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Animated Profile Avatars

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Well rip this suggestion.

Maybe animated pfps could become store items in the future? Maybe apart of that big forums pack or something along the line. Just an idea

Updating to a -1 sorry 

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god do i love hot moms

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Sorry you weebs. Looks like you'll have to go to another fourms to roleplay as animated anime girls for now. :peeposalute:

Update to -1


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2 hours ago, Forseen said:

  I'm going to tag everyone that's currently voted to ensure they see this and can re-evaluate their votes should they choose to do so.

@Marvel @Aeon @Black @Dinaric @BigZach @Taz @Bleach @Conrad @Guac @Arizona @Tinovious @Neptune @Slak @Finn @Deathtiger @maverIck


This is just a reminder that this has been suggested before and denied by the old Founders.

This is something we can test out if everyone wants it, however it could cause a forums crash that may require us to do a massive cache clear again, causing the loss of a lot of things on the forums.

I just wanted to to make our first kiss my Profile picture, Shucks. :( -1 

Some dude that's been in SO BDE more times than he can count.

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Man you guys switch opinions fast.

@Forseen when you say it could cause a massive crash, how big a chance is this? And how hard would it be to back up the current forums info? 

I guess also at that point how much effort would Founders/Devs be willing to put into a suggestion like this?

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Yeah if it really is going to cause the website to crash and make it more slower and having to delete all the caches like you guys say so, then this just isn’t a good time for that right now.

Maybe like @Marvel said, having them as a buyable item on the store if people really want it.

-1 until there’s some kind of resolution for this


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As much as I think a forum wipe would be hilarious

I can't lose all those beautiful Logic posts


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On 5/21/2021 at 9:33 AM, Daytona211 said:

I'd be happy to allow it, but be aware that mobile clients will take a much longer time to load each thread, and depending on how the service we use implemented caching it could lead to longer load times even on a normal we browser. 


This is correct. The main reason for only allowing certain groups animated avatars was simply due to optimization, it was never about being special or “cool kids only”. Our cache system isn’t optimal (wasn’t implemented by me) and we didn’t want mobile devices, or slower connections to have any significant load times.

With that being said, it’s always better to deploy changes like this in small batches rather than forcing everyone to reset their avatar one day due to a performance issue. This was the main reason we only allowed it on certain groups.

I haven’t touched the ACP in months as @Forseenhas mostly taken over my old role and I act as a Consultant when needed, he’s welcome to enable gif avatars for all users if he wishes to do so, but understand the negative performance impact it may have and also the pain-in-the-ass it is to reset all avatars like we’ve had to do in the past.

My recommendation would be to only allow this if the current cache system is optimized; and understand it still may have a negative performance impact. They probably already know this, but @ Forum Adminshould never touch the cache settings unless you explicitly know what you are doing and have potential support from our host as it can be wonky.

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On 5/28/2021 at 6:26 PM, Brooklyn said:

Fuck performance issues. +1

Agreed get these forum campers to go outside for once instead of sitting on the forums all day +1

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