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  1. I think the batt buffs is a great change, Despite delays from outside sources HC got exactly what the people wanted. That's great to see. It went through all the BCMDs and all their ideas were accounted for and it all came together seemingly democratically which is unusual for HC but quite welcome. Palpatine is an interesting change, I can see why and why it shouldn't have happened. I would've preferred a separate job created but HC might not have wanted a bloated system or maybe there was outside constraints. Either way it's not world ending. I think now would be a much better time to move Navy under palpatine again, it's weird the marshal gets rule over a faction if we now have a faction marshal. also is it possible to make it so CG only have a speed boost when having their batons out? so they don't have double buffs permanently and only when doing arresting?
  2. +1, one of the best GMs I've seen. People liked to jerk off shockpoint but this guy was the shockpoint before shockpoint
  3. Do you ever fear this may take away from the roleplay experience of the server? By pushing people apart and pursuing what looks like a more single-player approach? People seem already quite willing to not RP whenever possible so surely a quest system might incentivise this solo mindset. couldnt this will push people to RPing with the server's systems and not the server? If not hwow do you think it will enhance the player exprience and roleplay?
  4. +1, I think you are the best chance naval has got at someone firstly getting Yularen and secondly having a decent Yularen. You're not the perfect option and I can see you being hard to work with but you've got the right things in mind
  5. -1, don;t be a dickhead lol it's really not hard
  6. -1, I have found your style of leadership highly contradictory and bad for battalions. While those that willingly go along with you seem to do just fine there are bouts where battalions don't want to do what you ask and so you just force it upon them whether they like it or not. 41st is the absolute best example, you had an enormous fight with 41st after you just took their roster access without seemingly consulting the battalion. Which lead to Mexico having to demand access back against your best wishes, but Mexico never actually owned the document, and access still remains pretty limited still. I also know of your strange demand to control the 212th roster, you say it's owned by the "cody email" and yet the only people with access to the roster are you, Jova, the cody email (which you have mobile verification for), and 2 intel officers. You make huge claims about being hands off and not being a shadow BCMD, to which I agree you never truly were a shadow BCMD. But your actions speak to a desire to retain control specifically over documents in the way a BCMD would. It's really strange and completely goes against the persona you try to push about being a hands off advisor type. You do all this dictatorial roster stuff as a way to "automate" and make things better for battalions but it seems to really be expanding your singular control over all these collective battalions' things. Not sure why you alone are obsessed with protecting a battalions documents from everyone including the battalions, seems a tad controlling for someone all about being hands off as a reg.
  7. Comics

    Terrible News

    Recently heard, on the grape vine, that our beloved to-be-GMD and roaming HA has gone missing. In a fit of rage, in which he condemned the end the TR team swearing it brought the downfall of the server, he ran down his street coming towards a burning californian forest. His last words being "at least Icefuse has darkRP". This is his last known image, please notify the authorities if you see him
  8. Ginyu? I thought he died in like a huge car crash
  9. Yo 148, 3-to-the-3-to-the-6-to-the-9. Representin' the ABQ. What up, biatch? Leave it at the tone!

  10. -1, you don't seem even close to capable enough to hold this position. Other people have brought up good points I just find you personally hard to deal with because you feel very dishonest with others. You've always got a report to make but you've never got something to say to people's faces, personally it just can't go well for yoda
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