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  1. +1 Brace is the only person I can confidently support that can send CG in the right direction which it needs right now more then ever, this is an easy +1 @Shockpointblow me
  2. Can pokemon climb trees? Didnt think so Just read the lion lore page and you will change your mind https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lion
  3. o7 they removed because he was winning to much had give people like bacta who can’t stop loosing a chance
  4. Typical poketards thinking that they win, how pathetic. No electro shit could beat the lion moon face it, just keep crying
  5. Holy shit two o7 imma miss you too blackberry whether it was siege or back in thunders delta it was a blast doin shit with you
  6. I love ya man no homo imma miss you you best pop in every now in then you was real chill and I always enjoyed talkin to you gl with life
  7. Solid 9/10 for something on the fly, I liked it not much to say the start was cool and the end was cool
  8. Good point good point counter argument
  9. Allow me to elaborate further on the lions epic plan
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