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  1. me and da homie when we finish building the truck
  2. listen to bobby 2 pistolz he also has other bangers
  3. rust makes my racist tendencies spike but i will still play
  4. I also have to agree with dennis here, as well, id say for attack itd be better for someone who has a somewhat large role in the regiment already go for ATK reg so -1 But ayo master oogways time has cum in it?
  5. Piff


    that shit make u cum bro?
  6. 5 years without any cooch
  7. my homie mozart about to roll up on you
  8. I liked it when we figured out that padme was actually a dude all along so that’s actually why anakin turned cause he’s been fuckin a dude
  9. I would this isn’t true retards like retards so retards promote retards here’s a good example two Hispanic mfs in the two highest positions in a battalion so basically retards have just gotten to the point that they aren’t as much of a retard anymore cause everyone else is also retarded so basically all the non retards or lesser retards were phased out and the retards took over it’s basically a retard hierarchy, moderate retard - retard - omega retard
  10. -1 Well to say this application is lacking would be an understatement, it fits on my phone screen easily. Yeah yeah app doesn’t have to be long, but I want at least some type of detail and a bit of specifics not a vague description of what you want to do and where you want naval to be. in regards to you yourself, well I would say if I’m being honest your character itself is a questionable one, one that I cannot say it bad nor good, but I’ve seen good and bad out of you, I’d also like to hear what brace has to say about you if he can as current admiral Yularen if I’m not mistaken.
  11. I’d say go with a Yamaha P-45, this is what I first used when I started to learn piano and it serves you well for a noob, also the Yamaha P-125 is also a good option from what I hear cause that’s what my friend used when we learned together, it’s also weighted so it’ll be better to have a weighted now so you get use to that pressure difference needed to produce more of a sound, and in turn if you play an acoustic keyboard you’ll be somewhat similar already to how it has to be played. Id say spend more money now on something good instead of buying something cheap, cause at the end of the day if you don’t like it cool, you can usually sell or return it depending where you buy it, if you do like it than you got a nice ass keyboard that you won’t have to replace for a while, so spending more on your initial investment would be better. For weighted though you’ll have to practice a lot of finger placement so you can find a good spot that allows you to either press a key softly or hard to bring out loud sound. And if you don’t want a weighted keyboard the NP-32 is good and same with the NP-12 Else than that if you get lessons learn outside and practice outside them cause doing the bare minimum will not help you learn, else than that learn the piano and it sure will help you get some pussy and I can say that from experience.
  12. +1 hondo mad cute like i want to kiss him so bad, like i will drown without the touch of hondo or without hearing his voice, i have his voice playing back for me 24/7 telling me that a good boy and that father will come back for me
  13. Bruh just put the water in a box and send it to kids in third world countries smh so selfish
  14. Feeling cute might delete later
  15. Nice Profile pal 

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