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  1. you STINK* haha jk you were actually a pretty good bcmd o7
  2. It was alright! I would have been satisfied if it was just the RP us green folks did at the beginning and then ended- kind of dragged, but you know that. 3 / 5 / 4
  3. I didn't expect that mention.. thank you so much <33333 Goodbye! Happy homeowning! Enjoy the next chapter of your life with great auspice and fortune!!
  4. Thank you so much for the kind words <3. Made my heart warm. Was inspiring to see someone like yourself come in with so much drive when I had one foot out the door. Enjoy the world!
  5. <3. @Conrad you shaped my understanding of event running in a lot of ways. There was @Shockpointand @Daytona211 making me think like a true GM- but when it came to what a player wanted, having you in my channel while I was building for numerous events you were in taught me a LOT. And I don't think any of my legacy here would be the same without. I remember one time us saying that because of how fun it was to RP Barris/Luminara with your Anakin and Ahsoka, it wouldn't have "felt right" if I was ahsoka, but we really turned that the fuck around. Thank you for making my synergy dream of being Ahsoka with an awesome Anakin real. Everyone has their time. Play in my DnD game still or I'll kidnap your wife and burn your house down
  6. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! INTRODUCING... THE CHOCOLATE STARFISH! AND THE HOT DOG FLAVORED WATER! 3/4/5 - There didn't seem to be TOO much building, but the gameplay was pretty much.. as good as you can get for a full server deployment. Performance was great!
  7. I honestly don't think adding a new battalion or removing one would change NEARLY as much as most people seem to think. People get on when their friends are on, and people don't get on when their friends aren't on. That's about as deep as I've seen it get over the past months :(. On that note, I think we should add a battalion, but instead of clone troopers its mouse droids. Mouse droid battalion. 100th Mouse Droid Battalion. 4th Sector Mouse Droid Unit. 399th Mouse Droid Regiment.
  8. Everyone should have the chance to be a gamemaster for as long as they wish whenever they wish. You have the experience and were an absolute boon to the team for 2 years. Obvious +1 from me. I'm not gonna let anything overshadow the incredible amount that you did as a GM previously.
  9. +1 Working under you was a pleasure in the BH Guild. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Excellent leadership And very cool guy
  10. Dayum. Enjoy the free time. It truly is freeing. Come back and try your hand at gamemaster leadership again some time :P.
  11. PLEASE GOD PLEASE PLEASE GOD PLEASE +1 I'll rejoin staff if you add these! in a couple months
  12. Damn, What!? Question, do you plan to focus on the RP influence you'll have as MCMD? We've had many MCMDs in the past very much do more behind-the-scenes work. Really only Xaze in the past year has done both super well. +1 (Even though I'm certain this is gonna be a fat accept with little challenge LMAO) - Lots of good experience, a talented, charismatic leader. Could totally do it.
  13. All it needed was a bit of positivity! This is gonna sound bad but those were like.. Not huge events! (I'm not shitting on the people who hosted them, I was one of them), they were just publicized! I hope more people realize stuff like this happens every day but people just don't see it! The server can one hundred percent be like this every day. Hop on! Have fun! Also it was very fun to reprise my role as a forever gamemaster. Hope y'all enjoyed the intercom abuse :P
  14. This could be absolutely dope. +1. Think about possibilities for spec ops people as well. Maybe some kind of health indicator overlay thing for super cool guys? Idk. Ideas.

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