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  1. Mavelle is one of the most creative GM's of all time. If he doesn't think its worth it, i'm gonna trust his judgment. -1
  2. Hey man, even when times are busy its important to remember to take time for yourself. Doesn't have to be gmod but make sure you relax, if you don't the burnout will catch up and that never ends well. Good luck!
  3. Name:Conrad Who helped (If applicable):N/A Event/Encounter Name:An event for 4 people Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): CIS invaded the entire base while the server was afking. Only 4 people fought back and reclaimed the whole base. Did any Bounty Hunters Participate:
  4. Bug Type (Server:): CWRP Severity level (1-3): 2 Evidence (if you can): https://i.gyazo.com/d43b201a2809c255065205715e0146d1.mp4 Description of the bug: The Daily Spin/Armory/Transport system are all targeted by hostile NPC's. Freindly do not seem to target them. How can we recreate it: Spawn hostile droids by either of these 3
  5. Conrad

    the Slip

    This was a mad good shoot'em up. The dupe was very well constructed, the ability to advance throught it was greaty. Best part was hands down the CIS ship for SOBDE. It was really difficult to move through, worked really well, we felt like a fun team. Great job. I just kind of enjoyed this one, didn't go super in depth, thats a good sign.
  6. I get off work in 1 hour. And it felt like a pretty quick day. I hate work so when its fast, its a good day!
  7. Seeing a lot of issues in the comments about bugs. While the author has addressed a lot i don't want to add something that could break during our use of it. +1 since i know the dev team will investigate pretty well if they think its worth adding.
  8. +1 damn someone that goes past the minimum amount of sentences.
  9. +1 a pretty solid guy to be around in the navy from those interactions i've had with him.
  10. +1. Your doc isn't perfect, but despite having not a ton of responses on your events, i feel like these two things together are enough to push you into an alright rank to become a GM. Good luck.
  11. Oh i can do the thing now YOUR LOA PERIOD HAS BEEN LOGGED KEK KEK KEK. If its a break, Enjoy your break. If its not, hit me up if you need to talk <3
  12. Honestly this app is very lacking. Have you done any work as a GH that you can post for people to look at? If not given the state of this document lacking i'm gonna have to -1. This vote can chance if you either Put a lot more effort into your doc Link events you've recently hosted as a GH.
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