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  1. Please read up on the information I linked! Also put some more effort and evidence backing yourself, and probably read server rules before appealing something saying there aren't rules against it.
  2. Thank you for the additional information and context that was missing. I did not know the other reasons as they weren't listed in ban website. I'd just wait out your ban Mr. flenderson and be more careful to follow the rules next time.
  3. This guy basically made Synergy what it is today… Unban him. Anyways @KaiserNeiner (I see you are the person who banned him) what exactly was the harassment here? I don’t see how telling someone to fuck off on its own is bannable when people can get away with saying the n word on intercom, but maybe that’s just me or some information is missing here. Anybody have clips of what happened?
  4. -1 Not worth the development time [LFS] ARC-170 - Why do we need to add 188 MB of content when this ship already exists on the server? [LFS] Jedi Starfighters - This requires an additional 36 MB of required content for a ship used mostly during phase 1, which this server is not. Since this would be used by Jedi, did the council think this should be added? Same goes for all the Jedi ships here. [LFS] Anakin's Delta-7 Aethersprite-class Starfighter (AZURE ANGEL) - Phase 1 era ship, and it's just Anakin's skin as well. [LFS]Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor - 35 MB for this and it's required content when we already have ETA-2 on server. [LFS] BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter (REPUBLIC Y-WING) and [LFS]Y-wing / Y-wing-Bombardier - These are the same ships, and the smaller of the two says it has numerous errors, while the one that supposedly works is 167MB. Every server I've seen try to use these has complaints of lag as well. [LFS] IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tank - I like this one, but according to description and comments it says it goes way faster than it should. [LFS] AOTR Skin Pack for Fisher's LAAT/i Gunship - This, plus the required [LFS] LAAT/i Gunship variant, adds up to 270MB+. Not really a great benefit when what is already in place works fine. (LFS) STAR WARS: Coruscant Guard LAAT - This also requires the [LFS] LAAT/i Gunship variant, but a CG skin is included in the above one, so why suggest this? [LFS] Star Wars | IPV-2C Stealth Corvette - Cool I guess, not really sure when it would be used though. I didn't test any of these myself, but that's about even with you not including any information about any of these addons or why they should be added. Anyways, just reading the descriptions alone I can find problems with just about all of the addons you linked. I don't think development time should be put towards implementing these and testing them with all their additional requirements, especially when most of what is suggested doesn't fit the server, already exists on it, or is a duplicate within your own suggestion. Realistically, adding more things to the server's catalogue of LFS vehicles past what has already been suggested just delays the time before the server moves on to LVS, which is actively supported and is getting more things made for it in recent times, such as a working AT-RT (which the server and 41st in particular has been waiting for for quite some time). I can tell I spent more time writing this comment that you did searching for these and evaluating if they're worthwhile adding to the server.
  5. I don't think this had permission, and even if it did I would be -1ing it since Bossk would be better suited as an event character. I appreciate you going out of your way to post this and try to improve the Citizen faction though!
  6. Was "found" in a box during event, most of 104th got them.
  7. It is difficult to remain unbiased in this since I am also in the 104th with you and you were talking about the incident itself and talking about the process of writing your appeal, but I will give my honest thoughts on the matter based on the clip itself. Even though this was an accident, I do believe you should be a bit smarter with an explosive weapon such as the Ion Disruptor. You were in the middle of a huge group of people with people running/flying in front of you constantly, you should try to be aware of your surroundings more with that. I accidentally killed people during the event, however not to this extreme, and that was mostly due to the AOE of where it landed, not because I was shooting next to people or right over several peoples' shoulders. As you can see in the clip, a 212th even runs right through your line of fire a very small time before you shot, this was not a smart place to shoot from. Because of this, I do not believe a full 5 day ban is in order for this, so perhaps a reduction would be the best course of action. The lack of much effort into this appeal also make it harder to +1, and lack of taking any responsibility makes it even more difficult. If I was in another battalion I would -1 a full unban with a +1 for a reduction, so I am forced to be fair here and do the same.
  8. Gameplay: 4/5 - Enjoyed being able to find things and build our own rp was enjoyable enough. Care and Effort: 4/5 - I feel like the story could have been more apparent, and perhaps more effort for setup, like building something to change the map a bit. I did load in a bit late but experienced enough that I feel it's still fair that I can rate. Server Performance: 5/5 - No complaints as usual.
  9. +1I think he should be unbanned (assuming this appeal is something that is permitted or whatever time has expired - 1 month seems fair to me). As he is still active in the community he should be allowed to be in the community discord to talk with people from other battalions and see server progress such as the GitHub channel.
  10. Gameplay: 2/5 - Droids were impossible to shoot, and just kept coming. I didn't really get any RP. Care and Effort: 2/5 - The ships came in super low, shot wrong with the TLs, and it just didn't seem like much effort was given. Server Performance: 5/5 - Fine I guess. I know you can improve with a bit more effort and ensuring things are set properly before beginning. I do appreciate you taking the time to do it but this is some honest feedback that will hopefully help you provide more exciting and engaging events.
  11. Gameplay: 4/5 - I think it could have had a bit more variety during the event, as it was essentially a shoot-em-up. Care and Effort: 4/5 - Perfectly fine event but improvement is possible. Server Performance: 5/5 - No issues for me.
  12. This. Also, I do not think expanding Dire Squad into a company is a good idea for 104th or for the server. I don't see why this would make anybody want to join Dire Squad, as all it would do would make it harder to get the lore characters inside it, and realistically Dire Company Troopers would do the same exact things that regular 104th do. This would just make the lore characters in Dire Squad more elite (since they would be in charge), and add a "wait time" before someone can get those characters (realistically they would end up being required to be trooper for a bit). That is the exact opposite of what Dire Squad needs right now. -1 I can read the future: if this is accepted people will later ask for a Dire Squad Trooper job since it's a thing in the battalion, and will argue that it makes sense since it's already in the server. This just seems like a way to slowly get that in a couple months.
  13. What is bro blabbing about? Anyways I would like to say that you are a good guy, Ghost, but a lot of the things here could’ve been achieved already via your current position (by your own admission). However, you still haven’t achieved or even started any of this. I understand that having officer votes needed for a lot of it can delay things, but you could always bring these things up to the current CMD to get his authorization to bypass that. Otherwise, just post all your ideas back to back for officer voting and say there’s 24-48 hours to vote, which in the long run won’t really delay you that much (for example, the time spent to planning this application could have been spent getting all those items posted for a vote). I think you could use a bit more time to fully understand the position and prove that you’ll actually achieve some of the things on this list before getting Wolffe. I also do not like the idea of expanding Dire Squad at all as it is a useless subunit that nobody prefers. The huge preference of people wanting WP over DS can be seen by how Wolfpack is being hogged by only the top ranking people in the battalion (many of whom have been allowed to be inactive in WP during your time as WPXO) with only one or two exceptions. -1
  14. Glory22

    More music discs

    I'd prefer more Star Wars music. It isn't difficult to make these musics discs, so we shouldn't settle for Halo stuff just because it exists already on the workshop. After speaking with Marvel and Xaze, I believe the media player just needs to be updated, then it should work again. Since the media player (at least to me, I was given no guarantee) seems like it should work again, I am -1ing this, since the time to add these in is comparable to that of fixing the media player (which is honestly a better solution that adding a bunch of server content with the discs, and gives people more control over what they have to hear during events). If for some reason the media player cannot be fixed to work on the server, then count this as a +1 even though Halo music only really "fits" for events; debriefs should use Star Wars music.
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