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  1. This is objectively just not true at all. I understand it's really annoying to gave to follow rules when they're actually enforced but you just have to do it. Also when you don't follow ATC you get told off. It's not your responsibility to tell naval off because you believe you're being treated unfairly by ATC. And the idea we'd yell at people for doing ATC when we weren't on is just brain dead. It's either they did it very wrong or they were trying to run it while we were already doing it, especially common with people granting themselves Maybe if you people spent less time yelling at crewman for grounding you after taking off without permission Maybe you wouldn't run into these problems. Because these are not rule changes or inconsistencies from us. There is nothing for warmac to fix, I think the server just needs to accept ATC rules.
  2. I'm kinda split tbh. On one hand you do seem to struggle with being a cooperative leader but I know you are capable of getting things done. if you don't get it Naval will probably be stuck in a limbo with no leader for quite a while, which may lead to it to complete and utter collapse So there's a lot to consider & I think many will write you off as incapable as you aren't fantastic in mediating issues but Naval has a lot riding on having good leaders, we've only lasted thing long due to Freck & Brace being such popular leaders. You poor public image would put naval at conflict with much of the wider community However, we do actually need some form of leader. And you seem to be the only actual candidate who I would say has a reasonable chance as even attaining the position. That coupled with your actual ability to get tasks completed and do the work required. It really is a tough one but the way I see it people are being highly judgemental off only your ability to work with people outside of Navy, which I doubt will be of much concern to you if you become Admiral. I wouldn't really take you to be one to act as a proper regimental, like Brace did, and if you keep yourself relegated to navy & try your best to not intervene with outsiders I can't see why you wouldn't be a decent Admiral. The belief that you don't understand the position of a "regimental equivalent" seems kind of baseless & silly. Regimental equivalents shouldn't really be doing much outside their area, we don't have this talk about Mas Amedda so I don't see why it's that important here. The most relevant part of being Reg+ is you can vote on apps and I don't really think you need that many skills to make decisions there. He won't be acting as any step-in reg so probably won't be interacting with battalions in such a direct fashion. The admiral is a BCMD in pretty much everything but rank, and the rank is only because leaders of groups outside clone are always RCMD. I do believe a lot of the negative attention on you stems from the increasing amount of tension between the server & Navy. Naval is trying to keep a hold of rules & regulation, which seems to conflict with a large chunk who believe that gets in the way of their enjoyment of RP. I understand you have a strong stance on this & aren't really one for bending the knee for any compromise in this area. While I do largely agree with you, in order to keep Naval in any good standings server-wide you would have to work to curtail this and make some concessions, even if miniscule. This isn't a time of luxury where we have an array of Captains to pick from, you are what we have and I believe you will do a serviceable job in keeping the Navy afloat, as long as you work closely with your officer corps. +1, I can't really see us picking anyone else
  3. cause an oversaturation of Officers makes them all shitter Officers have ill-defined responsibilities & so a large build up increases burn out and also leads to a lack of quality officers. This leads to less Senior Officers & less quality control in the battalion If the quality is improved the numbers will dwindle through either demotions due to lack of ability, by said people resigning responsibility, or by vast improvements leading to the creation of a solid SO corps not to mention the absolute annoyance an abudance of Junior Officers are. They're always slightly less trained than you want so really shit at not making annoying mistakes or getting into drama. This is a persistent issue with JOs, and there is pretty much no exception to the rule that the more JOs the more drama
  4. don't think we need anymore 2ndAC cody's. We definitely learnt our lesson Bacta is a chads & will lead the 212th to an even greater place. He's go skills, plans, & all the charisma to keep it going Champ, +1 to add on, please fucking do something about the insane amount of officers you have, that shit is fucking crazy, it's like 20 Junior officers and half of those are captains
  5. +1, these look great would add tonnes for GMs & BH
  6. +1, I'm sure everyone would love another 2 additional trainings
  7. not important, experience means nothing as long as they have the plans & ideas. It's good to back up as proof but it's not a requirement at all, not even close. There are some people with more experience than you could ever wish to have and they are still dog shit but I will -1, you don't seem to have genuine idea about the RCMD position or any plans for any battalion besides 21st I don't see you really have any relevance within SOBDE, DU, or CG so I can't really see you being a good leader for these 4 drastically different battalions I don't really know you but your app seems good in some parts but plans just fall apart and you seem to not really know what you're doing. I'm sorry but I just cannot see you doing a fantastic job in keeping such a fractured regiment together Spec need a really active and hands on Reg who is really gonna push for it to be protected and unified Sorry, you've got the balls but you just don't seem to have the plan
  8. 10/10 this was RP central Loved partaking in this, did a great job running this & I really wanna see more of this
  9. Time to deal with them once and for all
  10. Bro, only 3 months? mother fuckers stay in those positions for like 8 months, time you're unbl'd it'll be literally the exact same battalion
  11. -1, give it at least a month mate
  12. There are fundamental issues with the concept of the 327th, a good battalion can always keep a shitty battalion in place. But a fundamentally good battalions can survive well through many shitty leader (look to 501st & 212th) The 327th do not serve a proper role or function within the server. Their Sub units & attack ability is vastly overshadowed by the far more developed 212th & 501st, 2ndAC is the reason. As an attack battalion you stand out by your subunits, and when your subunit has no distinction from either of the larger battlion's "elite" sub units you're going to struggle to stay afloat. I do not care about any of the internal squabbling of the 327th, every battalion has it and I never even stated that as a reason for it's failure. In fact I'd boldly state the actual internal workings of 327th have little to do with it's success. It's all to do with it's larger role, which is doesn't have. Maybe if we had real RP systems for planetary control & a system which could utilise outer rim planets but we don't. 327th just don't have those opportunities to stand out like 212th or 501st, they're the insignificant little brother who does little to impact the larger server. I understand many 327th get extremely defensive about their quaint little battalion but the fact is that it's just not going to work, just like how 91st cannot coexist with 41st. 212ht & 501st are permanent fixtures within the server forcing 327th into a position of which it cannot be unique. I like the lore of 327th as much as anyone else, I think Bly & Deviss are fantastic characters but the fact is 327th isn't viable.
  13. You just described exactly why they're an issue for toxicity. People use it to push the superiority of their battalion, which causes strong inter-battalion rivalries. The "flexing" is the toxicity not how people respond to it. I personally don't believe it's ever been too much of a problem but acting like it isn't one is kind of ignorant BvB is not something which "gives people something to do instead of sitting on main", it sometimes stops us being bored on main but that's just not the point of it. It mainly serves to get people invested in the server & want to do better as a battalion. A "friendly" competition to get battalions working together to do the best they can. It provides what events cannot, an actual combat challenge.
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