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  1. Unfortunately, this suggestion has been DENIED. If the same suggestion is submitted again within 60 DAYS of this post it will be automatically denied. // LOCKED // MOVED TO [CW] SERVER SUGGESTIONS - DENIED
  2. If server health is drastically impacted, a solution will be revisited.
  3. Just a few of the bounties that the Guild has to offer. If you get this position, will the "civilian" faction stop being an excuse to MRDM with no punishment? Will any RP be facilitated in the bounties that you or your leadership team produce? Do you need a Governor position to have your Guild not be almost exclusively terrorist RP? Will there be any sort of quality control in the Guild going forward?
  4. time is a circle I understand y'all may of not been here for very long but the amt of times that adi gallia has been requested to either be swapped or outright removed is insane. Whether in council meeting or actual suggestion, this bitch cannot stay dead. I understand that saesee tiins model is fucking horrendous, like on par with some jajon shit. But I truly doubt that after years of Adi Gallia going unfilled and unloved, she will suddenly have some insane comeback and popularity. Idk, I am not convinced rn at all
  5. tryin to work out the context for this shit is impossible
  6. This issue has been marked as resolved and therefore has been resolved on server or is unresolvable. // LOCKED // MOVED TO RESOLVED REPORTS
  7. Have you followed each of these steps listed?
  8. More reason for a gambling system.... @Xazeget to work +1
  9. I appreciated your communication as a GM, especially when it came to actually roleplaying with me instead of saying “pretend you are captured now”. I was offering suggestions as to how to improve certain aspects of the experience, and you were actively listening and applying these things. I think this is the showing of a talented GM, someone who can adapt and respond to criticism. Inosuke said it best. 4/5/4
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    I have it cause im a superstar, go fuck yourself We have already prodded around ideas of implementation. We'll figure something out.
  12. Implementation of this job would necessitate for BH and SOBDE to maintain consistent standards. Who would get the final decision when a disagreement arises? BH have never been golden when it comes to maintaining standards either, how will we ensure that lore BH would be implemented properly. There are more variables to consider, and I certainly do see possible problems popping up from adding a lore BH.
  13. A bit confused, unless this is part of a plan to implement other lore "bh"? Also, because Walon and RC are so interconnected, it seems like an incredibly odd ask for this to be done with no explanation at all? Not to mention, that I think it would create un-necessary issues between BH and RC, arguing about standards and expectations for this sort of thing. I think the current; contract = using the model on your BH and the lore name, seems to work best. Is there any reasoning you could add to explain this decision?
  14. Please at least attempt to make posts relevant to the suggestion itself. We really don’t need these copium fueled, “I remember when…”, yap sessions filling our feeds! Only respond to messages /or the thread itself to either provide additional information towards the suggestion, or to vote.

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