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  1. hes done for good this time #FreeSixta
  2. Its not our job outside CG to bring up issues to you. I don't pay attention to the server much rn but others are doing their own jobs and its not their job to fix CG or tell you whats wrong. You as an officer need to see whats wrong. Every time I have been on the server and CG is not liked, its very well known why they aren't liked for certain reasons. People waiting until now with their concerns now also doesn't make them wrong.
  3. All the people with bad opinions deserve to have low rep -1
  4. Just want to say I have never done this btw. I have been on that server I think 3 times in my life and I killed the nazis. People know I like to mess around but doing this is something I've never done. You went to server leadership and told them Keegan was poaching people after they had heard word that you were making a new server. This happened in TS, so I don't have screenshots, but I have heard from multiple people who were there the same story. You were then called out by someone there for being a hypocrite and trying to save your ass and throw him under the bus. You never launched the server but you 100% had plans too and didn't because you realize you couldn't do it. Taking the high road here bro good job. You know I'm not the most liked by high staff so you call us toxic trolls lol My point is that you are not a trustworthy member of the community and should not be a member of staff due to trying to make a splinter community, and throwing people under the bus when you got caught, and you roleplay as a Nazi and say stuff like "Hail Baumer" in a discord. This isn't roleplay anymore its weird.
  5. If founders would like to clarify that it is fine, however still this point pales in comparison to everything else... You literally made a Imperial Roleplay server in 2022, so you are just blatantly lying on your app here. Here is you sending the content and other info: Here is you in the server console (I redacted your IP because I am not a doxxer) So please don't try to lie. You ratted out the person who was making a networked server with you and blamed him for it when you were literally owner of a server box and Discord server. You lied to the founders about this omitting those facts trying to pass that blame onto him, and someone in HC called you out on it with basically the same evidence I'm posting now. Do you have something to mention about how you are just coming back here after "quitting" 1942rp while still hopping on occasionally and still interacting in their Discords as recently as today? Fact of the matter is you are an active member of 1942 Nazi roleplay communities and are buddy buddy with the people who run them. Lets see your DMs with an individual called Major Whoreson and see if you call really say you don't interact with those people anymore... People call staff on this server Nazis sometimes as a joke, I don't think we need to make that justified by bringing in an actual one who took it so seriously that he made high staff on one ages ago and tried grinding for it on the largest on today taking hundreds of staff tickets and being a high-up politician for the NSDAP. Evidence collected by those who were censored
  6. -1 you tried to start your own server, and then when you realized that you weren't gonna be successful you ratted out the other guy who was making a server and told the founders he was poaching players. You got called out for it and then were removed from TS manager and disappeared.
  7. 1st Clip: 1. This is on his BH not his BCMD job, I get your concerns about him but this is more of a staff thing not a commander report. 2. This by rule isn't fear RP because he has an Ally and never in here does he have 3 guns trained against one. 3. He literally wins the fight. Idk how someone can argue Fear Rp when they win the engagement. The motive behind FearRP is if someone is fully outmatched and its completely unrealistic that they would think they have a chance of winning the fight, but he quite literally wins here. Weird clip, makes no sense to include it. 2nd Clip: This is literally funny. Who cares? There aren't any inherent rules against this. He isn't responsible for the actions of the CT, and more than likely the CT was gonna do this anyways. This whole report is summed up in this clip. CG *nerd emoji* getting mad at everyone else having fun. 3rd Clip: 1. CT wasn't even on intercom. 2. Kaiser didn't tell him to do anything. 3. You are right there as a CG, arrest him. Its not Kaiser's job to go into staff mode and arrest him while you are standing right there. 4. It's funny. Its funny when a CT goes on intercom. Its funny when they struggle to figure it out as well. Who cares? 4th Clip: Maybe not the right time or way to call out the rules, but this is not grounds for a demotion from BCMD in the slightest. The mastiff rules are dumb. How can you expect to treat any RP with those things seriously at all. They look so stupid and 99% of the time go around and bark at people. People are going to act mingey when presented with a fucking dog in star wars. 5th Clip: 1. on BH. 2. running around bind where more than likely on Kaiser's screen you were no where near him. 3. FailRp from fusion cutters. 4. Your bind sucks, he still has his weapon. Commando Droid situation: If there even was a rule break (there wasn't) its Zeros fault, and not Kaiser. LAAT clip: Funny and he was already punished for that I'm pretty sure. I get some of the things Kaiser does are slimy and he isn't always the most upstanding guy in the community, but you really could've done better collecting evidence. The things here just don't warrant a removal from BCMD in the slightest, and his worst offenses were on his BH. These issues are more of a staff thing, so a staff report would have been a bigger issue. There has been tension boiling from the 212th and CG and its very noticeable from everyone else, but this is not at all the way it should've been handled. I do think Kaiser need to be more consistent in who he applies the rules to and who he doesn't, but this isn't grounds for a commander report at all IMO.
  8. +1 I haven't paid any attention to Jedi during your term, and the fact that there are very few things I see wrong with the order from an outside perspective makes you one of the best Yodas ever!
  9. 2/3/3 In the nicest way possible... This event was frustrating to play in. The mix of event jobs, snipers, lights out, vehicles, amount of NPCs, and how long the event lasted was all frustrating. The reason yall pushed back to village made no sense and it just seemed like an excuse to extend the event to village because you wanted to. There were so many NPCs in courtyard when about 4 people were fighting them at one point and they just kept getting spawned, while also getting shot by a sniper. The vehicles were the worst part. Constant NPC vehicles attacking and then player controlled ones just going in and out of the hanger making it even harder to deal with the NPCs with our low numbers. Then just random vehicles showing up like CIS bombers for a DW event as well. Please learn from these things. You tried to make a large scale event, but used a lot of short cuts that are used in random shoot-em ups. Keep making events and learning from them. Sorry for the rude comment during the event I was a little frustrated, but I was wrong to say that.
  10. 4/3/3 Fun event! It was not easy, but I was also not frustrated by how hard the droids are, you found a great balance there of difficulty and not being frustrated. I liked having the hunters involved and you used the vehicles well. It was a standard shoot-em up, but it was a very good shoot-em up. Thanks for involving the hunters too.
  11. +1 I think you will do well
  12. until

    Who are you?
  13. +1 I really want GC to focus on AT and with how it currently is, nobody ever uses it and this would help solve that.
  14. 4/2/4 Fun late night deployment. Not much effort but still fun.
  15. Name: Hanz Staff Rank: SA Are you VIP?: Yes Date: 12/7 Reason for leaving: I don't enjoy playing the server rn and I am about to be away from my PC for a month so im outta here Farewells: I dont like any of you mfs
  16. shawty wanna fuc woah imma let her hop on sum


  17. Yes it is a problem. Trainings are boring and they are all recycled garbage. I can count on one hand the number of trainings I have done where I had fun at all (FFAs are fun though). I didn't say it created requirements, but it reinforces them. Requiring officers to do weekly shitty trainings is very ridiculous. That should be the job of NCOs with officers being there to evaluate and help those NCOs. I am not blaming you for the event server being gone. Its a good reward for what you were given, but for older players that remember weekly deployments with your battalion (Conrad's 501st, ty shockpoint) then it doesn't seem special to you at all. (This is not me trying to say older players should be pandered to over newer players)
  18. It promotes trainings which are annoying and nobody wants to do them. Most battalions have requirements now because of BOTM and I have even seen training requirements for officers which is ridiculous. The deployment thing is pretty cool but that wouldn't be an issue if we had event server back fully. Overall I don't care for it and the effects of it are annoying to me.
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