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  1. +1, making shitty document-rp systems into real in game systems is always better
  2. +1, don't go RDM on the event server now
  3. +1, should've always had these cause they look amazing, having camo as the main skin is a cool idea but pumpkins are just better
  4. This is such a nothing statement, and is indicative of your whole app. None of this is saying anything except "I am good" you explain nothing cause I guess you assume people will just believe you but a faction as dire as BH needs a leader who can prove they wanna make things better but if you can't be bothered to even go into any details what's the point lol? Senate is basically the only well oiled part of BH and governors have near 0 hand in it, this is continued in your app as you passively mention it and go no further. That would be fine if you wrote anything substantial for the part the governors actually run but that's missing too. There's no reason to have faith in an app that doesn't hold any solid plans or qualities that would make your a good leader. -1, I hope you can put more thought into future apps
  5. Hey just saw your post in the chatbox and wanted to thank you!


    im doing well but unfortunately I can’t respond within the chatbox due to unforeseen circumstances. 

    I appreciate you checking up and hope to talk to you soon within the Earth Kingdom v2


    much love,

    Jumes ✌️🫶

  6. @Bacta this might be a serious topic and might hard for you to comment on considering everything but I'd like to hear your side. I don't want to awaken any past trauma related to the event but I think it's important we all hear what the victim has to say about the abuse We stand with you Bacta... we stand with you ✊🕊️
  7. It's a perma(nent) ban? do you not understand that concept? -1
  8. -1, none of this app mentions anything you ever did but sure seems sorry about something you can't even mention This is hilarious "I hope this finds you in good health"
  9. +1, good suggestion you should make @Marvel write your next one too
  10. Thank you so much for responding, I was just wondering in this period what do you think held you back? And what did you learnt from this time in your career?
  11. hesitant to vote because I'm concerned about your time as Colonel under bud. you mentioned so I was wondering if you could elaborate on your tour during that time?
  12. +1 but only if I get a high rank
  13. +1, IDC if it crashes the server this makes EOD 1 million times better
  14. -1, a palpatine should probably also be a good yularen first. If you can't keep navy in a good place you aren't keeping it and 2 other factions ontop

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