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  1. +1, we always ask for heavy buffs and yet we never get any
  2. We shouldn't be doing this at all. If regiments don't get along a regcmd should sort it out not swap them out lol? The old way was a million times better this new one means nothing and made worse by the cringe names. It's good that you asked the community about this!
  3. You need 1 officer and 1 commander job, both cannot be commander job (this is how all subunits in the server are set out I believe) I won't vote but I will say this is just never going to pass: - you are not getting more models - you just got DD models (they're not wasting their own money like that) - Founders want SO as a separate batt not a sub unit - some founders don't want regular clones having cloaks at all
  4. -1, you have a lot of ideas which is cool I guess but they all seem extremely half baked and just sort of not very good at all. A lot of the ideas presented are actually already apart of Navy such as "tasks" which navy can do by themselves it's just not a system HC ever made us of and "event leads" which is another system later Navy HC made very little use of but very much already existed. This section is the most blatantly just very bad. You need to re run for any admiral rank every month or until someone challenges you which could be literally an hour after you got it. Why would anyone ever willingly run through this awful voting system when they can basically have all the exact same privileges but as a lower rank. Refusing to pick your own HC and letting your battalion decide through monthly terms people must willingly run for limits your HC significantly. The only reason people would run for it right now is because there are no members of navy to vote against them. ALso the hang over of no kicks/arrests/bans at all means you are basically going to be the only person who could ever hold these positions. Arrests, kicks, bans: none of them matter as long as the person isn't banned right now and hasn't done something absolutely henious in the last few weeks. Who gives a ashit if the best person in navy sat on a railing, why would you have such an unobtainable standard for a completely unrelated position, I guess it sounds impressive but you just will never have anyone ever hold it. it's an RCMD for the same reason Yoda is, factions are lead by RCMDs because their needs are very specific and so need their own HC representation. this should be something you know since you're running for the position, understanding it's roles is a bit important? your top, and only, reason for being a good admiral is document making. This is a cool skill but far from essential, you need actual leadership skills and ability to play out ideas, being able to listen to people but know when you need to stick to your guns. A lot of your replies lack confidence and you concede tonnes of stuff about your document which makes it seem like you slapped all the ideas you knew into a doc and hoped people would see it as you being full of good ideas. Navy needs an admiral yularen and your document just screams intel director.
  5. your reason for you deserving BCMD being about 5% the size of your exprience where you basically say nothing just shows how much you don't care You also copied most of this application from your last few apps, you have changed I think about a paragraph from those ones. -1, maybe put in some effort? like pretend to care and not that you just want one of the many open BCMD positions
  6. Comics


    This joke is stolen from me? Nice job not giving credit, this used to be a community of 2nd chances
  7. Only you can save the Doom's Unit, we need you conrad, you're our only hope! (except maybe only bro)
  8. The long play worked. Waiting till he was director then remove DU Ermm I think this just won the internet!
  9. We've had this talk. DU is rhe most out if place, loreless, pointless battalion. There is nothing special about them except their heavy rules and shield. There's nothing to use rhen for, that's why they're the only ones with fanon vecauee their lore is that terrible. The reason this post is terrible is because it asks for 91st or 327th back lol 2 equally useless battalions who have been removed I think 3 times each. We need to remove battalions and then leave it like that. DU takes up room and its room we don't have at all, it needs to be rid now and without a replacement
  10. I don't really understand what you do as a sector commander because your notes on everything are pretty lacklustre. You seem to have a observer mindset so what do you do that's better than having the position just be unoccupied?
  11. Stealing jokes from the poor once again
  12. Comics

    bacta gm app

    +1, you're not the Step-GM... you're the GM who stepped up!
  13. "I want to do good!" -1, I know they're begging for applicants but this is smth else. You could've left the app blank and we would've known just as much about you or your plans

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