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  1. +1 I just looked at my wrist I got time today
  2. Ok I pull up, hop out at the after party


  3. We need an event server deployment for the whole server and we just play on Extensive for a day. BH would be tough to do but other than that It could be fun.
  4. +1 Sounds like a model staff member
  5. Wasn't that over 6 months ago?
  6. Wow what a great point Brooklyn I can't believe you had this great idea +1
  7. Sad I couldn't stay for the journey but I had a good time being your XO for 2 days then being demoted and being a commander for 4
  8. Honestly it would be cool if we could someway control the order from the C menu if it was possible to make it completely player choice. +1 for the suggestion
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