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  1. name one person on the server who wouldn't
  2. +1, can't wait to set the objective to "get laid"
  3. You're my favourite Dutchman, we had a lot of great talks. Very much enjoy your company
  4. CG literally not paying any attention to the model updates -1
  5. +1, honestly RANCOR could be removed and it would still have more active members. This battalion has no activity and is supposed to run trainings for the whole server. It's barely a battalion at this point, pretty sad tbh. Sorry buddy, not sure there's anything you can do to save this situation
  6. -1, HVY, ARF, & HVO are kinda classes I don't think get that much use cause they realisitcally are always worse than the other options I think they need a fix but I don't think this is the way about it
  7. "yeah well they didn't catch me last time so why now???" -1, follow the format???
  8. Who up strokin they shit rn?

  9. You just don't understand bacta's RP
  10. "187th deserved it but 327th and 91st totally didn't. I swear"
  11. LMAOOO why would we use TS for "within yelling distance" communication if you literally just talk in game +1, this rule is just impossible to enforce and no one does it anyway
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