event in the synergy EU Where the improcco company and SOBDE defended a senatorial candidate
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