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Bird/Blitz Commander Report


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Your Name:
21stKU SGM Chop


Your Steam ID:


Your rank/position in the battalion (if applicable)?:


Battalion Commander(+)'s Name:


Battalion Commander(+)'s Steam ID (OPTIONAL IF UNABLE TO FIND):




Why should this Battalion Commander(+) be demoted?:
1. Inactivity
29 hours on gmod in the past two weeks, which have equally been met/passed with Halo infinite hours, proving he has the ability to play but does not. This does not only apply to himself, but his subordinates as well. His subordinates being:
- Malore: Hardly ever online, it’s even more lackluster than Bird himself. Not to mention his refusal to unprivate his hours for this research.
- Kevi: Equally as lacking as Malore, as he finds more time to maintain his bounty hunter status then anything else.
- All his officers: If one went to the rancor and hand-picked any select officer, they could visit their steam profile and see just how inactive each one is.


2. Failure to maintain activity in the battalion
This one is truly the worst of it. The current number of active players in Rancor is marked as six. Six active members in a battalion that’s vital in terms of the trainings it holds. Beyond that there lies seven semi-active members, meaning those I mentioned that don’t even play. Lastly is the two marked as inactive, which I personally regard as an irrelevant status due to the fact that they could be removed but aren’t.

3. General bad attitude
Bird’s attitude can be nothing short of disruptive at times. One recent case that can be mentioned is as follows:
SPEC was assigned to a deployment on the Sunday of November 21st, where both Rancor and SOBDE were quick to attend. Both SOBDE and Rancor were told to switch to specific jobs as to maintain an equal balance throughout the event, in which Bird was not happy with and simply disconnected. With Bird's refusal to play the event due to this simple matter, his whole battalion followed through with him. All but one Rancor remained, which was Malore.

What proceeds next is even more interesting. There were multiple CG on at the time of this deployment, and even a few had connected to the server to attend the deployment, but for some reason they suddenly disconnected and no further CG made an attempt towards joining the server. It goes without saying that Bird has connections to other people within his regiment, and this just proves fruitful on his ability to spread his bad attitude elsewhere and ruin things like a generally harmless deployment, which SPEC hardly ever gets. Likely for reasons like this.

This certainly doesn't rank as his only bad encounter, everyone has them of course, but this one is specifically notable for how absurd it is. Things like this, which can only promote activity for your battalion, in which you shoot down for miniscule reasons simply seem petty and are a bad attitude to maintain as a BCMD.


Has this Battalion Commander violated one of the rules for demotion?:
Yes, refer to the reasons stated above.


Evidence against the individual?:

Suggestion for new Commander of that Battalion (OPTIONAL)?:
At the current state that Rancor has presented itself at, it would be best if no one within the battalion itself applied.
BCMD is a position that maintains many responsibilities, such as the respectability, activity, and the general healthy state of a battalion, and with the current members present within its ranks, that simply isn’t possible. Either someone from the outside needs to step up, or the battalion will simply have to wait. Bird is just not the current solution the battalion needs, and neither is anyone below him.

Statements from others:

Naffen (Alpha-66 2ndLT Muzzle) - Rancor is probably in the worst state I’ve seen it for a while, sure it has its ups and downs but there nothing is currently happening to try to change Rancors current state. Activity and competent officers are a necessity especially to keep the ARC Program up and running + Alpha Designations, with the current members we have in leadership of Rancor and lack of initiative from Bird to deal with these inactive and incompetent officers leads me to not have trust in his ability to lead the battalion and uphold its standards and activity. I already brought up the inactivity and incompetence from some members in the battalion during our Officer meeting to which my concerns were shrugged off and forgotten about.

Freck (Current Admiral Yularen) - Rancor is an important part of the server for those interested in the ARC programme; there have been many instances in which players have wanted ARC related trainings, but, unfortunately, I only see 2ndLT Naffen actively playing his role within the battalion. Do I believe the battalion needs active leadership? Yes. Do I know who should be in this active change of leadership? No.

Stix (Former Spec Reg and Rancor BCMD) - Rancor is currently in the worst state I have seen it for a while, it is currently lacking overall leadership with the current High Command consisting of Bird Malore Kevi and Marr simply don’t do anything at all, they all have an overall lack of motivation and they currently all hold positions outside of Rancor that they are more interested in those position outside of Rancor then the battalion itself, Bird is more active on his Jedi overall then his BCMD job he willing applied for and is currently not giving any shits about the battalion, Malore was always a risky promotion back when I did it but he just shows overall favouritism in all most all of his choices the most recent one being the choice for Alpha-17 in which instead of actually putting an opinion down on the current Alphas he looked at his most active and willing Alpha member and just said No and refused to elaborate on how he didn’t want him and instead promoted someone who hadn’t played for almost a week straight and then got on for 2 days after Alpha-17 was open and was just handed the position. Malore also chooses to give more shits about his Guild Marshal position on the server than his Alpha Branch, which he barely even leads. Kevi, also has similarities to Malore in the sense of he holds things outside of Rancor and would give them more attention then his dying battalion and cares about his guild position more than his position of XO in Rancor he is also currently Etain in SOBDE and he is even considered inactive on this position as well so he clearly can’t maintain all the position he holds and has too much on his plate. Marr doesn’t have to actually interact with the battalion of Rancor but he also simply doesn’t do anything; he has been a CMD for about 4-5 months now and I can’t think of anything he has actually done since he held this position.

