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  1. Yes please, someone who can turn the tides in this battalion. +1 first
  2. The point I'm trying to make is clones can also just "respawn at the TP", why don't they? Cause it is inconvenient. A simple compromise would be to make a separate transport guy that has all warps besides village, and set him up in MHB, while all the planets have the village one. Again, not a hard rule to enforce.
  3. Logic here is pretty flawed. I could say the same things abt clones returning from a different planet or smthn. On top of that NLR is at play and it causes even more issues.
  4. Guess we doing the list thing again... 1. "Also most of this shit is immersion breaking" a. Again, subjective. Lore accurate ≠ Immersion. 2. "TS can be used for both, this parallel system seems clunky at most and just not going to be used at the least." a. This is more of a response to this whole paragraph. Could TS be utilized in such fashion? yes. Is it really that easy to managed dozens of people at a time, not all being on the same objective / mission? Not at fucking all. The voice chat system at minimum I would like to see implemented due to the fact of how much easier it is for in character communications. 3. "Most interbattalion comms is literally just RP to show off how cool your batt is, it's pretty much never important info. There is no reason to make it literally private." a. Fair point here. While I agree we have the option with this new system to actually make it important and useful! 4. "cause x-ray is kinda just like cheating and anti immersive" a. Guilty as charged > : ). Jk, again not defending it. 5. "Most people tend not to RDM all the time during events and most of the time we have 60+ player events so I really don't see how this is a problem we need friendly fire to solve" a. This is either 6 head or 3 head... I cannot tell... 6. "It's immersion breaking just seeing people's stats cause that's not how it worked at all. It's really easy to ask for a report" a. Now, I won't bring up the Republic Commando games in which you can directly see all of Delta Squad's health, or even the fact that you would be able to see your brothers getting shot, or even the fact that "vital scanners" are a repeated and mentioned subject in the Clone Wars. All I will say is, the limit of the addon means you will still need to call ACE reports when newar someone not in your squad. 7. "The "don't use if you don't want it" idea is kicking the can down the road to inevitable universal acceptance." a. But I thought TS was easier . If the excuse is "TS won't be used! It will become obsolete!!"..... that should tell ya something, maybe an update would be nice. 8. "It'll become a requirement in some places and eventually an begrudgingly accepted part of the server" a. It has a max of 12 players per squad. Not sure how a requirement would be implemented but I understand your concern. All I can do is offer my condolences.
  5. I will be frank, I believe the argument you are posing is a bit disingenuous. You fail to realise that immersion is a real factor when roleplaying. Dumb me all ya want but I find having to stop in the middle of a battle to type in a lengthy fucking paragraph to my Squad Lead, only for it to be cut off at the character cap, is terribly un-immersive. I go through the points 1 by 1 if that makes it easier. 1. "it is literally covered by using TS or Comms" a. TS are primarily used OOC. While battlecomms may be enforced, they lack the actual feeling of "commsing" b. Again, this would be used for small squad operations (I would say 3-6 ish), not a substitute or replacement to TS by any means c. There will still be people who aren't in your squad, so /comms would still be utilized. 2. "x-ray is literally absolute horseshite" a. I don't quite know what you mean by this. I will assume you are just a proponent of this addition. That is fine, frankly, don't care for it either. 3. "maybe try not to shoot your own teammates through, ya know, stopping shooting when they're infront of you" a. Compensating for GMOD physics and player hitboxes in a CQC environment is near impossible. If you have any player count over 60 you'll start feeling the affects. 4. "seeing health was already shot down heavy" a. Medics seeing EVERYONES health was "shot down heavy". Again, I understand that this feature may seem negative at first. HOWEVER, all these features, if implemented, are toggleable, If you don't wanna see your squads health.... don't use that addon. Once again, all these features are toggleable, with the direction this server is pointed, and the freedom of RP many want to have, who are you to say that they shouldn't have that option? If you don't to use it, you don't have too. What may enhance one's RP experience, may not do the same to yours, and that OK!
  6. +1!!!!!! More lore masters that will actually be utilized?!?! POG!
  7. I'll keep it a buck, I have no clue. Doesn't seem that hard to filter however.
  8. Question: Why isn't profile name color a solo buyable option on the store? Comments/Concerns: I would like only get the name color change and icon, but the only way to get name color is through the bundle. Not only do I already have the banner, I also don't want a custom title. Is there a way (considering the "Custom Forum Bundle" has "Custom" in the name) to get a Name Color switch as an individual package? Staff Member you're asking: @DragonMr. Money man! (not anti-semitic I was just informed you handle transactional business!) Additional info: I want green name por favor
  9. Name: Guac RP Rank: CPT Suggestion: Add more "plastic" props for building and stuff. Primary a quality of life change. Implementation: uhhh ctrl c ctrl v? Lore: smh my head Workshop content if applicable: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2546157752&searchtext= (If no workshop content, suggest a developer or put "Require Development")
  10. I appreciate your feedback, but as all things do, rules I am sure would be implemented / enforced to ensure this doesn't happen. Verbage such as "only BH's can use the Village transport" or "only clones may use the Anaxes transport" is an easy fix to this sort of issue. It is harmful to not only immersion (:dumb:) but also RP when you, a hostile BH, has to spawn in the middle of MHB when traveling back to Anaxes; where player count usually peaks and walk past 20 troopers giving you the death stare. If there is genuine abuse of the system I would be fine with its removal as I understand upon first glance this may seem troubling.
  11. Genuine 8.5/10, maybe even 9, good shit
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