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  1. 9/10 - "F*** you, you invisible c**t." - Mitchell
  2. 8/10, was a nice little event to start the day with. Should be interesting going forward.
  3. NGL, was not expecting you to want to grow a mustache. +1
  4. 9/10, Fordo got his dc-17s' and could not be more happy.
  5. Sixta is capable, experienced and driven to help the Order. I've no doubt there. Canadian bias aside, he is a solid guy with good ideas and has been the Order's most prominent master in my opinion. As one of the big four, I look forward to continuing to work with him. +1
  6. Ja'Baku certainly has ideas and a drive to help the Order. No doubt there. Been talking with him for a while now, as part of the big four, and I think he can and will continue forward with some ideas we have talked of and had in the works which will help better the Order. I have been and will continue to work with him and the rest of our Council. Confident that he has the drive and experience to be Yoda, but will want to hear that voice. +1
  7. Mar

    Rishi Moon EZ Wins

    8/10, Jedi OP when defending reactor room.
  8. 9/10, cursed rancor
  9. Jedi have a great difficulty killing zombies with only force heal and meditate. We can't aim down that well. With the scuffed hitboxes we got a small chance of getting a single zombie with a defensive heavy. Or Agile 2.
  10. As a Jedi, 4/10. A warning ahead of time would have been good. Sorry my guy.
  11. 8/10, Savage in an elevator not OP enough with 50k health.
  12. My ending was better than the canon one. 9/10
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