Claw (Former Rancor Colonel) - Without a doubt, Rancor is the worst battalion on the server. On a player basis, it's the worst on the server; 2 at most will ever get on for events. And even with that most of the time those 2 people will just eventually join another battalion teamspeak, leaving Rancor in its paralysed state.

Anonymous - Coming from someone who was previously Commander Havoc in Rancor, the current state of the battalion from both outside information and inside information is rather disheartening. The overall standard of the battalion itself has seemingly plummeted to a low that’s been seen a few times before, and one would hope not to see it again. With the general lack in activity and quality within the battalion itself, it simply isn’t maintaining that high bar that it previously held for itself.
1. Alpha ARC generally seems useless and like it’s just given to the most obscure, random people via the application system that’s been given. Aka, this seems pretty heavily based on the opinions of the people running the apps.
2. ARF has otherwise been thrown out all together, promoting the mindset that enlisted have no choice but to be ARC, which can only scare more people off.
3. There are still multiple people in the battalion from when I was in it, and I know for a fact they hardly played then. Why would they play now? Answer: they don’t.

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+1. I already gave my statement from an officer within Rancor but if anyone would want more information they can ask

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I've generally refrained from commenting on reports in the past, but I feel like this is a needed.

From what I've seen since my return to the server, there has been not a single good word put in for the battalion.
Everyone that I've spoke with or heard word on the battalion from has either painted a bad image upon the battalion itself, or otherwise made it obvious how lackluster it's become. And I can do nothing more then agree with what's currently been stated. The state of it from the outside is nothing short of horrible, and from what the report states, it seems even worse on the inside. What positivity can be stated on behalf of the battalion seems otherwise easily invalidated by the overwhelming negativity and bad reputation the battalion is currently maintaining.
Everyone knows it, and it's about time something was said publicly about this.


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What I will say from high command right now. We where aware that rancor was having number issues. I reached out and discussed reports with bird on his battalions activity, I let him know it’s ok to have slumps if you try and do something to help recover, and if he needs help hosting any ARC training to reach out to any regimental or regimental equivilant or higher for help as all where more then will to help out, and as far as I have heard no problem with any ARC training being hosted has been reported, just battalion activity.  This conversation happened just before my break, and no follow up has occurred due to my LOA. I will be taking a look at this over the next couple days till I return on Monday, however I can’t do much as I’m not home and don’t have a computer till then. 
if anyone has anything they’d like to let me know feel free to message me on discord and I’ll respond as soon as I can. If you need help right away please contact @Deku

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+1, he's been given enough time to do something... anything, yet no change has happened. Childish in nature, and refusal to do things out of his comfort zone. Obviously this complacency has gotten Rancor to this point.

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As someone who went from SGT-CMD in Rancor, it is simply one of those battalions that will always have high peaks and bad bad low points. HOWEVER. 

From an outside standpoint, there has been only a valley in the last two months I have been on the server. I love the battalion to death and have offered help previously. A steady decline of activity and refusal of help is in no way a good trait of leadership.

The battalion seems to be currently unable to retain any leadership positions, which may be unrelated however seems too harsh to be coincidental.

Malore was promoted to Commander a week after I was, given this was over four months ago- his main role was to host alpha designations and, manage the branch as a whole, done poorly. (seeing this report), no BCMD action has been taken, despite holding a commander position for more months than number of alpha designations being held.

Unfortunately +1

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+1, last night I was talking to a rancor and he expressed how ARC trainings weren't being hosted and overall battalion activity was a disappointment, but besides that the lack of attention and will to fix the battalion and childishness is evident. Rancor high command is lacking and has no motivation at all. 


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21 minutes ago, Black said:

tho since I kinda can't :)

And the fact that you never play :peepoLove:


Don't get me wrong, I love you Bird, you're such a chill dude but at the same time I can't avoid this, like this is bad bad.

For now until Bird responds and provides some good points as to why he should remain BCMD and Blitz I will be +1ing this, I'm sorry bro.

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1 hour ago, Black said:

@Birdjust pinging so you are aware and can reply,

I will be not giving my own input as a director tho since I kinda can't :)


May as well @ the rest of em.

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"Yo rancor TS poppin off rn"

I'm gonna have to +1, mainly because of the reasons stated above, but i also just think he isnt fit for BCMD, he showed he was ready when his app was up, but now i just feel like he has left rancor on the side of the curb. deadass turning rancor into a battalion that might even get wiped. D:


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+1, honestly RANCOR could be removed and it would still have more active members. This battalion has no activity and is supposed to run trainings for the whole server. It's barely a battalion at this point, pretty sad tbh.

Sorry buddy, not sure there's anything you can do to save this situation

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7 minutes ago, Mar said:


The battalion has not been in a good spot.

6 hours ago, Chop said:

High Command consisting of Bird Malore Kevi and Marr simply don’t do anything at all

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Dude +1'd his own report LMAO

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