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  1. -1 I'd suggest the Atin face remodel seperately, as I agree with that; however the rest of this is not accurate and unnecessary. The incentive to join SOBDE and especially Omega is already there, and should remain a focus of roleplay above kits and color changes, where efforts could be made elsewhere; rather than implementing a new weapon for a single job.
  2. I am NOT readin allat, +1
  3. welcome to the good side of things
  4. Do you plan on requiring ARC for Null in order to tryout, or will there be an amnesty period for those Null trainees to get their trainings? I understand this is far down the road.
  5. The main takeaway I am seeing from the priors here is; there is no way to guarantee an experienced member of the server being able to step up and lead a random three battallions well. Every good regimental I know has had a group they were familiar with (at least 2/3). Being thrown into three battallions with no cohesions not only makes the interviewing process more difficult, as both sides are unsure exactly what they'll be dealing with in a months time, but does not guarantee that the best person for certain battallions will get the job as they will always be compromising if they have not been an integral part of every battalion on the server.
  6. Hate the circumstances, can absolutely agree with the idea. +1, long time coming.
  7. +1, duh british person (derogatory)
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