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  1. Name: Taz Staff Rank: SA SteamID: STEAM_0:0:110763555 (hope I didn’t make a typo, on mobile doing this from memory rn) Length of LOA/ROA (Please specify date if possible): about a week for now. Reason: Taking a break from Gmod. Do you understand that if you go LOA/ROA on a named Jedi Character for more than two weeks, go on LOA/ROA on any RC character, or go LOA/ROA while being clone commander, you will be removed from that position: ye ye Do you understand that if you are going on LOA/ROA for more than two weeks you may lose your leadership position?: ye ye
  2. Due to my severe mental retardation I feel I would be an excellent diversity pick to join the Versock club. It will give you guys better a reputation (:winner: free synergy rep farm Punjabi free no virus)

    1. Taz


      this is ableist 

  3. this is a joke, please don’t beat the shit out of me. the devs are working hard (I hope)!!
  4. Taz

    Black's Planet Zero

    10/10 except for the time you crashed the server
  5. GM: “No LAATs guys” and then they just fuckin pull up in the flying retard wagon
  6. For me that is usually a motivation to play
  7. 10/10 heres your free rating, sir
  8. Name: Taz Who helped (If applicable): Kirito, Abraham, Bosk, Jovanovic Event/Encounter Name: Trench's Trick Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): N/A Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): CIS captured ARCL Ridge and ARFL Boomer of the 501st. A CIS B1 Commander bluffed about taking info from them, causing a distraction. While they were off base, 3 commandos were deployed with the mission of taking data and wiping consoles. Apologies if this was ass, it was something put together quickly to give you guys something to do since server was dead.
  9. (I know you want to xD)
  10. +1 Amazing guy to be around. Quite sad he left for DU, but now I know they got a great guy over there. Good luck, glass
  11. why are you arc hes quite retarded so its a hesitant +1 i guess
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