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  1. Unfortunately, your application to become a Game Master has been DENIED. You are allowed to reapply after 2 WEEKS from this date. // LOCKED // MOVED TO GAME MASTER APPLICATIONS - DENIED
  2. I did record the meeting but as it turns out, you fucking tube put limits on length of videos of 15 minutes. ill crop it later.
  3. +1 you were doing good just make sure life is priority always.
  4. Id like to remind you, i was not the one who AOSed you. I merely followed the RP that i was presented. Take that complaint to CG.
  5. Name: Maverick Who helped (If applicable): noone Event/Encounter Name: Base Exercises Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): High command has recieved reports of lack of combat effectiveness in the base and so they sent a commander to test them out on 2 exercises.
  6. RP Name: Master Maverick/CT Private Maverick Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:65644683 VIP (Y/N): Yes Age: 20s Timezone: EST - (Eastern Standard Time) What was your previous staff rank?: Head Administrator/ Senior Administrator/ Veteran Admin(2019) Are you currently staff on a different server?: No Why did you leave the staff team?: Had some personal stuff and came under burnout as well. Why do you want to rejoin the staff team? (3 sentence minimum): I have a lot of free time when im not working. I don't really do much since everyone is all fucking scared by covid and shit. My main reason for wanting to rejoin the staff team is so i can be a gamemaster and also to continue helping out the community in any capacity that is needed of me. I need something to do and this is the perfect place to do it in. I've always been a helpful member of the community and would like to add my experience to the GM team and the staff team once more. How do you feel your previous time as a staff member went? (3 sentence minimum): I feel like my previous time was just fine as a staff member as i never heard any actual complaints. The only thing is i did not immediately go for GM after being accepted which i plan to do so here. My previous time was shorter lived but there were also personal things happening at the time that i do not wish to reveal here. Do you understand by re-applying to get your previous rank back that you will be tested on your knowledge of the server rules and practices?: Yes Side Note: I had previously put up a staff application earlier this month but i had a circumstance that came up that prompted voiding of said application.
  7. I do not believe reimbursements are available for the hex shield. It was taken out over a year and a half ago and there were chances to get something of equal value on the store back then. I will however ping a founder for you. @ Founder
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