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  4. -1 Racist tendencies, soundboard spam, selective enforcement and overall toxicity Disagree all you want, Piff has, and plays soundboards that have the N word, which he plays ALL THE TIME. He would never punish his friends for dropping the N word, but as staff that would be his duty. And hes just overall toxic because of those things. I think those interviewing him should consider that.
  5. Mac and Cheese is an abbreviation for Macaroni and Cheese, you don't need to abbreviate it any more
  6. Cringe, Rude, and a bit lacking in the transparency department < Most Past Yodas +1 Exactly who the order needs right now
  7. I wasn't telling you to void, I just meant if you have a post to delete.
  8. I can see that still being problematic, but im not invested enough to say why. Honestly. Just edit your post to say void, its no big deal
  9. Bruh college is scathing my wallet
  10. Yall funny thinking it will ever be a completely fair playing field. Staff Feedback on the forums exists, if I remember you can put positive feedback which is kinda like the old promotion request system. Anyway, Sock is a cutie
  11. Mans out here with his Mustang GT, while im rocking my 2011 Malibu with an engine light
  12. -1 This gets shot down everytime. Stop trying. You can edit a post to say void, and the title to say void, which keeps the logs intact for mods so if necessary they can warn/ban me-Whoever is causing issues
  13. Man has good anime taste Also Luther is a salty boy who only ever sees things from his high horse. Cyan was a god tier consular lead, a god tier fixer, and Im sure he was a god tier sev. Also hes good at minecraft (bro hmu after finals for some mc) Man knows how to encourage communication, manage and lead. Not only that, unlike some smooth brains on the server, he gives people a chance rather than acting like a highschooler and ostracising people. +1
  14. +1 I saw you guys talking about it, makes sense to have it
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