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  1. I can't think of anyone else that deserves it more. Great job echo!
  2. We had a conversation about this my man I told you to wait a week so you can get back into the groove. You gotta walk before you can run slow it down a little and enjoy and reconnect with the server. Then apply for staff. It’s ok to wait a minute don’t rush yourself!
  3. +1 it’ll be great to have you back!
  4. Conrad


    Just so you know i'm digging into this event. I know you appreciate the feed back so i'm going really in depth. This event was great i don't want these comments to make it sound like it wasn't lol. Start up/intro RP This was very solid start up, however the biggest complaint felt like some story conflicts. This bomb didn't really make sense. If we where publicly saving, privately executing, why not just send in a single sobde squad to plant the bomb and evac. Just a little funky on the story there is the biggest thing I have issues about other then that some very good setup. When we first loaded into the second map I'm a little disappointed by the second mini briefing we had to do. Would have liked a more seamless transition from one map to the other. I feel like these briefings could have all happened on the venator and would have saved some wait time. I really enjoyed actually dropping into the second map, instead of just spawning us to where we should have been. Great feel for the old immersion. The battlefield felt good, despite having two main groups didn't feel like we where ever really ignored on what we where doing or having things to interact with NPC health was good, but better weapons, accuracy or more of them would have made it a bit more difficult. I did like the inclusion of those often unused NPC's that you had, those where nice. Loved the secondary objective for SOBDE. Felt very fun to sneak behind our own men's back and added a great element that isn't found often to events. Like the gravity disruption things, neat little thing to include, overall very fun lore focused event with starting heavy RP but later mostly shoot'em up. Tension wise was a little light until i saw the 10 second message, wish we could have felt a bit more OH NO WE'RE FUCKED. Also we flew away that "no survivors" was cap.
  5. This is the most dumb things you've ever posted. This soundtrack is not underrated excuse you. Everyone loves this soundtrack its no secret.
  6. This doc sucks. But +1 because of your previous experience as staff and a GM.
  7. Jova I'm gonna level with you, I'd rather see black in the position, we have 4 years of experince together and i trust him a ton. That being said I'm still gonna +1 you. I don't like to -1 because other better applicant. When i look at an application I look at "do you deserve to see the interview" without looking at the other contestant for the position. Its up to the directors and high command to figure out who the better of the applicants is. When you went for Mas I had HUGE reservations. The word to mouth around what you had done around the server was huge and i couldn't look past it, however it seems with time you have worked to correct that and have done a good job as mas. This combined with our however brief conversation showed me that I believe you have the best interest of the server here, and I believe you deserve the chance to see the interview phase. Good luck.
  8. That was my rocket launch and I am very proud of it. Pog's final "its conrad" fills me with pride.
  9. Let me see you get tazed also.
  10. How is this thing so small file size. Wack. +1
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