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Animated Profile Avatars

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Name: Clutch

Suggestion: Allow Animated/Gif profiles avatars on basic forum accounts.

Why should we implement this? I feel that it is more visually pleasing along with the fact that Head Admin+ and retried Staff can have it so why shouldn't everyone else?

How will this improve the Forums? I think people could express themselves more on the forms and add a bit more personality to their profile.

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  • Clutch changed the title to Animated Profile Avatars



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3 hours ago, BigZach said:

+1 swingingballs.gif

+1 techdeck.gif 

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+1 swag bitch

yuh everyone should have the option

(dont ask how I already have one :D)

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I'd be happy to allow it, but be aware that mobile clients will take a much longer time to load each thread, and depending on how the service we use implemented caching it could lead to longer load times even on a normal we browser. 


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50 minutes ago, Conrad said:

Oh boy, animted cringe anime girls for boys as their pfp instead of just stationary cringe anime girls.


If i had that meme of “dumb people buying discord nitro to make their anime pfp blink” id link it. But I’m on school iPad. And school iPads are dumb. 

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*Darkk has entered the chat* 

*Cyan has entered the chat* 

Femboys unite. 


+1 but god the anime pfp are gonna be so dumb and make me question the sanity of some people. 

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Time for my JoJo gif

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  I'm going to tag everyone that's currently voted to ensure they see this and can re-evaluate their votes should they choose to do so.

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This is just a reminder that this has been suggested before and denied by the old Founders.

On 7/14/2018 at 7:43 PM, Joah said:

No, It causes performance issues. It also can cause a Cache overflow.

This is something we can test out if everyone wants it, however it could cause a forums crash that may require us to do a massive cache clear again, causing the loss of a lot of things on the forums.

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Tbh if its going to cause such a big issue for the fourms its just not worth going through the trouble so some femboys can have their anime girlfriends come to life for a few seconds. ill change my vote to a -1


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updating to -1 after reading forseen's post.

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