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  1. +1 would make some nice RP
  2. biggest accomplishment? I got head the other day from my girl
  3. o7 TiMe To ApPlY ps fuck brooklyn
  4. You lasted longer than I, and for that, I tip my hat from mine to yours. o7
  5. what happened to the other guy? well +1 ig
  6. Your 41st term was kinda sus bro, -1 Love ya, but this isnt the move cheif
  7. Polik

    Alec's Wolffe App

    I was going to -1, however I feel like the current state of the battalion has been thrown into your lap and it isnt your fault(or maybe it is, idk). +1 was going to do fine the first time around
  8. Theres a lot of good people here at synergy with great work ethics and people I can see in real life shooting for the stars, however the environment of this community and how the leadership chooses to address this, is not what I would expect from a multi-platform community. Good people, wrong environment.
  9. idfk why you would want to be yoda, but if you insist on shooting yourself in the foot, knock yourself out +1
  10. OH SHIT THIS IS ADMIN SECTION MY BAD CUZ yall can hide it if u want
  11. I mean I already resigned, however, everyone else is dipping, so ight imma head out @Brooklyn Best wolf man IMO, however I wasnt around much for the other "greats" so nothing much to compare to, so dont get hyped up. Absolute ledgend, Its almost like were doing the same stuff but not retarted on another game.... see you around
  12. This ^ is Facts. Which is one of the many reasons I left the community, of course I still hop into the forums to check on how the people are doing, but this hit home for alot of us. Thank you good sir
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