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  1. You were one of my closest retards up there w Rizzo and bleach, welcome to retirement Send me more snaps of you and the bitches you’re pullin
  2. Post any any and all pics you have that go hard. I'm hoping that this can become another permanent thread like pancakes and meme dump. I'll go first FEEL FREE TO SCREENSHOT ALL PICS IN THIS THREAD
  3. Taz


    just because of this -1
  4. thank you for reminding me of the OG anaxes layout. :') o7 Eagle
  5. One of the few people to legitimately RP in a non cringe way. See ya round brace!
  6. +1 Best man for the job. Dedicated to all hell, he has never given up in anything he’s ever done on this server. #TeamTeam!
  7. +1 HVOs should also get Obama drone strikes 🤠👍
  8. @Willyworm1 The plant commands me. +1 Follow the plant.
  9. +1 Has anyone actually ever followed this? Besides, like Guac said, i type supa fuckin fast but i never liked having to use comms to talk unless it was for RP things which then i liked doing it. No real point when we have TS. functions fine as battalion comms.
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