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  1. If you dont wanna end up coming back, just shoot up DB after money glitching
  2. Spooky also had 5TB of videos, but not the same videos as satan
  3. A lot of things seem to be simple auto config that everyone can adjust to their own personal preferences in the properties of GMod and it’s launch shit whatever it’s called I forgot -1 don’t see the purpose especially if someone can make a simple guide on auto config
  4. +1 Future founder like mans going to be the sole owner like joah, Joah V2 coming soon
  5. This is like a girl who keeps coming back to her abusive boyfriend for a rematch
  6. Honestly, large scale battles are your friends if you want something large and entertaining and if you can mix in RP and war crimes it’ll be good, that’s what I would do when I had time to host long events and incorporate some type of story if possible
  7. Just got a new high score lets goooo
  8. TLDR, anyways, SLG and Extensive are superior to all, and then Endor would come in there too for actually base map
  9. +1 he sure may not be good at getting pussy after spending so much time playing on an RP server, but he does know how to lead on an RP server
  10. Piff

    Fortnite Emotes

    POV: You can't take a joke
  11. Piff

    Fortnite Emotes

    Name: Piff RP Rank: PVT Suggestion: Add Fortnite emotes to the store Implementation: Add fortnite emotes to the store to use in game Lore: Fortnite Star wars event Workshop content if applicable: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1655753632
  12. +1 Guac use to kiss me and slap my ass after a sucessful mission
  13. +1 Fellow RPer here and I can say that Conrad is a good RPEr while I was a very terrorist like and brutal tech when I worked with him
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