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  1. Ik im not brace but I am CG HC member. I knew brace wanted to go for it and I gave him my full support as well as telling the rest that brace indeed wanted to go.
  2. +1 I think both candidates are good choices but I do like the approach you will be taking and I loved the stuff you did for naval and want that for CG.
  3. Not sure what ur talking about. You aren’t involved in any day to day operations in the battalion. You haven’t talked to anyone about anything to my knowledge. Just because Zynth, ren and I had the power to do something doesn’t mean Odric wanted us to. Go take a look in the announcements when I started to go really hard on people and get CG back on track with all the reports I got and everyone flipped out. To say we had “quantity over quality” just isn’t as easy as you claim it to be. Last time I checked we can’t just deny people entry into a battalion also we don’t go removing people Willy Nilly just because we can. We want to give people opportunities in CG. We can only do things that the BCMD would let us. When we go out and try and be hard on our troops and get people to clean up their act we get yelled at for “being too harsh” You may still be a legacy but you don’t actually know the full story. Things that happen in some channels may not be the full story. You have been mostly absent from any and all CG affairs and to tell us the things you THINK you know what’s happening isn’t necessarily the full picture. I can’t speak for any other issues you listed but that specific issue I’m arguing is what I’m positive on.
  4. +1 I believe that ren can be a great help for us. He’s tough and ready to make big changes to CG to make us a better battalion and bring CG to a more outgoing type of battalion. No more CG standing in brig and more GOOD interactions with BH and other battalions. He will be a biggg help with that and I believe we will do great things.
  5. Most Pokémon can fly so just go above the lions and then drop them in a void lmao All I’m saying is that if ass ketchup had to fight those lions then the plot would allow him to do so in some way
  6. I would just use the legendary Pokémon to just make the lions not exist or put them all in some dimension so they can’t attack. I’d use like palkia or dialga
  7. +1 had some interactions with Mitchell and they have all been pleasant experiences. Also he did awesome events for CG so I might be a tad biased lol but I hope if you get MCMD you will be communicative with battalions and not be in an office all the time as I like when HC comes and checks on us little guys so we know y’all care. But I believe that you will be a very good MCMD at the end of the day.
  8. +1 but I’d also like to remind people that Havoc Squad isn’t a real clone unit
  9. Bruh where my @ all we been through and nothing? ;-; jk you we’re a good friend and we were the best duo in CG. We made everyone hate themselves (: see you around hopefully.
  10. Arizona

    Conrad <3

    Blink twice if your being held hostage.
  11. -1 I have had a lot of major issues with naval in my battalion not always being able to keep anything consistant for any length of time especially with piloting and from what i have seen and heard its the same throughout most battalions. Im gonna be 100% real with you. Under your leadership there was 0 control over anything reguarding pilots and ATC. Every week it seemed that there was always something new or something being changed to ATC and that made people not want to be pilots AND made veteran pilots want to leave the pilot branch. Whenever there was even a slight mess up or if naval wasnt active and an officer did ATC YOUR naval guys would barge into TS and yell at people. This was a major issue and EVERYONE was talking about it so i find it hard to believe that you werent aware of any of this. I JUST HAD THIS HAPPEN LIKE 5 DAYS AGO and myself AND BCMD Fox had to yell at the naval to get out of our channel and stop yelling at our guys. So since that whole mess of issues happened and are STILL happening i dont think you being yularen would help i think it would just worsen and im sorry to say it. But as of now since there are so many issues that could be fixed with ur rank right now and you just not seeing the problem and deciding on not fixing it is a massive reason for my -1.
  12. hmm with my piano expertice i would say get a piano that makes noise.... i think thats a good start Disclaimer: I know nothing about pianos .
  13. why even vote? he gonna get it anyway cuz hes dennis lol +1
  14. I had this in a Q&A and forseen gave some good info about it but i still would like to see what the community thinks so im not gonna void it just because i still have a belief that it could still help. (:
  15. 10/10 lots of fun I can’t wait till part 2
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