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  1. +1 Good more time for me to be biased into knight for being yoda's apprentice
  2. +1 Bitters is one of the most experienced people on the server and I think he could be great to keep naval together.
  3. +1 41st knows more about whats good for their battalion then most of us so no reason for me not to +1 so yeah +1 hope yall get what you're asking for
  4. +1 I support BRO and his idea's for senate guard and these models will drum up nice interest for SG furthermore
  5. Man i miss kaiser already Fox changed danny
  6. As a current CG this is a "easier said than done" kind of thing. Even without this rule now we still get a LOT of people who don't know how to use clipping software or they simply cannot run a clipping software in the background of their PC. Witnesses are also very shotty at times as we have at lease 1 issue a day where RDM was claimed and there were no clips or witnesses to backup anything people say and when we ask people for all these evidence pieces we then have to rely on black and white kill logs to get the issue handled. Also damage logs on the server has been added in the past and then was removed because it causes EXTREAMLY bad server performance from what I heard so that's why we don't have it now. But I understand where you're coming from and trust me id love to gun down a CT as much as the next guy but I just don't think we have the right tools for our players to make this done correctly. If more players had clipping software and the software in general was less taxing on peoples PCs then id give this a +1 but it seems it could cause more trouble than its worth TBH. When it comes to the side of CG we do try to keep an eye on the most populated areas and make sure we react timely to RDM/MRDM AOSes but we also want to enjoy the server with patrols, trainings, RP, ETC. So in some cases we could be a little slower to react in general but were always trying our best to keep an eye on things. -1 from me
  7. Great to have you in the battalion you did good things for us and cooked so hard
  8. +1 Danny has been the backbone of the battalion and the work, time and effort he puts in is 2nd to none. He deserves this more than anyone here.
  9. +1 did the most fun shit for us in CG and for my DS sub unit hes been cooking as our REG
  10. 5/5/5 great planning and story and a lot of amazing work put into the map i loved it
  11. 5/5/5 the dupe was insane! like the best one ive ever seen. Always appreciative of the GMs who do our deployments and shit i had a lot of fun thx gurk
  12. What kind of voice changer do u use?
  13. +1 you got my support ive seen you do very well with being out going to CG and other battalions and you've done well with rancor in general so id like to see u in another term
  14. @Marvel I think you made a mistake. Compton isnt on the list after the community showed positive support for the historic name!
  15. 4/4/5 I had a good time killing things and having a little jedi RP with the dark jedi
  16. +1 give the AV-7 to the 501st
  17. 4/5/5 I got to negotiate and thats kinda rare so I had fun and enjoyed the event even tho I came in at the middle
  18. I think the issue with naval and tbh this even extends to BHs and the whole clone side of the server when synergy decided to “not be either semi serious or serious RP” and kinda just became a “RP how u want” kinda server and in that regard people have just lost what it means to do fun interesting RP like in the good ole days. i also think the issue with naval could extend to the fact that our maps haven’t been helping to stimulate RP for anyone in some cases. If there was more content on maps that gave naval more control of the base. I’m not sure exactly how it would work to re-energize naval but it seems the issue isn’t with how naval is set up but more of a systemic synergy issue with how we do role play and how in game is set up. There’s little i think we can do as community players to make naval more appealing and fun but maybe a good chunk of the community trying to turn around how we RP in a meaningful way would be a good start because naval thrives off of real role play and not just the boring ATC and inspection stuff they do mostly
  19. 5/5/5 Fartass will return dont rest too easy......
  20. please bless us with a bigger brig maybe with another floor? (;;;;; please jayarr bless us +1 onderon
  21. 5/5/5 enjoyed it very much and had a lot of fun with the CG providence ship u let us use and bombard droids was very fun!
  22. Name of Quest: Missing Grand Master Evidence (if you can): N/A Description of the bug: When you start the quest and it tells you to take out the droid patrol they dont spawn How can we recreate it: start the quest and look for the droid patrols
  23. Arizona

    The Return

    5/5/4 kaiser nuked some of us at the start but i am enjoying the deployment very much rn
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