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Naz's Resignation


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Battalion: SOBDE

RP Name: Executive Officer Naz

Date: 9/16/2022

Reason: I've been a part of the server on and off for a very long time. (About 4 years) I never took any leadership commitments during my collective time spent because I knew how it felt to lead and didn't want any headaches. That was the way it always was for me until 7 months ago when I was allowed to finally lead Omega Squad myself after the squad was empty for some time. With the state of SOBDE at that time being a low point on morale and activity I struggled to spend my days optimistically. This was also the time when I was having to take up the mantle of responsibility as an Executive Officer. My only saving grace was having Brooklyn as a supportive and active commander to help me recruit 2 instrumental members Void and Ollie to this commando generation. The battalion, although looked very meek, was "saved" in 3 months and I have finally chosen to step down because I can no longer meet the standards of the battalion as a commander as a whole. At the end of the day, I'm very content with my choices and wish SOBDE and the server a promising future.

 @Brooklyn marching on.
 @Ganar Good luck with whatever choices you make for your server career
 @Void don't die 
 @Daytona211 you're so close to 365 days
 @Finn I completed my service o7

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I'm gonna be honest Naz. We spent a lot of time together. I could've developed feelings. But that ain't the bro life. Through the time I joined and met you, it's been one hell of a time. You put a ton of passion into what you do and I love the fact that you stayed when it got tough, even when you couldn't be here full time. Working under you and then working next to you will be one of my best times on this server. I will continue on with what we set out to do. And make sure RC lives. You are a really caring dude and got a lot of heart. Love the jokes you let me get away with. My favorite Nascar. Really sad to see you go. REALLY fucking sad. TS won't be the same with you not around, but I'm happy that you are pursuing what you want in life. Good luck with your kids. Tell your girl I said hi ;)

o7. :(

  Admiral Yularen | Bardan Jusik                                                                        Bacta                    Marvel               Brooklyn


I beat Jad in a spar first try.

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Biggest L SOBDE has taken since the big change ong

Naz no matter the odds you put your all into the battalion and it shows. As much of a headache that battalion gives me you were one of the few people who made it alright. I'm sure the boys are gonna miss you being around and I hope life treats you well brother.



i am literally captain tukk

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o7 was fun talking to you for my short time in SOBDE. I hope life treats you well.

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Didn't say "I love you back" -1.

Actually though, I'll miss you. Thank you a ton for being one of my 2 of my 6 Niners. Hope to see you back one day, please pop in TS for me <3

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Current: Navy Lieutenant Tec, CT Alpha-14 PVT Tec :sittingred:

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